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Sennheiser HD 215

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    4 Reviews
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      27.01.2012 10:56
      Very helpful


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      Great headphones with excellent sound quality

      I bought the Sennheiser HD 215 headphones around 4 years ago mainly so I could practice bass
      or guitar through my main amplifier or headphone amp at a reasonable level at night without annoying the neighbours too much. Sennheiser were my first choice for headphones due to owning several pairs
      of their earphones over the years and finding them to be among the best I've found for sound quality
      at a reasonable price.

      At first glance the HD 215 look pretty good with a chunky matt black plastic headband with Sennheiser written across it in silver,Round silver discs with the Sennheiser S logo and a combination of matt and shiny black plastic on the ear cups. There's really soft padding covered with a leather look material
      underneath the headband and around the ear cups for maximum comfort and the headband is
      adjustable so you can alter the size to suit the wearer.

      The headphones only have one cable on one side so only the left ear has a wire coming from it and
      the right earcup can rotate away from the ear which would make these perfect for DJs using them for
      monitoring. I also find this great if I'm playing along to a track on the PC as I can have my bass in
      one ear and still listen to the external track clearly with the other and there's only one side of cable
      to get in the way.

      The HD 215s cable is good quality and a decent length with the middle part of the cable being
      coiled to help prevent over stretching the cable and pulling it out by accident. One of the things I
      like about these headphones is the cable is removable you can replace the cable if it gets damaged without having to shell out for another set of headphones. The cable plugs in to the headphones
      with a standard 3.5mm jack plug and you can buy these cables from electrical shops such as Maplin
      or order one from the Sennheiser website for around £9.

      The HD 215s come with a gold plated 3.5mm jack plug as found on most mp3 or CD players but
      also included is a gold plated adapter which screws on to the 3.5mm plug so you can use it in a 1/4"
      jack socket. As both of my amps only have a 1/4" jack for using headphones this means I can use
      the headphones in my amp for practice but still use them with my mp3 player or laptop. The only downside of the adapter is it's easily lost so after losing the first one and having to order one from Sennheiser I now leave it sticking in the socket of my amp when I'm not using it. On the plus side if
      you do lose it the replacements only cost £2.50 so it's not a major problem.

      I find the sound quality on the HD 215s is excellent the closed back design blocks out most of the
      external noise leaving you fully immersed in the music. The headphones let everything in the mix
      come through clearly so you can easily pick out the different parts played which is great for me
      when I'm trying to learn tracks by ear. There's plenty of depth to the bass which sounds warm and
      deep without being too boomy and therefore overpowering the trebles and mids.

      Although I bought these for the sole purpose of practicing bass or guitar I've also found myself using
      them daily for listening to music,playing games or watching films on my laptop late at night when I
      don't want to disturb my other half or he's watching something else. I never used to watch DVDs
      on my laptop due to the tinny sound from the on board speakers but since I started using the
      headphones with it I find you get immersed in the sound like you do at the cinema so I now
      regularly watch films on the laptop with headphones rather than the TV if I'm on my own.

      The headphones are really comfortable to use the padding on the ear cups is really soft so it
      doesn't scratch or irritate your skin and I don't find my ears get too hot even if I've had them on
      for a couple of hours which used to annoy me with a previous pair of headphones I owned.
      The only slight downside for me personally is the headband is slightly too wide for me so the
      headband tends to slip if I'm moving around with these on although the ear cups still stay in place.
      This isn't a problem if I'm sitting watching a film but I nearly always practice standing up and although
      I don't dance about like a muppet in my bedroom (though I have been known to do it at gigs) I do
      wander around as I'm playing so the headband usually ends up at my neck. This only seems to be a
      problem for me as my boyfriend and his 10 year old son use these regularly without any problem
      so apparently it's my fault for having a small head!

      The build quality on the Sennheisers is excellent after 4 years of use they still work perfectly and
      nothing has broken. I've not exactly been careful with these they've been stuffed in my gig bag with
      my headphone amp for quick warm ups backstage before gigs, chucked in with my gear if I'm going
      away from home and taking the laptop and generally left lying around the house when I'm not using
      them but they still look and work like new.

      I paid £35 for these around 4 years ago and although they are still available the prices seem to
      have jumped up a fair bit so they now cost around £55 - £75 depending on where you shop. If
      you want a decent set of headphones that will last for ages I'd say these are still worth the money
      especially as many of the commonly broken parts such as cables are replaceable at a reasonable cost from the Sennheiser website.


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        24.07.2011 16:37
        Very helpful
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        An excellent pair of headphones at a very reasonable price

        Sennheiser produce excellent products to deliver superb sound quality, and these headphones are really great for the price. If you want to hear real quality music, you should really purchase a good pair of headphones to fully appreciate a very full sound where good base can be delivered alongside. These do a great job and come at a fair price with a 2 year guarantee.

        They come in a cardboard grey box, which opens up pretty well to reveal the headphones and their wire along with some leaflets, a protective pouch and an adapter for the 6.3mm sockets. The wire is actually detatchable from the headphones, which is a slightly unique selling point as this means you can pack them away nicely and the wire has less chance of being damaged too. The wire is of a pretty good length, which makes it ideal for all kinds of use such as DJing, musical instruments and simply listening to your iPod - although it may be a bit TOO long here.

        The cans themselves are black and closed, meaning they don't really leak sound. They have the HD 215 logo up a silver part along the sides of the cans and the rest is black, besides a circular silver part with the Sennheiser logo just below the bridge that goes over your head. They fit my head very well and are adjustable quite easily. The only thing I would say with the design is they don't look to be that classy and look a bit too plastic-y. They feel this way too as although them being light is a bonus, they have a very delicate feel to them although they are actually pretty tough and of fair quality.

        The sound is obviously the most important part, and I have to say they produce a pretty full and very clear sound with great treble and base. The base isn't first class, but the treble seems pretty good. The sound could be more full as it's not quite cinematic like some other headphones such as the Sennheiser HD555s, but they are excellent for personal use without sound leakage, meaning you can happily wear them in public places without annoying others!

        The headphones are ideal for music but I have listened to movies with them too, and although they aren't terribly cinematic with a surround sound feel to them, they are multiple times better than a pair of earphones for example. You can change the EQ on your iPod and really tell the difference with these cans as they will adjust to different EQs and genres of music. They have an RRP of around £90, which is quite expensive, but not overly bad for such a good quality pair of headphones. I bought mine off Amazon.co.uk, where they still stand at around £65, which is a pretty good price to pay for a good pair of headphones. I have tried the Dr Dre Beats headphones and in all honesty I would say these are very comparable and you'll pay a lot less for them. They don't have superb base but it's pretty good and will make do!

        Thanks for reading


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          16.08.2008 18:51


          • Reliability


          Great set of headphones for almost any application

          These headphones are touted as a set of headphones aimed at the DJ, but I use them in my studio as monitoring headphones and they are great. They have a really flat frequenct response (giving you a 'true' image of what's actually being played) and are very clear.

          One of the best features I find is that one of the ear pieces swings upwards 90 degrees which gives you an ear free for other things. This is very useful for when you have clients in your studio and you need to be listening to them and the mix at the same time. They feel very durable and firm, and don't feel flimsy like they're going to break.

          They also come with a nifty leather-style bag which help with keeping them nice during transportation.

          If you are looking for a set of good headphones for either DJing, Studio work or just general use - then these are a great pair to go for!



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          28.02.2008 01:20


          • Reliability


          All you need for decent Audio

          These are my first proper pair of headphones so I can't compare them to the market leaders. I use them for my home studio and they
          satisfy in most regards. They're a comfortable fit, snug not too tight and nicely padded. The sound is warm and there's a nice clarity if slightly bassy feel to them - but this adds rather than distracts from the music. As these are of a closed style - they surround your ears - they tend to remove most external noise, not such a bad thing at all.
          A cool feature is the coiled lead which is only connected to one headphone meaning you've got so much more freedom and maneuverability. The lead can be disconnected from the headsets if required and there's that dj device where one cup can be twisted up from the ear. I,ve had these for the best part of a year and they're in great nick. Essentially a decent pair of headphones for a decent price.


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