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    1 Review
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      06.06.2011 23:26
      Very helpful




      This headphone looks very stylish and performs exceptionally well. I cannot believe the amount of bass and sound that comes off this bad boy. I cannot HIGHLY recommend these headphones. The sound that you will expect to get off this is very high quality audio even when the volume has been boosted to maximum strength there is absolutely NO DISTORTION WHATSOEVER!!! You will however experince a leakage of sound when you are playing the music into them. This sound will be heard from the outside so anybody listening will be able to hear. This could prove to be a disadvantage because if you sit on a bus for example and there are people sitting close to you they will get disturbed by the noise that is extracted and may possibly get annoyed. This is something that you may want to consider before purchasing them whether or not being courtious is something you personally care about is entireley your own decision. I also like the length of the cord that has been supplied with this it is an appropriate length not to be too short or too long. Another potential drawback to these is the fact that they have the old (school) foam ear pads attached to them the ones that you would have expected to find on PC headsets many years ago. They are however very comfy but the old fashion padding may of course put you off buying them especially because the pads are known to also wear and tear very quickly in fact. You are not supplied with any spare ones when purchasing these and will have to find alternatives, which are avilable through 3rd party sellers (EBAY, AMAZON) around 99p for about one hundred so I guess it is cost effective enough, however with todays modern day headphones and the price you would not expect to see this kind of weak design flaw and more durable options are avilable and could have been used to combat this problem. The issue doesn't just finish thier but another problem that I found was that on the opposite side of the ear pads (where you can see the silver bubbly design that you can touch with your finger) there are numerous tiny holes. These holes do add to the the cool effect of the design and can make it look more luxuurious, however there is a serious design flaw. These holes are suseptible to water damage and are not covered in any way. Therefore if you are walking outdoors and it happens to be raining you would need to get these covered up very quickly. I personally carry a plastic bag to put them in when it rains and then put them back on when it is better weather. As I am sure you can imagine this is highly inconveniant and may possible make you think THRICE before purchasing these headphones. I am standing by my review to without a DOUBT say these are the BEST QUALITY OVER THE EAR HEADPHONES ON THE MARKET, however the flaws outlined above may overide the need to buy them. Only you can make that choice but I have outlined everything for you to see and be able to make up your own final mind.


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