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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2009 00:25



      DO NOT BUY!

      Hello there, I hate to start a review negatively but regarding the below review, if you are happy with the sound from these cans, then I am happy for you......but I have to 'Beg to differ'....STRONGLY!!

      Just out of interest I auditioned these headphones a few months ago as they where on display in a large electrical outlet I just happened to be in.

      It really angers me that regular consumers, of which I am one with regards to most things, are drained of their hard earned cash by large corporations/companies trading off the back of a (once) good name.

      For those who don't know any different, through no fault of their own, trust is placed in the products pedalled by those with a respected name.

      And thus, we come to DENON. It is true that Denon produce some outstanding headphones, but to get them you need to be spending HUNDEREDS of pounds. For joe regular punter who just wants to replace his Ibuds with something a bit more special, these phones appeal, after all, they're Denons, they MUST be good....

      The Facts:-

      Comfort - These phones are quite comfortable, they have 'pleather' ear cusions which are nice and soft, they are also very light and I imagine that they would be comfortable for long periods of listening, except..

      ..these 'phones are a bit confused. For full size headphones there are two types of fit, 'circum aural' - completely surrounds the ear and the pads seal against the side of your head, and, 'supra aural' - the ear pads rest ON your ears. These Denons are not big enough to be circum aural, (unless you are a young child under the age of 8), and yet they are TOO big to be supra aural, (unless you have HUGE alien type ears!!).

      Build Quality - As I only spent 15mins with these headphones, (from now on I will call them CANS), I cannot say with any certainty how long they would likely last. I can say that they felt far too light, very weak, I felt like I would crack the cups like an egg if I squeezed too hard. The lead is VERY thin, great for portable listening I expect, but I would not want to stand on it, let alone roll over it in a swivel chair, which I do constantly at home!!

      Now to the crux of it; How do they sound?

      Well, they are Denons, they sound GREAT obviously.....errr, NO. At the time, I had on some Pink Floyd played from a Sansa Clip, through a FiiO E3 amp, and out of my Grado sr60's. (see another of my reviews for my thoughts on these).

      First I put on the Denons and listened from the mp3 player they where plugged into at the listening counter....eeeeeeeek, kids must have been messing with the players EQ or something and as I was not familiar with that particular player so I unplugged the cans and plugged them into my setup......eeeeek, OK, this set must be faulty or damaged from being on display etc I thought...

      So, I plugged in the other display set......here's my opinion...just mine of course, it's all subjective....to a point..

      Bass - Low bass was non-existant, mid-bass was there....in some form.....or other.....

      Treble - Was also there.....a bit...

      Soundstage - mmmmm, can't say that I noticed......no.

      A Sound Conclusion - all sound from these cans was as though I had cusions, ones off the sofa.., between each earcup and my ears.

      I have to say, I do not indulge in, or like any kind of audiophile snobbery, as I said, it's all subjective...BUT, there is a line, and Denon have crossed it with these.

      I don't know much, but I know headphones. I own/have owned MANY sets of cans, currently 14 sets ranging in price from £14.99 to £250+ and I can safely say that these Denon's sound no better than the £2.99 earbuds supplied with your unbranded mp3 player. They sound DIFFERENT, yes, BETTER NO!!

      Please, PLEASE; don't get sucked in, make sure you audition before you buy, and make sure you audition the non-'HIGH STREET' brands like GRADO, SENNHEISER, KOSS(porta pro...), AKG, BEYERDYNAMIC to name a few. Audition at a high end audio store, then buy at a fraction of the price on-line. Trust me, you wont regret it, and you can then let your mates compare them to their Denon's, but they may cry!!!


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        19.11.2008 17:02
        Very helpful


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        if looking for buying them,,just go on..

        Headphones are of a great use for today's technosavy routine where they could be easliy used for audio study purpose, listening to music or to voice chat with somebody.

        The Denon AH-D501 with model ID AHDBKEM is of good qulity and precision in reproducing its input signal of sound.
        Its drivers are of size 35mm and given a very sofisticated look by round and soft envelopments which has soft and smooth leather material preventing the user from any type of outer sound disturbance and we can use it for long because of its light weight.

        The good thing about these headphone is there is no timbre
        disturbance in the sound pitch.
        Also, there is a differentiated design in the head band which is very cmforatable to use and easy to adjust.
        An important thing provided in the headphone is it can also be use for DJ purpose because of its one ear monitoring facility.

        There is an extension cable which is 1.7 meter long easy to be connected anywhere
        A gold plated plug of size 3.5mm with a metal barrel is provided along with oxygen free copper wiring (this type of wire is considered to be free from oxygen with high conductivity.

        Therefore, with these qualities we can enjoy the full use of this headphone for any type of purpose...


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