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Klipsch Image One On-Ear Headphones

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2 Reviews
  • good balanced sound
  • good finish
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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2014 19:25
      Not Helpful


      • "good balanced sound"
      • "good finish"


      Good headphones, nice audio, pick a pair up.

      These Image Ones are the first on-ear design I''''ve seen from the company, and it''''s used the additional surface area to pile on the perceived value. Build quality is reassuring, for instance, and the large ear-cups are trimmed in a chrome and leather combo that wouldn''''t shame a Lexus interior. The padding is so luxuriant it offers quite a degree of noise isolation while keeping the wearer'''' ears absolutely as warm as is acceptable. Both ear-cups are wired with fairly hefty cable, the union-point of which features a 360-degree mic and three-button remote for use with the most current iPods, iPads and iPhones. The treble is beautifully judged, attacking crisply without becoming unduly hard even at volume. There''''s an exciting combination of immediacy and integration about the mids, where voices communicate without becoming overbearing. The extreme hip-hop dynamics are dealt with confidently, and the Klipsches create a spacious, detailed soundstage. There''''s no shortage of speed to the Image Ones'''' bass reproduction, and they''''re gratifyingly keen to start and stop the low-end stuff promptly but, crikey, there''''s plenty of it.


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        14.08.2013 20:50
        Very helpful
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        stylish, good quality headphones by Klipsch

        I love to listen to music and watch films and so to me, having good headphones is essential, earphones are ok but sometimes headphones are nice too, even just having the option. I think with there being so many brands nowadays it can be quite hard to narrow down what is actually worth the money and what is on trend. I get Groupon emails daily and on one of their deals were these Klipsch Image One headphones and at the time I didn't know of the brand and so I decided to have a look online for customer reviews, after reading quite positive things, I decided to go for the deal and buy these as I could always sell them if I didn't like them.


        These headphones look really nice, they are black in colour and have the Klipsch logo on the side of the headphone piece as well as having a cushioned ear piece on each side. The band across the head is black plastic which is adjustable and they have a remote control on the cord to adjust the volume which is always handy. The dimensions of these are 5.1 x 12.7 x 17.8cm and they weigh 454g so they are a lot bigger than earphones but these look really stylish and the cord they come with is a really good length as well as the fact that they come with a travel carrying case which keeps everything together as there is a space for all of the components.


        So, when getting these I was so eager to try them on, I use these with either my laptop or my iPod and they work well with both as they just plug in and are so easy to use. When adjusting these to fit my head, it was so easy to do as you just extend the sides and then they should sit well on the head as everyone will be different. Once I had adjusted them to fit my head, they stayed on fine and I haven't really need to move them since as they have stayed the size I want them to. It states on the product description on these that they are great with Apple products, especially the iPod, iPad and iPhone so if you are using these and need headphones that are compatible, these are a good option.

        Now, these are black overall but they do have chrome and leather touches around the design. They come with a 3.5mm headphone jack and the ear pieces do fold flat if you are travelling and want to compact the size. What I like about these is the little volume remote control on the cord, the remote is there to make it easy if on a call and it has an inbuilt microphone also for this reason. I have used these a lot for Skype calling and they are brilliant and pick up sound really well, they also have a 360 degree design so that if you are talking also that you won't need to struggle to be heard as it picks up the sound that clearly and it really does.

        I listen to everything on these from calls, to music and films and the sound is always great on these, really clear quality. The volume is also very good on these and can go extremely loud but I tend to only have it on half way as it is loud enough and I never need to have it much louder but atleast if I needed to, I know I could turn it up louder. If you want to skip songs while listening with these, then using the remote you can do so as it isn't just there to adjust volume. After wearing these for a long time, they can start to get uncomfortable, mainly hurting my ears but this is after about 3-4 hours wear, if you aren't using them for hours on end, this shouldn't be a problem.

        I think with these that the sound is really good and I like that I can adjust volume easily with the remote, they are just very well designed and at the same time look good. I always keep them in the travel case when I'm not using them as it is great keeping them in the one place and it keeps them clean this way as well, it is good for storage. One thing on the description for these headphones which is interesting is the thought process behind the thicker cord, they say it is because they want the cord to be less prone to tangling and also for it to be stronger and I have to say, I do feel that this works and I also like this feature on them.

        These are not the cheapest of headphones but they are cheaper than some brands out there and I do feel like my money has been well spent. If my only complaint is that they start to hurt after wearing them for a long time, I can't say that it is the worst as the main thing is that the sound is great and clear. Ideally, I'd like them not to hurt my ears at all as if I'm on a longhaul flight or journey then this can be a nuisance, so this is probably my main reason for the lower rating. I cannot fault the design as this is very nice and the case and everything else just make it. If you want good quality headphones that sound good, then these are still worth trying.


        These can be purchased on Amazon at the moment where they are charging £54.99 sold direct from them including free delivery which isn't the cheapest but is a good price for these.

        The official Klipsch website is http://www.klipsch.co.uk/.


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