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Sennheiser MX 760

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 19:20
      Very helpful


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      5 stars if the cable was short

      This review is concermed with the Sennheiser MX 760 earbuds. Some earbuds with the classic earbud design, these earphones are suited for those, who do not want to put the earphone all the way into the ear channel and want to hear when a friend calls them or some other loud noise. These earphones therefore do not isolate as much as in ear channel phones and you will not hear your own breath or your own steps while walking, which is very annoying for some people, sometimes when there is a quieter passage in your tracks or when you turn your player off but do not put off the phones and hear your own steps it might be annoying for some people, however some do prefer in ear phones, which according to them have better soundquality. These earbuds have decent soundquality and will satisfy the users who do not like in ears.

      Short describtion about the phones:
      These earphones look very similar to the Sennheiser MX 660 earphones, when looking at the ear unit, they are available in several colours and have a shiny line in the middle of the phones, exactly as the MX 660, which I reviewed aswell. The earphones are seperated by two cables, the earphones themself include a short cable of about 50 cm or so and the package also includes an extension cable. Several users on various reveiw pages complained about that, cause they want one long cable. I don't like that aswell since any extension will alter the sound to some extent so it is very dissapointing that Sennheiser does not offer the phones with a single long cable. The Sennheiser MX 660 and 580 include a volume control which many people do not use and want a single long cable. Altough it does not enter the sound to such an extent as an extension calbe, a volume control does alter the sound a bit aswell. I tested the MX 760 earbuds with and without the cable and noticed small differencies in sound quality, so I can tell that without the extension calbe the earphones would have a bit better soundquality.

      Let's look at the soundquality of these earphones now, since I was talking about that all the article.

      The soundquality is reviewed while using some thick soft foam pads, which are neccesarry for proper use of the earbuds. An earbud should not be used without them since both, the wearing confort and the soundquality will be much worse without the soft foam pads. Especially the bass will be much weaker.

      the soundquality of these phones after burn in is pretty good. They sound pretty clear and play many details. The sound is pretty similar to the MX 660 earbuds, however the 760 sound a bit cleaner and offer a small percent more details then the MX 660, but not really a lot so the gain on details is not really worth getting these. The bass response on these earphoes is also very nice. They produce a clean Bass, which is louder and harder then the Bass of the MX 660 earphones. In my opinion both earphones are pretty bassy and these earphones play bass passages very well. The middle frequencies could be a bit better, since the middle area is a bit quiet and the earphone does not sound "full" with that. So overall the soundquality is very good and a bit better then the Sennheiser MX 660, I guess that is mainly cause this model does not have volume control.

      When using the Mx 760 without the extension cable I could notice they sound a bit more preciese and thighter, hwoever the difference was not big. I would use the earphones however if they had one single cable, now I am not using them and gave them my cousin, I might buy some for the computer, since they need a long extension cable anyway for that.

      So to summarise, the cons with extension cable are, having to look after two cables, so they don't break after time, having to use the second cable in most cases since the short cable is just too short and a bit worse soundquality, compared to a single cable design.

      The Sennheiser MX 760 earbuds are very good, they sound very well and offer a lot of details, they have very good bass and deliver a linear sound without sharp heights which I like. I do not like the extension cable and the too short main cable. Without the extension cable the earphones would sound a bit better (tested) and would be easier to handle, so that is why they wont recieve 5 stars by me.


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