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Sennheiser HD 202 II

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    5 Reviews
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      22.02.2013 13:28
      Very helpful



      Excellent sound quality for a reasonable price

      Well, it's been nearly four years since I wrote my last review of headphones, and my have things changed!

      I used to be an avid fan of Creative products. When my last pair of flimsy Creative earphones broke, I decided with a heavy heart to try out some other brands to see if I could get better value for money. I realised that there were two main situations in which I used headphones or earphones; at home in the evenings, so as not to disturb my housemates, and on the move. I soon realised that by having a good quality pair of headphones for using in the house, I could minimise the amount of wear and tear on them, as well as lessen the damage caused by my own clumsiness with electronics.

      As I've mentioned in previous reviews, I'm passionate about music more than anything, so naturally, having good quality audio equipment is very important to me because I want to hear the music as the artist intended it to be heard!

      SOUND QUALITY (4/5)
      I conducted two tests using these headphones - one for music and one for games.

      Music sounds great on these headphones. I found that both the high and low ranges were represented well. The bass was particularly impressive, although I did find I had to turn the volume up quite high to actually hear it. Listening to all types of music through these headphones was an interesting and immersive experience, although I found they definitely excelled in the bass department when it came to genres such as drum and bass, rock and metal, etc. Hip hop songs sounded crisp and clear, which was good, as did acoustic and folk music, which rely less on the force of the bass to carry it.

      As for games, I found that when playing first person shooter games I felt fully immersed in the game. I could hear which directions shots, footsteps, etc., were coming from very easily, and the audio was crisp when it came to listening to characters speak.

      BUILD QUALITY (4/5)
      I was hopeful that these headphones would have a much longer life than previous earphones I had bought which had flimsy wires and dodgy connections near the actual plug. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed. A few years after I bought these I did notice that the volume in one of the ears had diminished slightly, but I put this down to wear and tear and me not being careful when yanking the wire out of the jack!

      LOOKS (4/5)
      Whilst the attractiveness of these headphones wasn't exactly at the top of my list, I do have to admit they are pretty cool looking. You won't be setting any trends if you choose to wear these out in public, but they have clearly been designed well and the black finish particularly adds to the smart and sleek look these headphones have to them.

      As someone who has used in-ear "canal" earphones for a long time, getting used to traditional headphones again took a surprisingly short amount of time. They are adjustable, meaning they can be extended or collapsed to fit your head, however big or small it is! They are also very well padded, meaning you have no hard bits of plastic poking into your ears. Unfortunately after wearing these for several hours my ears did seem to ache a little - I got the feeling my ears were being sort of pressed against the side of my head, so it was a relief to be able to take a break from wearing them. My guess would be that they're not really designed for continuous use of several hours.

      The other little niggle I had with this product was the wire length. Now maybe I didn't fully read the specifications before I bought them, but the wire was a great deal longer than I had expected and previously experienced when using earphones. This turned out not to be particularly troublesome, since the main reason I bought these headphones was to use at home, whilst listening to music sitting at my computer, or to plug into my amp when I wanted to practice guitar quietly. However I would imagine that if you were to use them whilst out and about, you might get the wire tangled or caught, or simply run out of pocket to tuck the wire into.

      I feel that, for the money, this product was a very good buy. The sheer quality of the sound that you can get from these makes up for the disadvantages. However I would recommend buying a pair of earphones or some portable headphones if you're looking for something you can use hassle-free on the go.

      Thanks for reading!


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      29.09.2012 15:21
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great headphones for a reasonable price, built to last

      I bought these when I had my blackberry, when it comes to technology I like 1 machine to perform all the tasks I need and I basically used my Blackberry as a portable MP3 player, (obviously I put a 32Gb micro SD card in it to store all my music on it).

      I was looking for a decent set of headphones and had always wanted headphones rather than ear plugs. I also wanted something that was going to last and I figured I'd spend more than a fiver on a half decent set. I have to say, these headphones have not disappointed, I have used them plugged into my laptop, my blackberry and now my new phone, all the noise is kept in them...no escape(Unless I'm using them with my phone, cos I have a mini amp that really makes a difference to the loudness and the sound quality, in my opinion, unless my ears are bleeding, my music isn't loud enough). My 2 year old daughter has even used my headphones and if they can survive in the hands of a two year old, then they are definitely built to last.

      The headphones come with a really long lead so I can be in the kitchen and have them plugged into something in the livingroom(Not that I do that, but that is a good example. The lead wraps around a clipped holder, so you can adjust to the amount of flex you want and clip it to your belt.

      I have had these headphones for just under two years now and they are still going strong.


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      27.04.2011 17:58


      • Reliability


      A brilliant pair of headphones

      The Sennheiser HD 202's are simply the best headphones you can buy today. The reproduce sound perfectly, and sound much better than my home Hi-Fi system.

      They are incredibly robust, but can easily be taken apart for storage or travel purposes. The aren't overly bulky, so you don't look strange while wearing them in public.

      The cable supplied for connecting to a computer or MP3 player is very long, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing. The 202's use the common 3.5mm jack for connecting the music source.

      After comparing these headphones to a far more expensive pair, >£100, I can safely say that these are the better choice. The 202's can be worn for hours on end without your ears becoming too hot thanks to the soft cushioning pads and the sound they produce is not so overpowering, that your ears become tired.

      Overall, the Sennheiser HD 202's are probably the best value headphones on the market today, and you will struggle to find a better set.


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      03.02.2011 15:23
      Very helpful



      They are a good product, just not ideal for those that use headphones frequently.

      I am one of those people who really hate small headphones, especially those that pierce your ears, have excruciating sounds and give you a headache, so I went out in search for something that was not only comfortable to my ears but also headphones that can capture every instrument, every sound and piece of music. Enter, Sennheiser HD 202 II!!!

      These headphones are supra-aural, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones, light weight, very comfortable, has excellent sound fidelity, a 3 metre long cord so I can be away from my stereo doing other things while having great sound and effectively block outside sounds. What amazes me about these headphones are that they fit well over my ears and completely mask even subtle outside sounds--unless you turn them way up. The HD-202 headphones also enhance stray sound artifacts from less-than-ideal recordings or poor radio reception--but that's not the fault of earphones that seem to allow you to hear everything more clearly!! The frequency, bass sound is excellent and you can actually tune the headphones to your taste in levels (bass control, volume control, mixed levels etc)

      It's also portable with most audio devices such as iPods, TV, MP3 player, radio etc. Although they are a hassle to carry when you commuting but at least you won't bother fellow commuters with excreting noise as they don't hear a thing.

      The only problem with it is that since it uses a neodymium magnet and lightweight diaphragm for high
      sound levels, it tends to wear out quickly and you begin to lose hearing on especially the left side of the headphone just after a few months and its expensive to repair. Luckily it comes with a two year warranty but prepare to get it fixed just after using it for a short time.

      Not ideal for DJs or those that are heavy on music as it will wear out fast. But if you take it slow and try not to blast it loud all the time, it should keep you going for a year without repairs.


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        15.01.2011 22:38
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Quality product at an amazing price.

        Big headphones are back!
        Though to be honest, I never could wear those little in-your-ear, ear phones....they hurt too much.
        Everywhere I go these days it seems more and more people are using the full cover-your-ear, ear phones when out and about. And there is a reason, latest fashion aside; in fact there are several reasons:
        The sound quality is often better
        They keep background noise out
        The sound is kept in (no more angry looks from fellow commuters)
        They are more comfortable
        They keep your ears warm
        And they last a lot longer than their flimsy counterparts.

        These particular headphones by Sennheiser are amazingly good.

        About Sennheiser
        A German based company, with production sites throughout the world, Sennheiser are renowned for their top quality products in electrocoustics.....anything to do with the recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. They work closely with musicians and sound engineers and use their input to help them create their high performance and world renowned microphones and headphones.

        Sennheiser HD 202 II headphones
        The manufacturer describes these headphones as the ideal partner for DJs.
        Well, the closed-back design means that they fit very snugly on the ear and block out ambient noise well.
        The ear cups can be removed from the head band so that you can listen one sided.
        They come with a 3 metre cable.

        But I 'aint no DJ, so why did I buy them?
        Because you don't have to be a DJ to appreciate a good set of earphones that provide superb sound quality....they were also on offer at the time. But, in all truth, they are a bargain at the current price of 25 quid. I'm very happy with my purchase! I honestly didn't know what I was missing out on till I got them.

        The earphones are black with a very flexible, and partly cushioned, head band. The ear cups are cushioned in the same soft material which I assume is leatherette-covered foam. They fit snugly completely over the ears, though anyone with particularly large ears may find them a little uncomfortable as the cups aren't overly large. For average ears they are very comfortable and easy to wear for long periods at a time without any problem.
        As I mentioned before, the cable is a very long 3 metres and it comes in handy. When at the computer, I have no need for that length of cord, but it can also be plugged into the TV while you lay back and relax without worrying that you're going to pull or damage the cable.
        The headphones come with a cable winder which you can use to house the excess cable if you're listening to music during your commute or just generally on the move. This clips to your belt, though I tend to just put mine in my pocket.

        The sound
        Just superb!
        Music comes through crisp and clear and every note and instrument is audible. Even when the volume is turned up to an almost deafening level, the sound does not distort. When the music is up full blast, people around you are able to hear it, but if it is at a reasonable normal level, those around you barely detect it....a huge bonus for travellers. It will also block out outside noise....you really are in your own little world when you have these on.
        'Neodymium magnets give the powerful bass-driven sound reproduction'...or so it says on the packet....I don't know much about magnets, but whatever they are, they work well....this sound really is of a quality you would expect from much more expensive equipment.
        The cable is highly conductive OFC copper cable, also ensuring an outstanding sound quality delivery.

        Extra brownie points
        The headphone comes with a 3.5mm straight plug and there is also a 6.3mm adapter plug included in the package which means these beauties can be used not only with your iPod, MP3 player and iPhone, but also with your PC and TV - very useful.
        The ear pads and the cable are replaceable.
        They are guaranteed for two years.

        Technical Specifications
        * Transducer principal dynamic, Closed-Aire
        * Ear coupling semi-circumaural, leatherette
        * Frequency response 18 - 18,000 Hz
        * Sound pressure level (1 kHz, 1 Vrms) 115 dB
        * THD < 0.5 %
        * Nominal impedance 32 Ohms
        * Connector 3.5 mm mini-stereo with 1/4" adapter
        * Cable 3 m OFC copper cable
        * Weight (without cable) approx. 130 g
        * Supplied accessories Cable wind-up clip

        So, if you're looking to upgrade your earphones, think seriously about getting a set of Sennheiser's - true quality and value for money.
        Get them from Amazon at 25.44.


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