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1 Review
  • good sound
  • adjustable head band
  • can get same quality phones for a lower price than these
  • thin felt material on ear pieces gets uncomfortable
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    1 Review
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      26.07.2015 23:17
      Very helpful


      • "adjustable head band"
      • "good sound"


      • "can get same quality phones for a lower price than these"
      • wired
      • "thin felt material on ear pieces gets uncomfortable"
      • "no control over anything like the volume etc"

      A basic set of headphones for a price that is too high

      These are simple earphones, a designed that has been around for what feels like a thousand years or more.
      There have a head band that rests across and round the head, with the thinly padded ear pieces covering the tiny little speakers that rest on the ear lobe to direct the music into the ear.
      There's nothing special about them, no Dolby surround sound, no noise cancellation, no volume control, nothing.
      All they are are a pair of speakers that go over the head in order for you to listen to your music.

      They are not buds, which I prefer these days, as unlike buds, other people can hear what I am listening too, where as when I have my buds in only I can hear my shame of listening to Elton John occasionally.

      They are pretty light weight and as the band itself can be adjusted they should fit all sized heads. The head band itself, and the rest of the headphones, is made of a black plastic, moulded into the standard shape that headphones come in.
      The thin layer of felt type material that sits over the ears is a little uncomfortable after a lengthy amount of time, which does make them become uncomfortable, not horribly uncomfortable but it's not the greatest.
      They are wired, not cordless, but as the wire is a good metre long there should be no real trouble when it comes to settling in your comfy chair and listening to your favourite track on your stereo system.
      The wire goes into one side of the phones with the 3.5mm connector able to slot into all 3.5mm sockets, which covers a large range of music players.

      To be honest, these are not really worth the £15 that they cost. I have bought and used the same style ones for a third of that cost that have handled the music I play through them as good as these.


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