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Sennheiser HD 495

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  • Replacement cords expensive
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    1 Review
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      24.01.2002 04:00
      Very helpful



      • "Replacement cords expensive"

      I had to replace my trusted and missed Beyerdymanic DT231 headphones because the cord broke. I was skint at the so I only had £30 to spend. Luckily Richer Sounds had these phones on offer for just £29.95 (you can pay up to £70 for this cans!). I managed to get a pair. These headphones sound very open and offer a very high resolution. They are open back designs which means they leak out more sound but you get more realistic midrange. People had said the bass can be over dominant but I haven?t found this problem but then I have a well-matched hi-fi system. I have found that the treble can be a bit harsh at times especially on poor recordings. My old Beyer?s had a more rounded sound to them. However I have got used to the sound and I now rather like it. The vocals always sound free (probably because they are open backs) they Beyers sometimes sounded a little bit boxy in comparison. They are fairly comfortable on use but they are not as comfortable as my old ones. I have worn them for about 3 hours before it started to get a bit uncomfortable. However I could wear my Beyers for 24 hours without even noticing I was wearing them! But for the price I can?t complain about that but if I was paying £70 for them then I wouldn?t be to pleased. Apart from the good sound quality these cans offer I think of its main selling points is its replaceable lead. The lead simply has two 3.5mm jacks at either end making it very easy to upgrade the cable for better sound quality. You can also be sure that these headphones will last a lifetime because I my experience its usually the lead that cuases the headphones to break. I would say if you can find them for less than £50 then buy them but don?t pay anything more than that. July 2002 - 6 months ownership report - These headphones broke last week as only the right speaker works on it. I have taken it back to Richer Sounds for repair but I hope they can fix them. I have also found this cans har
      d to drive as my Marantz PM4000 amp sometimes cuts out when using them. I have also found out the the replacement lead costs £25! So my rating for these has come down from 5 star to 4 star. My next pair of cans will probably be Grado or Beyerdymanic now. Still I am missing them it they have a wounderfullly smooth and seductive sound particualy with Motown.


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