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    4 Reviews
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      11.02.2011 09:48
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      A great sounding set of in ear earphones

      This is my second set of Shure in ear headphones after my first pair were damaged just outside of their warranty and I'd almost forgotten how good they sounded! Subtle nuances in music tracks you have never heard before, all the way to excellent bass response that makes you feel as though you are in another world. In terms of price (£60 for my pair), they are astonishing, also astonishing is the look on someones face when they hear you have spent £60 on a pair of earphones!
      The build quality is excellent and the cord cable is short with an extension to hopefully guard against similar mishaps that have happened time and again to me. The hard case they come with is a fantastic addition and ensures they are put away after use to increase their longevity. In the case there are a plethora of ear bud attachments that will just about fit everyones ears and will provide a good seal against outside noise for optimal bass response.
      If I have one criticism, it is for the more active amongst us; while running I have found it almost impossible to maintain a good seal and hence good sound. Despite the seal being excellent while sitting, this may be down to my ears being less compatible and not be a problem for others.
      All in all, these are a great introduction to higher end and hi fidelity audio for all.


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        09.08.2010 01:11



        I wish I could love these, but the quality is pathetic for the price.

        I recieved these headphones from Shure directly as I had a different model and the cable split. The replacements they sent me were great to start with. They did their job, completely blocking all surrounding noise and they packed a punch that everyone expects from Shure. I did notice they were very flimsy and they dont feel a quality product. I expect more of Shure products and have been left very dissapointed with these headphones. granted, my previous pair did last 18 months, these have lasted just 6 months and are certainly showing their wear. As headphones, I wouldnt put anyone off of buying them, but the price is somewhat steep to be paying if you arent looking to get a high quality set of 'buds'. I am hoping to find a better quality set from another brand, these left me with quite a headache. One positive to add is that the Shure Helpline is extremely helpful and all faults will be sorted out in double quick time - this is useful for such a poorly built product.


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        24.07.2009 13:57
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        High Sound quality at a low price and a massive improvement over mp3 supplied headphones.

        I have owned two pairs of Shure headphones now and would never look anywhere else.

        The reason for replacing my original Shure headphones was due to the fact I lost one of the rubber parts and realised that a new set of headphones was more cost effective than hunting out a part.

        For all iPod owners, throw away those horrible tinny white headphones! Pick up a pair of Shure SE110 headphones and you will never look back.

        The build quality is 2nd to none and even though I throw them in my bag with little care they still hold up to all the travelling I do. I enjoy the fact these headphones actually block out the outside world but do not bleed sound like other headphones. Sitting on a train knowing you're not disturbing anyone else while listening to your music at any volume is very pleasing.

        The headphones do improve your music listening but I have found in some cases that they do highlight poorly encoded mp3 files - which led me to re-recording a lot of my music. It's not really the headphones fault but because due to their superior sound quality, they highlight my rubbish recording of a CD.

        When I first swapped to a set of Shure headphones I ended up hearing things in songs I had never been able to distinguish. It was like listening to some music all over again.
        Some people I have read complain about lack of base but for me this isn't much of an issue. I find most in-ear headphones lack the base when compared to closed ear headphones.

        These headphones come with a nice case to keep them in good condition and every sized attachment to allow them to fit any ear size/type.

        I am happy to say Shure have done away with the silly mesh ear wax protectors (These always used to come off when cleaning and due to their small size I always ended up losing them) and provided you with a tool to clear out any gunk that has built up. As horrible as it sounds, about cleaning ear wax, it does make a massive difference if anything builds up in the channel.

        I would recommend these headphones to anyone and if you hunt around you can pick up a bargain.


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        11.09.2008 10:29
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        In Ear earphones.

        Shure SE110

        Sound Isolating Earphones

        I have been meaning to buy some 'in ear' earphones for some time for use with my iPod, especially for use when going on walks or bike rides. I have headphones which are fine for home use, but find when outside, external noise spoils my enjoyment.

        So I had a budget (less than £100) and I knew that I wanted in ear phones, and I did not want 'bass driven' earphones, as so many are.

        I should explain before I go any further what I mean by 'in ear' earphones, as all earphones are in ear in one way or another.

        The standard iPod earphones 'sit' just inside the ear; are one fit, and often get loose, or fit unevenly (as we all have slightly different ear sizes), they do not reduce or cancel out external noise.

        This applies to most standard earphones. 'In ear' earphones sit further into the ear canal and are kept in place by rubber, plastic or sponge 'gloves' that come in different sizes.

        The advantages of these type of earphones are that; they reduce external noise due to the snug fit, they 'introduce' the sound directly into the ear canal, they fit more easily and effectively.

        ~~The purchase~~
        I bought these in the Apple store in Meadowhall and have to take a moment to say I met probably one of the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly members of staff I have ever come across.

        This guy asked what kind of music I listened to mostly, when and where I would be using them, what my budget was and so on.

        He even advised me against a more expensive set than I bought (SE210), saying the difference in quality was not worth the difference in price. These cost me £69.95. This may seem a lot, but if you have these for a long time, it aint so bad, and I'm not indending to change these at all, so they may last years.

        ~~~Why These and why not online?~~~
        Well one of the advantages of using the Apple store is that they allow you to try out as many types of earphones as they have in stock to test the sound quality and difference in sound.

        Okay, you pay less online, but are taking a gamble. I tried about six different earphones out, including some much more expensive ones, and I have to say, I was astounded at how they can all sound so different.

        These earphones are not 'bass driven' as many are, that is a clear reason for me liking these. I do not listen to much 'bassy' music.

        I listened to Soweto Kinch, The Mission (alto sax', high register, quick key changes), Autumn Leaves, Scott Hamilton (Tenor sax, lot's of deep rich sounds) and some Linkin Park; this gave me a good variety of sounds.

        Firstly I liked the 'fit' of these earphones, they seemed snug without being tight. I also liked the fact that straight away I could hear very little external noise.

        Then I was blown away with the 'crispness' of sound, I kid you not, it was as if I was standing next to the saxophone playing. I could hear every drum beat in Linkin Park, and with Scott Hamilton I could even hear the breaths between notes. Amazing, I mean, the sound is just awesome.

        Once you have worked out which of the many fittings work best with you they really do feel nice in the ear. If I am being really picky I could say that the earpiece coverings are a little awkward to get on and off at first, but you get used to them pretty quickly.

        You also need to 'experiment' with which angle you like them to sit in the ear as they have a slant which means you can wear them so the cable goes around the back of the ear or on top, or just hangs...the preference is yours, actually quite a clever design.

        The quality seems top class, well made and durable.

        ~~~In the pack~~~
        As well as the earphones there are several different size ear plugs (as well as one set of foam sleeves) that fit easily on, it is worthwhile experimenting until you find the right size.

        There is also a robust material carrying case (zip fastening) for the earphones an extension cable (I'll come on to this), instruction booklets in several languages, the warranty, and a little pointy tool for cleaning any obstructions (don't ask).

        ~~~The problems~~~
        Surprisingly few problems that I can see, the only real issue is that whilst with the extension cable, the wires are perfectly long enough, without they are nowhere near long enough, this makes me wonder why they did not just make one long cable instead of a short one and an extension, but maybe I am being picky.

        ~~~Technical specifications~~~.
        Personally I do not like to read a whole heap of tech specs on products, and find some reviews put too much so I will give you the basics and suggest that you go to the Shure website if you want more such as Transducer type, dB sensitivity, DC resistance etc:


        Frequency range: 22Hz - 17.5Hz

        Weight 30gms (just over an ounce)

        Oh yea, the 'jack' is gold plated which apparently is better fro sound travelling along conductors.

        ~~~Big tip~~~
        Try in ear phones out before you buy, do not just get online, the difference in sound between brands is really quite remarkable.

        I love these, I have been listening to them almost non stop for the last three weeks and am constantly surprised at the huge difference between these and normal iPod speakers (raise your game Apple).

        My latest listening has been to some 'new classical' such as Philip Glass, Concerto for Saxophone and to be honest, the clarity is so, so good, I have to listen over and over as I keep hearing new bits.

        Whilst initially thought I would only use these for walking ands cycling, they are now my main listening device, brilliant, well worth the money.

        These also come with a two year limited warranty. Basically this is limited to normal use, and throwing around, stamping on etc. is not covered.


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