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Goldigga Headphones - Gold

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2011 17:25
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      Cool if you've only had earphones beforehand

      For someone who prides themself as a music listener, I can't say I've been too adventurous with portable audio technology. I mean, for years iPod earphones and all of their East Asia-made counterfeits are all I could claim to have used. That was all until I received a pair of Golddigga headphones for my birthday. They weren't asked for and, in fact, I'd been looking out for a quality device to steer me away from my past way for quite a while. However, I put up with the purchase and used them extensively - well, for as long as I possible could.

      I might not have used headphones since my days at school (where I learned to play something on the keyboard) but I could tell when I first wore the Goldigga headphones that they weren't the most comfortable ones out there. They barely covered my ears and their cushioning felt a bit hollow - if you know what I mean. After a week or so, this cushioning also came loose, but that was amongst the least of my worries. Upon plugging the things into my iPod and playing through a range of the songs which I knew the best (so could get a good grasp of how these headphones compared to what I'd used before) there really wasn't that much of a notable difference. It was a massive disappointment, as I didn't really like the look of the gold-on-white colourway, so to find out that they didn't really serve their purpose was another terrible blow.

      Regardless of my initial disapproval of them, I persisted to use them. They have little slidey things along the side to adjust to the size of your head. I didn't, personally, have to use this aspect of them, so it didn't affect me, but I found that others who used them commented that they were a bit tough to pick up and slide along. It meant that they had to be worn at odd angles, whereby one ear was extended and the other remained at its original state - so stretching them to a degree. The plasticy feel of them meant that it was always a risk - as they could have broken at any time - but they seemed to survive this abuse.

      The shape of them - in an arc, without much give - meant that they weren't the most portable things. I used to shove them in my bag whenever I was on the move and they might have done well to hold together in the shape, but they seemed very frail and as if the shape they were moulded in wasn't helping matters one bit. It's something you have to consider when getting them, as if you're the type to stuff your bag out with things, they probably won't last too long as something is bound to put too much strain on the plaggy shell.

      I blasted tunes through the headphones for a matter of weeks... Yes, weeks - and as I hadn't used many others, I didn't question the fact that I probably wasn't getting the best listening experience out of them - but it seemed that my high volume levels had taken a toll on them. It look two months for one of the ears on my headphones to lose output. Although for a couple of days, it did fade in and out, the outlook clearly wasn't good for them and I had to eventually give in to the fact that they weren't coming back and needed replacing immediately.

      I see that these headphones go for something like £15, but in no way is it worth it. The fact that they randomly decided that they didn't work after just a couple of months shows that they simply aren't reliable enough to invest in. By this early stage in my audio nightmare, it had already become apparent that you should only opt to put money into buying headphones either by a brand who specialises in them, or ones which cost a bomb. Sound-wise, these are nothing spectacular, and only sound a slight bit different to putting iPod's standard in-ear device on.


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