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Sennheiser RS 130

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    3 Reviews
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      07.04.2012 02:58



      Good but don't expect miracles!

      I had a pair of Beyerdynamic DT550's for about 20 years until they started playing up. This was a disaster as I had grown to love everything about them.

      I searched about and found these - good reviews, wireless, my friend had a set of Senhheisers -= decided to buy them. They are good but not a patch on the Beyers. I find them pretty comfortable to wear, I love the way they charge simply by placing the headphones on the stand but sound quality is only just acceptable. As stated in previous reviews it is too easy to hit the tune button when looking for volume button. When you listen to anything that has a quiet insert then I'm afraid you can hear a background hiss. In my opinion this is not acceptable but I accept it is probably part and parcel of going wireless. I have subsequently replaced the RS 130's with a pair of Grado's - what a difference!

      I still have the RS 130's but they are used when someone listens to the PC. I have to admit I bought 2 additional sets for my parents [both in late 70's] - they love them and I'm glad to say they annoy the upstairs neighbours a lot less since I bought them!


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      02.12.2008 20:01
      Very helpful



      A very good and solide Sennheiser headphone!

      After many years of satisfaction that I had with an older model of the wireless headphones from Sennheiser, I thought it was the right time for something new and a possibly better headphone. I did some research: I looked for the price / quality ratio, test results and reviews on several websites. After my little investigation, I decided to go for yet another Sennheiser, the RS-130. I very happy with my purchase! Especially if I look to the prices of other headphones, if you want an exceptional music quality like this Sennheiser (The Sennheiser RS 130 has a very good price / quality ratio). I like the fact that you can use AAA NiMH batteries. So you don't need a special device bound accumulator any more. You can listen to a whole day long without the need of recharging. It delivers a full (in terms of volume) and nicely detailed sound and a good suppression of interference and noise which can be sometimes unavoidable with FM transmitters. Charging through the keeper (also antenna) is a good invention and it works fine. The design is beautiful and timeless. There are no digital inputs available, but I don't need them. There is not a true Dolby Surround but that's not a great loss for me. I can recommend this set for everyone who wants to use it to listen to the TV or music.


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      19.06.2007 15:43
      Very helpful



      Quality wireless headphones

      RS130 headphones are comfortable open-air phones and very light. They with a base station that contains the 900MHz wireless transmitter. You recharge the headphones by resting them on the base. There are metal contacts on the top of the headphones and these make contact with the metal base. You will still need the two AAA nickel-metal-hydride batteries that are included. Sennheiser claims that the batteries last for about twenty hours after just one charge and so far this seems quite accurate although it may vary a little depending on the volume you use etc. The base/charger must always be hooked up either to your HTIB/receiver's analogue stereo outputs or to a headphone jack. All of the required cables and adapters come in the box.

      Volume and tuning controls are situated close to each other along the right earpiece. One minor irritation I have found with this is that you tend to accidentally keep moving the tuning control while adjusting the volume. There is also a frequency jump button that is used if there is too much radio interference - a common factor with RF headphones. Most companies use some type of technology to get around this problem. These headphones incorporate a frequency jumping technology that allows you to manually jump frequencies. Sennheiser also incorporates an Intelligent Auto Tuning system that automatically selects the best of three available base-to-headset channels so as to ensure the lowest-possible distortion and noise. The is an On/Off button that is located along the left earpiece. The base station itself also has two buttons: one activates the SRS Surround mode, and the other is for switching between three channels.

      These headphones feature Sennheiser's SRS virtual-surround-sound system. The SRS is compatible with two-channel audio sources such as CDs and DVDs. When you switch on the SRS the sound does expand a bit to give an environmental effect but this is accompanied by some reverberation which might not be to every ones liking. I have to say that at times reception is not immaculate. There is some very low-level white noise present during very quiet sequences. This might not be so intrusive when watching movies, but whilst listening to classical music CDs (Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata) one demands perfection. Pop/Rock CDs sounded great however, with lots of separation and a rich tonality. I suppose overall the residual background interference is the sacrifice you have to make if you want to avoid tripping over wires between the TV and the sofa.

      One thing to note about these phones is that audio input arrives via an RCA cord so the sound reproduction is never purely digital. Another drawback is that the cord is permanently attached to the base station so perfectionists won't be able to replace it with a higher quality audio cable. When all things are considered, I would still argue that the overall quality of the audio performance is probably about right for a wireless head set costing in the region of £60.

      Technical Details:

      Max. Sound pressure level (aktiv): 104 dB
      Powering: 9V DC (transmitter)
      AAA batteries (receiver)
      Weight (Transmitter): 430 g (incl. audio cable)
      Weight (Receiver): 280 g (incl. batteries)
      Range: bis zu 150 m (for 926 MHz up to 100 m)
      Modulation: FM Stereo
      Signal-to-noise ratio: > 68 dBA
      RF frequency range: 863 ... 865 MHz or 926 ... 928MHz
      Dimensions (Transmitter): 85 x 225 x 133 mm
      Frequency response (headphones): 18.....21000 Hz
      Transducer principle: dynamic, open
      Operating time (Accupack): 20-25 h
      THD, total harmonic distortion: < 0,5 %
      Jack plug 3,5mm / 6,3 mm stereo: (863-865 MHz), cinch (926-928 MHz)

      Price: £56.47 at Amazon


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    • Product Details

      The RS 130 wireless RF headphone system with switchable surround sound is an ideal choice for both hi-fi and TV use. The lightweight RS 130 lets you enjoy freedom of movement up to approx. 150 meters from the audio source. In addition, the transmitter features a convenient metal stand for storing and recharging the headphones.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Sennheiser RS 130 - headphones
      Product Type: Headphones - wireless - radio
      Recommended Use: TV, home audio system
      Headphones Type: Headphones - binaural
      Headphones Form Factor: Ear-cup
      Connectivity Technology: Wireless - radio
      Radio Frequency Range: 863 - 865MHz
      Sound Output Mode: Stereo
      Frequency Response: 18 - 21000 Hz
      Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 68 dBA