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    1 Review
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      29.05.2004 01:38
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      I listen to a lot of electronic music, often sampling some at home creating my own mixes. When i'm on the move I like to be able to hear every beat, scratch and sound effect that's occuring in a track. Now often this isn't possible because of the noise assoicated with headphones themselves and their connections, but also the noise outside the earphones in the environment. So I decided to get my ass down to the store and pick up a pair of these beauties. They advertise that they can cut out 70% of noise present in the surrounding environment and they do this by analysing the sound received from outside and superimposing it on a signal which is of equal but opposite value. Now i'm no expert in this stuff, but I assume it does what they say. Well i found that they work wonders. When I'm on the move, on any loud transport system, i switch these babies on and all I can hear are the smoothed out grooves of my music entering my head. There is no noise and I am completely oblivious to whatever is going on. However this prevents disadvantages, I have had a close call when using them in the street and almost got hit by a bus. A warning is basically just to use them in a safe environment. The sound quality in the earphones themselves is nothing but amazing. The bass can really be pumped up and it stays separate from the rest of the music. I've never heard such an a brilliant quality of sound. They come with three sets of silicon earbuds for three sizes of ear also so even Mickey Mouse here can fit them perfectly into his ears. They are flexible, soft and fit perfectly into my ear. With conventional headphones this tended not to be the case but now I forget they're even there sometimes. Again watch out for safety. These earphones allow sound reduction to happen passively because they fit so tight into your ear that they block other sounds out. Again a downpoint is that these earbuds are easily detachable and so
      can be lost extremely easily, watch out if your used to flinging your sound system into your bag, you may end up losing the correct size and have to spend money buying spare parts! I did some research, 7 quid it will cost you for a replacement silicon part. Just be real careful! That's the price of another set of normal headphones!! The active noise reduction function can be operated by a simple button on the control pad which is situated halfway along the cable. This takes an AAA battery and so far I have found that it has lasted me although i've only had these for a week so I can't guarantee how long they will last in the end. One can only hope! Another disadvantage is that when it is windy, you can't hear sh*t. It's really annoying but the noise reduction tends not to work when their is high wind so don't bother trying to engage in any noise reduction in these conditions. Also you may feel a bit stupid with the silicon pads in, they are more noticeable than other earphones and look rather unnatractive, so if you like your looks steer clear! These earphones have many good and bad points but I know what a lot of you are thinking: "80 BLOODY QUID!" And yes there are expensive but if you need high quality sound on the move as I do, it is worth the buy. If you aren't particularly interested another set will cost you a fiver and the quality will be alright. It depends upon your listening needs. Enjoy.


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