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    2 Reviews
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      07.10.2013 16:39
      Very helpful



      Good value for a low price

      Headphones never seem to last me very long. I try to look after them, but they seem to die on me quite easily; that or my partner pinches them. Because I can very easily get very travelsick, even just on my commute home from work, headphones are very important to me - I've known since I was a child that listening to music through headphones eases my travelsickness, and in fact I can only read or look at my tablet if I have music on.

      So, the last time I needed new headphones, I turned once again to Amazon, which is where I've bought my last few pairs. I was quite keen to buy a pair of Sony in-ear headphones, as the pair which had just died had been Sony ones and I had rather liked them. I wanted asymmetrical ones, that is with the cable being longer on one side than the other so that I could wear them round the back of my neck instead of hanging down the front. But the cheapest of these that I could find was about £25, and although that's not that much, I'm reluctant to pay that given my history with headphones.

      Eventually I settled on the Sony MDR-EX50LP in-ear headphones, for no reason except they were reasonably priced at around £12-13, and they were Sony. Another fact about them which I liked was that they were bud style, something I never thought I'd like but which my last pair of Sony headphones had converted me to.

      The headphones arrived, and like all small gadgets these days, they were packaged in plastic which you have to destroy in order to get the product out. What's that all about? What if you need to return it? Presumably having had to cut apart the packaging to get in, you're not going to be able to return it - not much use if you had to actually get the product out in order to be able to tell if it meets your needs.

      The headphones came with three sets of buds, each a different size so you can pick the one that suits you best. The medium size was on the headphones already, and as these seemed perfectly comfortable to me, I just left them on and shoved the other ones in a drawer.

      The Sony MDR-EX50LP has nothing in the way of special features - those three different sized sets of ear buds are about as exciting as it gets. The cable is symmetrical which isn't ideal, but I knew that when I bought the headphones. There is no volume control on the headphones, although to be perfectly honest I've always forgotten to use that when I have had it on headphones.

      As for sound quality, for a £13 pair of headphones plugged into the mp3 player on my phone, they're pretty good. I can hear all the nuances of the music providing I have it at a reasonable volume. Of course there are going to be considerably more expensive headphones out there which offer better sound quality, but as I don't want to spend a fortune or carry around a proper set of headphones, this little Sony pair does the job nicely.

      Another very important feature of headphones for me is whether they leak noise. That is one of my biggest pet hates, and I'd hate to think I was inflicting it on others - it drives me insane when I have to listen to other people's music on the tube, and the worst offenders are Apple headphones. They could be listening to Comfortably Numb, in my humble opinion the greatest song ever written, and it would still be annoying me - because they are making me listen to it whether I want to or not. People with leaky headphones are worse than the kids at the back of the bus playing music straight out of their phones - at least the kids are being open about the fact they're being rude and annoying people.

      Sorry, went off on a bit of a rant there. Anyway, you will be pleased to hear that there is no noise leakage from these headphones while they are in your ears. When you take them out and you've got music playing at a bit of volume, then it's a different story, but that's acceptable.

      I've had these headphones for about a year, which I think must be some sort of record for me. perhaps because I keep them in a little pouch in my handbag instead of rattling around loose. I'm really pleased with them, they sound good and they are very comfortable in my ears. I do miss having asymmetrical cables though, and I'm tempted to replace these with a more expensive pair with that feature. But that isn't a fault of these headphones at all, just a personal preference, so I'd have to say that if you don't care about asymmetrical cables this is a very good value pair of in-ear headphones.


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        09.03.2013 15:04
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        High quality headphones at a low end price.

        I got these headphones from amazon for around £14 last year in november, for use outside when walking to and from school. These are great at isolating the noise of traffic, just be careful when crossing the road. The ones i got are red and it is a metallic red which looks really cool.
        The cables are thin and at first i assumed this meant they would not last long but they are surprisingly tough. I keep them in my jacket pocket and use them when at the gym as well. When i get home i leave them in a drawer, so you can see that they have decent build quality.
        The T connector (i think thats what its called) at the 3.5mm headphone connector helps to prevent the wires from disconnecting from the headphone connector when they are in your pocket.
        The sound quality of these headphones is brilliant. In the past i have used JVC Gumy headphones and these sony ones are far superior, although they are around double the price of JVC Gumy. The bass is deep and you can really hear the lyrics; this obviously depends upon the quality of the mp3 file.
        The main problem is that sound does tend to leak from these headphones which can kinda be irritating for people around you but for me this is never really a problem because i never turn the volume up that loud.


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