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Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling

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4 Reviews

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling - Headphones ( ear-cup ) - active noise cancelling - silver

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    4 Reviews
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      25.02.2014 13:53
      Very helpful



      An expensive set of headphones which block out surrounding noise and plays music beautifully

      My partner loves impulse purchases and will often spend too much money on things he doesn't need. He quickly gets bored with this purchases and then either gives them to me or sells them on. One of these purchases was the QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones by Bose. On this occasion, I have luckily ended up with them!

      About the product
      The headphones promise to give you the best possible enjoyment from your music. They have an advanced noise reduction system which blocks out any interfering noise around, even when the music isn't playing. It promises to fit around your ears with a comfortable cushion fit. They work using batteries and promise to give you 35 hours of use each time.

      These earphones are quite big and bulky, and you won't be able to shy away from the fact that you're wearing them. They are 19.1 cm in height, 15.2 cm in width and have a 7.4 cm at the earphones part. There have a black hair band and the ear pieces are black and silver. It has the bose logo on the sides and the sliding button to block out the surrounding noise. The earphones comes in a black zip up carry case so that you can carry them around without them getting damaged.

      The price isn't for the faint hearted and it's safe to say my partner and I didn't speak for several days when he bought this. They cost around, wait for it, £259, which in my eyes was completely ridiculous and in his eyes, a good buy. They can be bought from some electrical stores and also from a range of online websites.

      My experience
      The headphones come with lots of different attachments but they confuse me so I use it in the most simple way. The headphones fit me really comfortably. The ear pieces are nicely padded and the material is silky and smooth. They feel nice and cushioned around my eyes and you can wear them for a long time without experiencing any discomfort. They fit me well and don't slip or slide off as I move my head.

      They slot into my mp3 player easily and they play the music in a crystal clear way. The songs sound much better than they do using my other much cheaper headaches. When push the switch to block out the surrounding sound, it is a bit surreal. Noise doesn't completely disappear but it does by about 80%. I have used it in this way to block out noise when trying to sleep on a plane and even to block out my partner's snoring when it's really bad!

      All in all, these headaches are fantastic. They feel completely comfortable and they make your music crystal clear. You can block out all other noise so you can enjoy your music wherever you are and they can even help you sleep in noisy places like planes and trains. Could I justify the price? No. But if you could find these for cheaper, then they are well worth buying.


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      11.10.2013 17:41
      1 Comment



      Great Headphones.

      These headphones are just amazing, as soon as you put them on you will feel how comfortable they are, before now I have never used the word comfortable to describe headphones; tolerable or "not annoying" maybe but never comfortable, these fit nicely over the ears without pinching or pushing and the covers are like little pillows cushioning your ears so well that you almost forget you are wearing them, they are not heavy for the size of them and you don't have to constantly adjust them to your head because they slip or fall like headphones I have had in the past.

      The noise reduction is amazing, as soon as you flip the switch on the side it cuts out almost all of the outside noise so it is great if this is the primary reason for looking at these headphones, if you are travelling and want to stop crowd and transportation noise or you just want to concentrate on what is on your headphones without interference of outside noises these are great. It works via 1 x AAA battery and Bose claim 35 hours of noise cancelling from 1 battery.

      The quality is great, you will hear things on tracks you have never heard before, great bass but also separation of different musical elements too, it really makes you appreciate the difference good quality headphones can make. You also have an in-line mic/remote to receive phone calls/skip tracks/control volume if they are plugged into your i-phone/i-pod.

      You also get a case and the headphones fold 90 degrees flat for storage.


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        18.09.2013 11:51
        Very helpful



        The best just got better

        I've recently upgraded to these from Bose's previous model, the QuietComfort 2. I'd wanted noise cancelling headphones for a while, the hum of the engine on the bus to work, and the drone of traffic outside my house has called for them. The QuietComfort 2 is now 10 years old, and can be picked up for as little as £40 on eBay; however they are still one probably the second best active noise cancelling headphones around. But, I hear you ask, which ones are number 1? That's easy; it's the QuietComfort 15; the replacement for the QuietComfort 2.

        The construction of them is excellent, although there is a bit more plastic than I would prefer to see in a £300 set of headphones. That said, they don't feel as if they'll fall apart any time soon, and come with a nice carry case not much bigger than an old CD wallet (remember those?) so you can store them in a bag without worrying about scratches or worse, unlike the Beats Studio headphones, which are of a similar price, but feel like you need to keep them in a padded cell to avoid ruining the shiny surface. The QuietComforts also fold flat, which is an added bonus.

        For comfort, you cannot beat these headphones. The 'leather' on the ear cups and headband is probably not really leather, but it's padded very generously, so there isn't the 'clamping' effect that Beats Studios and other headphones give. Also, despite having all their noise cancelling electronic wizardry and an AAA battery stored in the right earcup, the QC15s are extremely light, surely a bonus for most people. Bose advertise these as being ideal for long haul flights, and they certainly feel like you could keep them on from Heathrow all the way to Sydney. Sadly, I'm not rich enough to go on holiday right now (spent all my money on headphones!) but one day I'll get round to it.

        The sound quality is typical Bose; while not audiophile pleasing, it's pretty good for the other 95% of us who don't have superhuman levels of hearing. Truth be told, I could simply copy and paste my comments on sound quality from my review of the QC2; it's identical to my ears. Plenty of bass, but not to the detriment of mids and treble. However, like most decent headphones, if your input source isn't very good, the sound quality will suffer. A (slightly deluded) friend thought his Beats Solos sounded better, as his 64kbps YouTube rips sounded worse on anything not made by Dr Dre; probably because the EQ wasn't heavily distorted. I've started ripping all my CDs to my iPod in Lossless format, and you can certainly tell the difference between that and the aforementioned YouTube rips. Dark Side of the Moon is an absolute pleasure to listen to on these.

        Now, the noise cancelling. This was the party trick of the QC2s; flick that little switch, and microphones built into the headphones actively listen for outside noise, then play the inverse sound wave of that to effectively cancel the sound out. Or, 'anti-noise', as the non physicists amongst us will call it. It was extremely effective in the QC2, but only for constant noise, like jet engines on a flight, for instance. Things like people talking, car horns, or dogs barking weren't quite picked up and cancelled out; but they were heavily muted.
        With the QC15s, Bose's engineers have been playing around, and while not perfect, they are much better at catching more sudden outside sounds. The only downsides are the slight pressure you'll feel on your eardrums, and that you must have the noise cancelling enabled to listen to your music. So, once the battery dies, so does your music. But an AAA battery is extremely small, so it's easy just to carry a spare. Battery life itself actually exceeded the 35 hours Bose claimed. Very impressive. Certainly, in a back to back test with the Beats Studio, which also offer noise cancelling, I found myself ditching the Beats, whose noise cancelling is seemingly only there to beef up the spec sheet; turning it on made no difference to outside noise, but there was a hissing noise which, although disappeared when music was played, reappeared when the music was off and I just wanted to shut off the outside world.
        The QC15s were so much better. No hissing noise at all, and because of that, when I removed the cable and wore them simply to shut off the outside world, they didn't irritate me to the point where I wished to throw them out of the bus window.

        So, any other downsides? Apart from the price (unless you find eBay bargains like me!) and I've heard the remote isn't Android compatible (but as an iPhone user I couldn't care less) then I can't think of anything wrong with them.

        If you're looking for active noise cancelling headphones, then you need the Bose QuietComfort 15s. Bose have taken the QC2s, which were already light years ahead of other noise cancelling headphones, and improved them beyond the reach of everyone else.


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        17.03.2013 14:29
        Not Helpful



        The Bose QuietComfort 15 is a well-made headset from a trusted company.

        Okay, so I have bought them few months ago and I they worth buying. There are also many other good headphones, but Bose QC 15 is the best I've ever had.

        Here are some +/-:

        + Noise Cancelation is awesome for example in bus
        + Light-weight and comfortable
        + Sound quality is good
        + Case is great for protecting them
        + Battery life is great; 35 hours

        - Need batteries
        - Price is high, but they worth it

        When I'm listening something music with them all outside world disappear. Headphones also mute background noise when I'm not listening anything. But they aren't ear protectors. I can hear something when somebody is talking to me. When batteries are running low earphones begin to crackle.


        I recommend Bose Quiet Comfort 15 for anyone who have extra money and who works in noisy places. I got 2 year warranty and I think that I will use them like 5-10 years.


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      • Product Details

        QuietComfort 15 headphones feature exclusive Bose advancements in noise reduction technology. You hear less noise than ever before, and even more of your music and movies. With the quality sound you expect from Bose. And a lightweight fit that stays comfortable for hours. It's a combination of benefits unmatched in the industry.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling - headphones
        Product Type: Headphones - wired
        Recommended Use: PC multimedia, home audio system, mobile phone , digital player
        Colour: Silver
        Headphones Type: Headphones - binaural
        Headphones Form Factor: Full size
        Connectivity Technology: Wired
        Sound Output Mode: Stereo
        Active Noise Canceling: Yes
        Manufacturer Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty