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Jabra JX10 Series II

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2010 08:47
      Very helpful



      Nice headset overall

      I received two of these as a gift from my mobile internet company. Whilst they sat in the drawer for months unopened, I sold one and planned to do the same with the other. Then I thought why not give it a try. I normally laugh at people who wear these "headsets" everywhere, and look like they are talking to themselves walking down the street or on the train. Now I was to become like them.

      The Jabra JX10 Series II comes in a rather large retail box, for a 10 gram piece of kit. That is until you realise that you get quite a few bits and pieces with it including a rather elegant cradle unit for charging and unusually a car charging kit (which as yet I haven't had the use of). Charging is the first thing you need to do when you get it of course, so lay it in the cradle and wait for an hour or so until it's ready. A full charge is going to give you around 6 hours of talk time. In reality it's a bit less than that, but still very good and unless you are a complete chatterbox, you shouldn't need to be charging everyday. If the unit is sitting idle, then expect up to around 200 hours of battery life - 8 to 9 days or so.

      Design wise, it's very sleek. Jacob Jensen, a Danish designer is responsible. Think B&O and you'll get the picture. It's 4cm of black plastic which fits into your ear so you'll hardly know it's there. I guess that's kind of the idea. Other people will marvel at your style when you wear one. The ear clip which is optional in use seems pretty flimsy, this being the only minus point I can find for the device. Whilst it has so far survived I can imagine if I were a heavier user, it may not last long.

      Installation is simple, and is a one button press and you should be connected. Any mobile device with bluetooth should happily communicate with the Jabra, and I didn't have any problems with a pretty old Sony Ericsson model which I'm still using.

      Most importantly, sound quality is good and clear, volume is adjustable of course so you should be able to find a comfortable level to suit you. It uses DSP technology (whatever that is) to provide as clear sound as possible and noise reduction. It's certainly a big improvement on my earpiece on my mobile, especially in noisy situations like on the underground.

      When you don't have it stuck in your ear, it's small and lightweight, so easy to carry anywhere. I'm not convinced it's up to banging around in your jeans pocket with your keys and change, but it should survive a trip in your shirt pocket. Even with a little use, mine has already got a bit scrappy, not looking half as shiny as when it was first released from it's equally flash packaging.

      The long and short is that it is a good headset, simple in operation with good battery capacity, clear sound and stylish to boot.

      Available worldwide, priced around £50 in the UK. Spare ear clips are available on Amazon for around £3 should yours break or get lost.


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