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    1 Review
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      27.10.2015 01:17
      Very helpful


      • " Comfortable"
      • "Look great"
      • "Brilliant sound quality"


      • "No disadvantages"

      My brilliant bargain headphones

      I listen to quite a lot of different music and can tell good headphones or earphones from bad ones by the quality of everything, if a set can play Savage Garden's soft Truly, Madly, Deeply well but distorts Thunderstruck (AC/DC) then they are not a good set. I keep my playlists set to random so I need any earphones or headphones to play everything to the same high quality, it can happen but manufacturers change the models so quickly that even if you find the perfect set for you then by the time you come to replace them they might not even be available. I've tried hundreds of sets of earphones and quite a lot of headphones like these, I buy ones that are cheap and sometimes purchase a set of more expensive ones. I know some headphones are very expensive but I think what my boyfriend paid would be about what I would pay now I have used them for a few weeks, the sound quality is so good that I think this is a very good price actually and I would say he bagged a bargain because they have the quality of headphones that are worth a little bit more.

      Everything I have listened to through these headphones has been crystal clear and sounds exactly how it should. That includes music through all the genres, the spoken word on audio books, old tracks that have not been remastered and even a four minute recording of my sister and her friend singing Let It Go with Frozen as their backing track. The earpads remove all background noise unless you have the volume set to very low. I wouldn't sit at work wearing headphones that have got such a bulky headband anyway but even if I liked the teenage footballer look I could not keep my mind in my office wearing these because I still need to be aware of my surroundings not just concentrating on my computer screen and music.

      I can't think of one single problem when listening to music through the Sony headphones, the instrumentals and vocals are where they should be and any sound effects are transmitted perfectly. Audio books can be a problem for some cheaper headphones but I haven't had any that sound distorted in any way, I'm listening to Dan Brown's Inferno now and the clarity of speech and background dramatics has surprised me because I have not noticed a single distortion in it. Sometimes I think sound quality is even more important for the spoken word than it is for most forms of music, but these headphones provide me with perfect sound whatever I am listening to.


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