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    1 Review
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      29.01.2013 00:05
      Very helpful



      Thanks For Reading

      Before you read any further, I'll point out that these "sound isolating" earphones retail on average at nearly three hundred pounds a pair (that's not a miss print). Therefore for the average consumer (or at least those of us who are not football players or other famous figures) the idea of spending such a sum on such an item is almost as ridiculous as the idea that we have that amount of money to spend even if we wanted. Nevertheless a very kind and obviously much more wealthy (or more crazy) friend gave me the chance to try these out - I wasn't going to turn down the chance.

      These Shure SE535 earphones are advertised as offering "Triple High Definition MicroDrivers for Spacious Sound and Rich Bass." I don't know how much that means to you - but to me sound is sound, granted it sometimes sounds better from different devices. However more useful and easy to understand features include a DETACHABLE cable and a large selection of ear plugs to fit anyone from a baby to Quark from Star Trek Deep Space Nine (hopefully most of you will understand that reference.)

      Build quality is excellent even if there not made from Gold. From the actual ear pieces which are lighter than expected and very easy fitting, as well as comfortable to wear, to the durable Kevlar reinforced cable which is the perfect length. It's unlikely that these will break or fail anytime soon.

      However the most important aspect about earphones and headphones alike (especially when spending a three figure sum) is the sound quality and thankfully these Shure really deliver. One of the main features are the sound isolating feature which blocks out background noise, this actually works really well - I'm not sure how, but you can hear your music above all else without having to yank up the volume. Another plus of this means that when traveling other commutes won't have to listen to your music as well. The playback from all forms of music is excellent and sound is totally crystal clear while also being perfectly balanced. Listening to music on these really will give you goose bumps (Ozzy Osbourne has never been so easy to understand).

      The detachable cable is a sound (no pun intended) idea. Why? Simply if something happens to the cable be it damage or wear and tear over time, then rather than replace the earphones, you can simply get a new one instead. From my own research I found out that cable quality has been an problem in the past with Shure but this time around they have done the product justice.

      An obvious drawback is that they only come with a two year warranty which is disappointing. Despite what I said above about the build quality, considering the cost, I wouldn't want to be in the market for another pair so soon should something go wrong.

      Do these earphones offer value for money? While I would say they are without a doubt the best I've ever came across and are nothing less of beautiful. I really, really can't get over the price. I wouldn't purchase them myself and I can't of any of my friends who would. Yes, they are brilliant and second to done but value for money? I would have to have to say no. I can't imagine who would really buy these, unless you demand the absolute best for listening you music and have hundreds to spare - if you do, then you've found the holy grail of earphones.

      For me, I'll be giving these back to my friend, thanking him for the "loan." I'll be plugging my Sony five pound earphones back in to my MP3 player which is a bit sad - but still for me it's enough. These have been hard for me to review but I hope it's helped you to decide.

      (I'm a reviewer on Amazon, and some my reviews are copied from there to dooyoo. Please feel free to check out my Amazon profile under my real name of Mr Andrew M Kerr.)


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