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Sennheiser MX 365

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    2 Reviews
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      03.01.2014 14:18
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      • Reliability


      Very good budget earphones

      I received my Sennheiser MX 365 earphones recently as a gift since I've just about worn my other pair out! So far, I'm very pleased with them.

      Aesthetically, they're nicely designed. They're available in a range of colours (mine are pearlescent white) so look good in your ears. The cable is sturdy and as the audio jack is a 90 degree angle, it's undoubtedly more robust than a standard straight jack.

      The sound quality is good, better than you'd expect from headphones in this price range - but Sennheiser is a brand I trust so would expect nothing but good quality from them! The loudness certainly sets them apart from other headphones. My last pair of headphones required me to have the volume up 100% and still wouldn't be as loud as I'd like. With these, my MP3 player is set at just above 50% and the sound is loud enough to drown out background noise. Perfect!

      My only complaint with these headphones is that they are not the most comfortable or ergonomic. The buds are quite old fashioned and are slightly bigger than what is comfortable in my ear. They did however come packaged with ear sponges in the box, which should help the comfort some.

      Despite this, I'd still recommend te Sennheiser MX 365 Earphones if you need a good quality solid pair of earphones on a budget. It's from a name synonymous with quality audio so for the price point (£10-£15), you certainly won't be beaten.


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        24.05.2012 20:09
        Very helpful
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        Another pair of Sennheiser headphones I'd gladly recommend.

        I don't think many headphone brands can compete with the quality of the pricier Sennheiser headphones. So, how much quality is there in these, at such a low price?

        It's expected for the sound quality on these to be inferior to the over ear headphones that are £100 for a pair, but the sound is by no means 10 times worse. I was really impressed from the first listen onwards, and I could clearly pick out details in songs that I couldn't through any of the other hoardes of in-ear headphones I'd tried. The subbass isn't reproduced with as much volume relative to other frequencies, but it's not completely absent (the frequency response covers the full 20 - 20,000 Hz of human hearing) and most genres of music don't make much use of subbass anyway. The box boasts about 'dynamic speaker systems for bass-driven stereo sound' and I must say, the first thing I noticed when I used these is the bass presence. Far too many cheap headphones completely seem to neglect the bass frequencies, while these make a point of proving that despite being small, it's still possible to give a big low end. The mids and highs sound good too, and are in balance. All in all, the sound quality is great.

        The packaging is fairly compact but effective, and clearly shows the product. While some companies seem to put effort into making it a physical challenge to rescue the product from the box, this is simple enough to open and easily sturdy enough to protect the headphones. There are some safety notes printed on the inside of the box, which can only be read by ripping it apart (at least it's not wasting paper), but they seem to be little more than the usual 'Don't run in front of cars while listening' health and safety nonsense that's legally required.

        Unlike the ones pictured above, mine are blue. The advertising line 'Colour It Loud!' and Sennheiser website place emphasis on the fact that there are a variety of colours available. There is white, red, grey, blue and a golden colour to choose from, so it's all down to personal preference. Mine were given to me as a gift so I had no choice, but I like the blue. As a matter of fact, I quite like every aspect of the looks.

        These go louder than most in-ear headphones. Earlier they were able to compete with the volume of a huge drill (the ridiculously loud ones that are used on roads and things) 5 metres away. They can easily be heard over traffic.

        -Connection and cable-
        The angled 3.5mm jack sends the signal down a 1.2 metre. 1.2m is more than enough to reach down to your pocket, and they boast about having a symmetrical cable which apparently reduces tangling. In my experience, they're usually very tangled after just a few minutes in my pocket.

        I have trouble finding in-ear headphones that actually stay in my ears, but these are wonderfully comfortable and very rarely fall out. I use them while walking and in bed every day, and have never had any reason to complain about comfort.

        The cable doesn't feel particularly solid, and the casing on the angled jack did split from casual use after just 3 months (as it's angled, it doesn't sit well in deep pocket when plugged in). This resulted in the left channel stopping working, then the right too. There is a 2 year warranty, and when I notified Amazon they sent me a new pair straight away. They took 2 days to arrive, and in this time I tried out a few other headphones I have, such as the ones that came with the PSP and my Nokia phone. Their design flaws and inferior sound quality made me so glad when I got my second Sennheiser pair delivered! In the two months since this, I've looked after them a lot more carefully and they're working well at the moment.

        As they were a gift, I didn't know how much they were worth until I checked the internet. I was surprised to find them on sale for £13.73, because I guessed at around £25 from the quality. Bargain!


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      • Product Details

        Classic design meets expressive colours with Sennheiser MX 365 wired earphones. Enjoy a powerful, bass-driven sound performance wherever you are with these bright red, MX 365 noise-cancelling earphones that are clearly supposed to be seen as well as heard.

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