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    1 Review
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      01.01.2013 19:24
      Very helpful



      good headphones for a good price

      Packaging and Accessories

      The Product comes in a blister type of packaging which is easy to open as the plastic just slides right off. But it keeps the in ear headphones secure in transportation. The Packaging may be different if you ordered the in ear headphones from a shop because I bought mine in store. On the Front of the packaging there is just a bit of branding which says Memorex and the headphones and there is also a bit of information on the back that's about all for the front and back. Once you open the packaging there are the headphones which you just pull out, and the wire is held together neatly by a cable tie. You also get a bag full of different ear pieces; nothing else comes with the headphones. The presentation isn't that great but you get what you pay for and these Memorex in ear headphones are only cheap and so as long as the headphones are protected the packaging is fine.

      Build and Features

      The in the ear headphones come in many different colours, I bought the orange and white version. This means that the in ear headphones come with a set of orange ear pieces of different sizes to fit everyone's ears. The headphones are white and are made out of a solid plastic; it has a glossy finish which means it is scratch and dust resistant however some marks will show up on the headphones due to the colour. The plastic is strong and durable, I have dropped the headphones many times and the plastic has not been damaged and more importantly the speakers or the electronics inside has been left without any damage.

      The orange wire has two different thicknesses, the wires leading to the in ear headphones are a lot thinner than the wire that is connected to the jack. The wire is also a good length, its easily long enough to be connected to something and be put in a pocket with some left over wire, also the thicker wire means that the wire is harder to remove which is a good thing. The wire is also quite durable and is not easily broken. On the wire there is a little rubber cover which means you can determine the length of the wire when the wire separated. These are simple headphones for a good price, they do not included a microphone or anyway to be used with a phone to speak.

      Features/Sound Quality/ Other.

      The sound quality of the Memorex in ear headphones is actually very good for the price of these headphones. The sound quality is definitely not top end as you cannot hear all of the instruments and not all of the vocal range however you can still hear most of the instruments and vocals. On some of the songs that I listen to the headphones lack bass and treble but overall it is very good on most songs. Something to bear in my is that with these headphones is that they are very loud on some songs and very quiet on other songs, this can obviously be controlled by the mp3 or phone that you are using it with but some songs are louder than others anyway. I think that for the price these sound quality is actually great especially considering that these are in ear headphones.

      Good Points

      I have already mentioned how the build quality and the sound quality are very good for the price of these headphones and I would just like to say that there are a few other good things about these in ear headphones. The first thing is that the headphones come with a set of ear pieces which is very good because you can have spares if any are lost and also you can make sure the in ear headphones fit in your ears perfectly, something that I have a lot of trouble with most in ear headphones, but these are fine. Everything else on the Memorex earphones work well and so I cannot complain.

      Bad Points

      There are a few things that are bad about these headphones, but there isn't much. The first thing that could be improved easily is the thickness of the wire leading to the in ear headphones. As I have previously mentioned the wire is two different thicknesses and the wires leading up to the headphones are a lot thinner than the wire leading to the headphone jack. This is bad because the thickness makes it easier to break the wire to the headphones and also the wire is a lot less durable. I think that they should just have one thickness for all the wire; this would make sure the wires do not break anywhere.

      Another thing that I thought that I would mention is that if you plan on buying these in ear headphones to use with your phone then they do not have a microphone to be able to take calls. They will still play music and so on but you will not be able to take calls. This is good for me because I don't use headphones to answer calls but I think that if you are going to you won't be able to use these.


      Overall I think that these Memorex in ear headphones are great, I think that for the price they are a solid product that are very useful and they last quite a while. The sound quality is very good in my opinion for the price, of course these are not top end headphones so don't expect to hear every instrument and so on, but they offer good sound for a good price. There are only a few things that are bad about these headphones which is why I have decided to rate these Memorex in ear headphones 4 out of 5 stars; this is a great product that I would definitely recommend.


      I Recommend these Memorex in ear headphones to anyone as I think they are a great Product.

      Where to Buy
      You can buy these headphones for quite cheap from quite a few places they range from £2 to £6 these can be bought from places like amazon and eBay. You can also buy them in store from somewhere like staples for around the same place.


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