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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2010 18:49
      Very helpful



      A cheap headset that works well.

      Jabra products are always good, and this is no exception. However, it does have a few flaws which means it isn't as good as other products from the company. These include no way to control the volume from the headset, a big, bulky design and it can be quite uncomfortable for some people. On the plus side, the sound quality is very good, and the product is very good value for money compared to other products on the market.

      First, the packaging is really good. Not only does it provide good information that is clear to read, and also protect the product, but it is also very easy to open. This is because there is no hard plastic to cut, that could cut the skin. Instead, it is simple to open the box. Inside, the instructions are really good, as they give simple information that is easy to understand, but provide everything you need to know.

      The design is good, but not brilliant. It's quite bulky, and will look very big on your ear. The headset is also uncomfortable to wear, with a big speaker that sits in the ear, and a hard plastic piece that wraps around the ear. The headset also lacks volume control buttons, which means you have to keep on going to the phone to change the volume, which defeats the purpose of using the headset. The lack of buttons might be hard for some, but it also means that it is easy to use for the people who don't like technology, at any age. You are supposed to be able to wear the headset without the ear hook, but I found that it just keeps on falling out, unless you try and stick it in too far.

      Installation is easy, as you just go and search for the device on your phone and enter a passcode. The instructions provide everything you need to know, and the whole process is completed in less than a minute. It is very simple, so anyone can do it.

      The sound is very good on the device, with the user hearing sound that is just as good as the sound that would come from a mobile phone speaker. The microphone is also very clear, so the other person won't know you are using the headset. The noise cancellation is also very good, so the person will still be able to hear you if you are in a noisy place. It doesn't remove everything, but enough so that the other person can still hear you.

      The device is really good value compared to other products, as it is good, but also very cheap. On the other hand, it can become more expensive to run than other headsets. It costs £2.50 for 2 batteries, and these last about a day of use for 4-7 hours per day. That means if you use it for 5 days per week, running costs would be able £5. After a few weeks, you will be able to buy a much better headset.

      Unfortunately, there is one big let down with this product. You can't recharge the product, and instead, you have to keep on buying AAAA batteries for the product. These are very expensive, so you would be better off buying another product that includes a rechargeable battery. Also, not many stores stock the batteries, with the only major retailer selling them Amazon, online. This means that you will have to buy a supply of these batteries, as you can't be sure when the battery will run out, as there is no indicator apart from a sound when the battery is low. The battery is also shorter than a lot of the products on the market, running out after 4-7 hours. On the other hand, this is quite a good idea as you don't have to wait for the batteries to recharge after they run out.

      The headset paired with my PS3 really quickly, and all of the features on the headset worked. However, it took hours of work for it to pair with my W810i, which is unfortunate. The phone had to be reset, and new batteries added to the headset for it to work, despite the headset not warning of a low battery.

      Overall, a great basic headset for anyone. It's easy to use, and has good sound quality, but it can be uncomfortable to wear and it doesn't have many controls, with no volume buttons. Instead, look at the BT250 which is a fantastic headset, and overall will be much cheaper as you don't have to buy batteries every week.


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      07.07.2010 11:03
      Very helpful



      Looking for a good headphone for sporadic use, buy this!

      ***General information***
      Mark: Jabra
      Product: Bleutooth headset
      Productnumber: BT2040
      Price: £ 6 - £ 14
      Website: www.jabra.com

      ***The company***
      Jabra is a Danish company which has been founded in 1983. Their main task is making hand free devices for the worldwide market. Jabra develops wireless an wired product, these are uses in an office environment as well as in cellphones and cars. With their headsets and technology they won lots of prices. In the year 2000 they brought the first Bluetooth headset on the market. The Jabra BT2040 is one of the many successors.

      ***Product detail***
      Battery: AAAA
      Automatic sleep mode
      Maximum talk time: 8 hours
      Maximum stand-by time: 6 month
      Weight: 16 grams
      Bleutooth version 2.0
      PIN-code: 0000
      Range: 10 meter
      Size: L5,3 cm x W1,9 cm x H1,5 cm
      Led warning
      EDR and eSCO support for a good sound quality

      ***What's in the box***
      The headset arrives in a simple blister package. The contents is the following:
      *The headset
      *Ear hook
      *1 AAAA battery
      *Quick start manual
      *Extended manual

      ***The looks of the headset***
      The headset is built from black and mat grey plastic. The shape is somewhat rectangular but it has somewhat round looks. The front has a grey speaker which has a rubber coating around. Beneath the speaker the battery compartment can be found, this is ribbed so it can be opened easily. The ear hook can be attached behind the speaker. The back of the device looks mat grey. In the middle there runs a black line with a circle. In the black line a blue warning led has been built in. The round button is the control button of the headset.

      ***Use of the headset***
      When using the Jabra for the first time, the battery's need to be put in the battery compartment. The ear hook needs to be attached for right ear users. Left ear users can use the headset without it. Put the Bluetooth of the other device on. Push the black button on the headset for about 3 seconds. The other device now finds the Jabra headset and ask for a code, this is 0000. The 2 devices have now been paired and can now be used together. When getting a call, all that need to be done is push the round button on the headset to have the conversation. To end conversation push it again. When making an outgoing conversation from your cellphone, the headset will automatic connect.

      The blue led has different functions. If it lights up slowly, the phone is connected and waits in standby modus. When the led lights up double and slow, then there is no device connected to the headset. Quick flickering means there's an active conversation. Double quick flickering warns for an incoming or outgoing conversation. When the led flickers triple and quick, it means the battery needs to be changed. After a minute the Jabra headset automatic goes to sleep mode. No led will light up to save the battery. The device will however stay connected. The modus of the headset can become visual by pressing the round button once.

      ***Extra information***
      The headset makes 2 short beeps when battery has 25 talking minutes left.
      To have an optimal connection result, keep the cellphone at the same side of the body as the headset.
      To call the last used number, press the round button quickly 2 times.
      A conversation can be put in hold.
      Volume control needs to be don on the cellphone, not the headphone.
      Look out when walking in the rain, the device is not waterproof.

      ***The manual***
      The quick start manual gives a clear explanation about the different steps needed to install the product. The manual has images to clarify text. The extended manual has 15 pages and is written in English. The manual is chronologically build and gives information about installation, use of the headset and troubleshooting.

      ***My opinion***
      I was looking for a gift for the family to be able to call hands-free in the car. Because we have numerous cellphones a car kit was not that self-evident. I chose this one because I had heard and read some positive reviews about Jabra. The device looked modern and with it's £ 16 it was not expensive compared to other devices. Installation was a piece of cake. The manual was clear and I could find all information I needed. The only things I really had to look up were the code and the amount of seconds I needed to push the button to pair the device. The headset is easy to use and does not need a lot of foreknowledge. When wearing the Jabra, it does not weigh a lot so it's quite comfortable. The only minor point is the size of the speaker, it's too large for my ears and hurts after a while. The quality of the sound is good and the receiver never talks about noise. I only use this headset for short range. The further the headset is moved from the paired device, the worse the quality of the sound.I find the talking time way too short, 8 hours fly by quickly when being used daily. This is not the headset I needed for my family so eventually I bought a radio car kit. It is however a perfect headset for people who won't use it a lot. The standby time is fabulous!

      ---This review has also been posted on my own personal blog---


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