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Goodmans Pro CD 9200

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Manufacturer: Goodmans

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2004 04:39
      Very helpful



      ~0~ Goodmans ProCD9200 Headphones ~0~ ~ Background to purchase ~ It was coming up to Xmas ( shows how long I've waited for this topic to be listed ! ) and my old Ross stereo headphones , whilst still providing excellent sound quality , were beginning to fall apart. I was due a new pair , and knowing the limitations of corded headphones , I thought I'd treat myself to some cordess ones . Choice is limited , and with the price a major factor , however it soon became apparent that Xmas was also making availability a problem .In fact only one pair of cordless headphones were available to me - The ProCD9200 from Goodmans , available at Index Catalogue stores for £19.99 . So I queued up , paid my dues and toddled off home to try my new toy ! ~ In the box ~ One pair of headphones , one transmitter , one power adaptor : The headphones looked a little bucky , even clumsy . The speakers are cloth covered and opened backed , and have a reasonable degree of tilt to enable a good fit . The cloth covered foam pads fit snugly over the ears . The speakers attach to the main frame via a pin system , which are two boxed housings appox 3" high * 2 " wide * 1/2" deep . The right hand side provides volume control ( single control for left / right sides ) , on/off switch ( to concerve battery power when not in use ) and battery compartment . Both are then attached to a twin arch which contains the interal wiring and a self adjusting headband , which in essence is a wide elastic band , held within each of the boxed housings. The transmitter is approx 4" * 2" * 1" , infrared . From it extends a cable with 3.5" stereo jack , that needs to be connected to your output source . The cable is inexcess of 6 feet long . There is also a input socket for the power adaptor . The power adaptor is the usual all-in-one style , again with approx 6 feet of cable , that needs to be connect
      ed to the transmitter . ~ Setting up ~ Connect the transmitter to power source and output source and place as high as possible with LED array facing towards the listener . Should your output source require a 6mm plug , then you have to purchase one seperately as Goodmans saw fit not to include one . Next you need to insert 2 * AAA batteries into the headphones . Again buy your own as Goodmans don't supply any. Then simply turn all items on , adjust the volume settings and away you go . ~ In Use ~ The maximum range of this item is 7 metres . This was quite accurate .There was however a lot of distortion , so re-read the very basic instructions . Step 1) Re-position the transmitter to obtain a clear signal ( yes I had it low down and slightly obscured by my sofa ) . Result a little better reception. Step 2 ) Lower volume at output source - . Result still distortion . Step 3) Re-read instructions . It seems that TV remotes / remote control cars / strong sunlight can all cause distortion . Its night , I order the wife to stop changing TV channels and the kids are not remotely using anything . Result still distortion . Step 4) Investigate further . I move around the room , in places the sound is unrecognisable , I have found the culprit - bloody flashing Xmas tree lights . Action - keep them on permenant on . Result minor distortion . Step 5) Ignore distortion - its only annoying when there is a pause in the music , ie. between tracks . ~ Any other problems ? ~ Well yes : 1) Outside noise filtering is poor , so to compensate you need higher volume , which is ; a) poor for your hearing , b) causes interference ( see above ) . 2) Being open backed with cloth covering also means that sound filters out , which can be annoying for other people in the same area , which means they either ; a) ask me to turn the volume down , b) tur
      n the Tv volume up , c) ask me to leave the room . Now hang on , I need the volume up to avoid the outside noise , this means other people hear my music , so its a vicious circle . 3) Not content with all the above , these light weight ( so the instruction manual says ) headphones are beginning to hurt . They are becoming uncomfortable and also the uneven weight distribution ( batteries on one side only ) is also begining to show . ~ And finally ~ I find out that the remaining distortion is caused during the receiving process . Also mobile phones also make a horrible sound in the headphones . I could put up with the ugly looks providing sound and comfort were good ( eg. Rolls Royce Vs Ford Fiesta ) , but not having any of these I have no option. So I pack them up , and the next day get a full refund , and decide to stick to those that I know best and trust - corded headphones ( see Panasonic review for my new headphone choice ) .


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