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Philips SHE9000/10

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2013 20:46
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      • Reliability


      Great pair of earphones for sound quality and comfort.

      Before I bought these earphones I seemed to go through loads. This was mostly due to the way the mp3 player sat in my pocket. I solved with buying an mp3 player that clips on instead. However, I did end up having the same problem eventually (though they lasted a little longer. I have tried every earphone from the very cheap pound store ones (I was a student) to the still quite cheap ones but not as. The most I'd spend would be around £10.

      After all this I decided to invest in a slightly more expensive pair while I had the money.

      ** The Earphones **
      The earphones are in-ear so may be uncomfortable for some. If you haven't used them before it may be weird at first but you get used to them in my experience.

      These ones in particular have a metal housing which is supposed to enhance the bass giving you a true-to-life sound. A foam tip is also featured intended for noise isolation, also aided by being in-ear earphones. The noise isolation should work at lower levels so that you don't need to have the volume up loud in public places and potentially damaging your hearing.

      For comfort there is memory foam in the carved housing. Like many in-ear earphones it comes with three different sized tips for different ears. I find the ones that come with the earphones always do me fine, the others not usually fitting.

      Philips have also tackled a problem for an annoyance everyone faces: tangling. We all know that when we aren't looking, cables tend to end up tangled no matter what. These earphones have a textile covered cable which stops tangling and extends product life (a handy feature for me). If that wasn't enough there is also an anti-tangle slider. A little piece of plastic that has a bit to clip onto the cable. You slide this up to the ear pieces when storing and it shouldn't tangle.

      Cord length: 1.2 metres

      Fits most audio jacks (mp3 players, phones, computers etc.)

      ** My Experience **
      So, the earphones sound pretty good. But do they perform well? When I bought these earphones I didn't know most of their features. But here is what I have found:

      Compared to the cheaper earphones I had been using I can definitely hear the difference. The noise is much better quality and definitely worth paying more for. The sound is clearer and crisper and the bass improved.

      However, the noise isolation isn't perfect. This is one of the features I didn't know about beforehand, but was a nice surprise when I got them over the counter at Argos. You can still hear some outside noises but there is a slight reduction in outside noise compared to the average earphone. However at a reasonable noise level (not too loud to damage hearing) I can notice a difference. So while not perfect hopefully some won't listen to their mp3 players so loud? If you want noise isolating earphones you are better going for a more expensive pair.

      Comfort wise I find them quite comfortable. They fit into my ears easily and I don't feel them too much while they are in there. They stay in quite well when walking, the only time they have fallen out my ears is when I have caught the cable and accidently pulled them out my ear. I have not tried these during exerise yet, but I would expect them to stay in well. When walking they stay in better than other earphones I have owned.

      So, are my earphones getting tangled? So far they haven't been too tangled. I always forget to use the tangle slider but without that my earphones don't tangle too much. I have been quite impressed with them so far. Definite improvement on old earphones.

      Another thing that I have noticed is that the noise does not bleed too much from the earphones. Which is great for when a guilty pleasure song comes on my mp3 player when I am on the bus to work! Though I feel sorry for those who are no longer subjected to my awesome music taste.

      I have had them nearly a year now outlasting previous pairs by miles. They show no signs of wear and look to continue going strong.

      ** Price and Availability **
      Like what you see? Have I convinced you? Then perhaps I should tell you where to get them. I bought these from Argos which are currently available for £29.99. They are also available on the Philips website (£31) and Amazon (£24.67). Philips are a well known brand and their products are available from a wide selection of electrical retailers.

      Normally, I wouldn't normally spend this much on earphones. As long as they aren't too cheap and the sound quality is good then I am happy. However I think these earphones are better quality than most I have used before. I'd maybe hope to spend a little less on them myself though but I am glad I bought them. I may have been convinced to buy a more expensive pair next time.

      ** Overall **
      I think these are great earphones. They have great sound quality, are comfortable and don't tangle! The price may not to be everyones tastes but if these last me then they definitely will be worth it. I have owned them 4 months now and use them nearly every day. Assuming they last me, I would buy another pair if I had to. The noise isolation may not be perfect but it is there.

      Would I recommend them? Generally, I would yeah. They are a good pair of earphones.


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