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    1 Review
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      26.07.2010 22:22
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      You get what you pay for

      Let's be honest, you can't expect much from a pair of in-ear buds that set you back a mere couple of quid. The only reason I purchased the Hama LS 210s is because I am prone to snagging ear bud wires on any door handles or other protrusive objects in my vicinity. Thus, I tend to get through quite a few of them.

      This product is pretty much no frills all the way. The one concession Hama make to style is the flash of white at the lower point of each ear bud. Were it not for this they would be identical to the hundreds of dull, plain black budget buds on the market. There is only one size available, which can be frustrating as not everyone shares the same size ears, and so some are going to find these buds more comfortable than others. I do not know if I have especially small ears, but I find it very uncomfortable to use these one-size buds for more than about twenty minutes at a time. The unyielding material from which they are fashioned has no give, and so unless they fit perfectly into your ear you are likely to experience some discomfort from your ear attempting to mould around them.

      Cable length is perhaps slightly shorter than standard at 1.1 metres. For me however, this was welcome, as there was less trailing cable to become snagged on kitchen cupboards, etc. The Hama buds have no wireless capacity, nor no they offer an infrared facility.

      In terms of sound they deliver little. Bass is released as little more than a crackle or a rustle, and more extreme notes often undergo distortion. Sound leakage is an issue too, as the buds are equipped with few features to prevent this. One of the only noteworthy features of this product is its durability. Oddly, I have discovered that the buds are able to withstand my carelessness where similar products of supposedly a much improved quality have failed.

      If you are looking for a resilient set of buds that you can depend on to remain functional for a long period, then you may appreciate this product. However, if you enjoy high quality music delivery and immersing yourself in the subtle nuances of a melody, save your money for a product with more to offer.


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