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Panasonic RP-HT 41 E

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1 Review
  • low price
  • Nice sounds
  • doesn't stop outside noise
  • Cheep looking
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    1 Review
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      16.10.2014 23:03
      Very helpful


      • "low price"
      • "easy to wear"
      • "Nice sounds"


      • "doesn't stop outside noise"
      • "foam covering can come loose"
      • "Cheep looking"

      A trip back to the time of the walkman, rubiks cube and the demi-perm

      When it comes to listening to music I tend to listen to mine in a private manner, which has meant, over the years, I have invested in a lot of earphones and headphones. With a lot of those headphones being used by other family members too, usually after I have thrown them at who ever is listening to some no-hope singer who won the latest television show.
      And these are one of those headphones that I have used – although what happened to them I don't know as the last time I saw them they were sitting on my desk. But, as with lots of other things, they grew legs and wondered off.

      These are thin, cheep looking headphones with a thin head band type strap that is supposed to rest on top of the head but, sadly, spends more time sliding down the front or back of my short haired head.
      The main bits are made of a silver plastic with the foam material covering the actual speakers and a black plastic making up the head band itself. The silver sections being capable of extending from the black head band.
      The wire goes into both earpieces, unlike some that only go into one, but get to both, this means that the wire will always be in front of you and not to the side. That's not an issue really, although this is not enough of a positive to make me change my mind.

      The 3.5mm Jack is one of those that are at an angle, not straight, which I find is an important point to make as some people prefer the straight ones, (No I'm not being jackaphobic)
      The wire is a good metre and a half so it can be stretched a good distance from the unit.
      It give out less than a watt of power, a lot less, but as they are headphones you don't want a 50watt speaker blasting into your ears.

      The sound quality is fine, not great, but not bad either. With all headphones of this kind a lot of the music coming from them does tend to disappear into the ear rather that into the ears.

      The only downside that I remember was that the foam type cloth covering the speakers had a trouble staying on sometimes, peeling off at one side, which led to the whole lot coming away. But they went back on easy enough so that was not a real problem.

      The cost of these head phones is a staggering £5.00. I only managed to buy them after moving some money around from my Brandenburg accounts.


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