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    1 Review
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      03.05.2012 16:26
      Very helpful



      An excellent, low priced pair of lightweighty headphones.

      When I'm sitting down, I find earbuds are fine for listening to my MP3 player but when walking any faster than a gentle stroll they have a tendency to drop out and if I use them whilst gardening they always manage to get tangled up in the foliage. I therefore decided to invest in a pair of headphones.

      I'd be a liar if I said I'd done a great deal of research into which headphones to choose because all I did was do a little trawl through the Amazon website and plumped for these JVC ones mainly due to the manufacturer's name and the price. As well as a very attractive low price of £5.99, another plus point was that they were being marketed as lightweight and their size was descrete enough that I could wear them without looking like a total dipstick when working on the weeds in the front garden or when walking into town.


      When I took delivery of my headphones, I was quite surprised by the size of the parcel because although the earphones are sold as being adjustable, I hadn't realised that they would adjust to quite such a small size. They come in a plastic blister pack but this packaging is very easily opened because the backing is cardboard rather than having the item enclosed in heat sealed plastic so it's just a case of tearing the cardboard away from the plastic front; a further plus point in my opinion as last time I attempted to get into a heat sealed plastic pack, I ended up with a deep gash in my hand whilst attempting to open it with scissors!


      The all plastic earphones are constructed to fold up in much the same way as a pair of sunglasses and in fact when folded are roughly the same size. The band which fits over the head is slightly broader in the centre at approximately 2cm wide and the length of the headband can be adjusted on either side by approximately 3.5 cm, giving a total adjustability of 7 cm, which means these would be suitable for use by anyone from early adolescence upwards.

      The length of cable is ideal for use with an MP3 player though for someone using them with a stereo or on the computer, they may be a little too short at 1.5 metres. As I generally use these when gardening, I feed the wire down the back of my top and into my pocket so that the wire doesn't get entangled whilst I'm working, and for that purpose the cable length is perfect. The cable is finished off with a universal jack which should fit most British standard equipment.

      The actual ear pieces aren't totally static but are hinged giving them a fair bit of movement and ensuring a perfect fit for whatever shape or size of head. Each earpiece has a foam covering which as well as helping with sound reproduction also makes for a more comfortable fit. This foam is stuck in place so I guess over time it will degrade.

      I was a little concerned that the all plastic construction may not stand up to general wear and tear but I've had these for almost a year now and although I haven't exactly abused them, neither have I treated them particularly carefully. So far, they have proved to be robust enough though obviously if treated too unkindly the plastic is brittle enough that it could snap.


      At £5.99 I didn't expect great things from this bit of kit, despite the reputation of JVC, but I was agreeably surprised. The performance of these headphones far exceeded expectations. The sound reproduction is excellent being well rounded and doesn't distort or sound at all tinny. I daresay if you're into opera, they probably will fall short of your requirements but for listening to most music they won't disappoint. Quite often I listen to the radio or to audio books whilst I'm on the move and again, the sound reproduction of the spoken word is excellent.

      My conclusion:

      Many of the headphones I looked at before choosing these were of a much higher spec and price and though I'm sure they are probably worth the extra cost, I'm not at all disappointed by my cheap ones. They've more than fulfilled my expectations. They are as lightweight as advertised to the extent that I frequently forget I have them on; the sound reproduction is very good for everyday listening and they are very competitively priced giving great value for money. If you'll forgive the pun, they've been a sound investment.


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