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JVC HA F120-P Gumy phones

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    1 Review
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      07.12.2008 23:53
      Very helpful



      They're ok.

      Gumy Phones. Firstly, can I say that they sound like a childs' sweetie. Secondly, can I say that they also look like a child's sweetie. Ok, gripe over, on with the review!

      When I first saw these in the shops I thought 'Awesome selection of colours!' I loved them, as naturally, at that time I was a preteen and anything which was pastel coloured and looked like jelly excited me. I bought a pair of blue ones, got them home and tried them out. They were great! They went up really loud, perfect for playing whatever I listened to 4 years ago on full volume to annoy my parents. They were also BLUE!! (wow..) and my Ipod was one of those sparkly pink mini ones. They looked gorgeous together and I listened to my ipod every day for hours.. until...

      One day, I was chewing on the headphones (as you do..) because I tend to gnaw on all my things, including Ipod and phone. I was chewing the actual earphone part and the front popped out! The jelly cover had actually become detatched from the speaker. There were exposed wires coming out of the back and I was rather scared I was going to be electrocuted or something. I popped the earphone back together and put my ipod in my bag. Later in the day, I got my ipod back out and the earphone had popped out again. Little did I know that it would do this however I tried to keep it together for the rest of its life.

      After this, I decided to get a new pair and chew the wires. Big mistake. I didn't chew particularly vigorously and bam! wires are exposed and my left earphone doesn't work any more. I was rather frustrated.

      Pair after pair of gumy phones have given into my involuntary gnawing. I'm now on about my 6th pair. Lucky they're so cheap! I bought my last pair from asda at £6.95, and I'm trying not to bite these ones.

      Despite the weak wires and headphones, the sound quality is brilliant! The volume goes very high, and the sound never goes static-y or weird like some headphones and speakers go when they are up loud.

      The headphones look like sweeties, so yes, they look great. They're dead cute and a little novelty-like. They would be awesome in a christmas stocking!

      If you want some fun, cute earphones, don't care about durability and like either pastel blue, pastel pink, white or black, then I believe these earphones are for you. I hope you don't also have a need to chew everything in sight, otherwise these earphones may not be the ones for you. They are a rather expensive chew toy. I don't recommend giving these to young children who can bite these very easily, pop out the speaker or expose wires. Get a proper pair for young ones, with a volume limiter please.

      Good Stuff:
      - They look so cute
      - Pretty colours
      - Quite cheap
      - Available to buy in ASDA

      Bad Stuff:
      - Really easy to pop the headphones out of their cover
      - Wires are very easy to chew through
      - Volume goes up very high so these are not suitable for children really
      - Look like sweets so it's hard to resist chewing them!


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