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Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless

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    4 Reviews
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      02.10.2011 00:05
      Very helpful



      a cracking way to stop annoying the neighbours...

      I have a certain taste in music which my daughters don't really appreciate, (philistines), so when I play my type of music they tend to cringe a little, or a lot really if I'm being honest. Although their taste in music isn't exactly what I like to call music, it's more the type that either makes you want to go into a fit of depression, (ie Adele), or gives you a thumping head ache from which there's no return, (ie most of the other music in the charts these days).
      So, when I play my music the philistines moan quite a lot, in fact they moaned that much that they actually clubbed together and bought me a set of headphones so that I could listen to my music without disturbing them, or as they tell me, without embarrassing them when their friends come to visit, (who also seem to be philistines).

      To give them credit they have really thought about the actual type of headphones they were going to buy me, which is strange for them as their normal style is to just pop into a pound shop when it comes to buying me something, but not on this occasion. They knew that when I listen to music I tend to be moving around the house, hence the reason why I have it on at a reasonable level, although to them it's load.
      So they decided to buy me some wireless headphones so that I could listen to my music, and more, without being stuck in one place by that dreaded piece of wire.
      The particular modal they bought me was in fact from a well known company, and trusted by me, called Logitech, with the device itself being called the ClearChat PC Wireless headphones.
      Although as I knew exactly how much these cost and how much pocket money I give the kids, I'm guessing that they either stole these from the local shops or my wife pitched in with a few quid too, I'm thinking the latter really, (I hope..?), or maybe they raided my wallet, I'll have to check.

      Anyway, when my little cherubs gave me the box these headphones came in I took everything out, checking that everything was there...
      There should be...

      * The wireless headset themselves
      * USB wireless adapter
      * Wireless adapter stand
      * Mains charger adapter
      * Instructions

      So with the bits checked and a quick look at the instructions, and when I say quick look I mean quick look, I set about synching them with my laptop, as that is where all my favourite music is stores, plus the sports radio stations in my firefox bookmarks for when I want to listen to some sports.

      On initial use I had to charge the battery fully and was unable to use the headphones until they were charged, this is the case throughout, in other words, they can't be charged whilst in use, nor used whilst being charged.
      Then, after a couple of hours charging, it was then a matter of plugging in the USB wireless adapter into either the adapter stand or directly into a USB port of my PC and waiting for the device to install and then find the wireless headphones themselves, but make sure the switch on the headphone is in the on position. When the light flickers it is searching and when it stays on it has found the device.
      There's no software needed to set up so you can be up and running in no time at all, and it runs on both Windows OS, above 2000, and even Mac OS.

      Then it was a simple matter of configuring the settings on my PC so that the playback facility would choose the Logitech device rather that the built in speakers. This took a few seconds and involved tapping a few buttons.

      The head phones themselves are quite comfortable to use, even after a long period of use, such as listening to both halves of a football match, including the half time chatter. And as you can get up to 6 hours talk time on a 2 and a half hour charging time listening to a full football game is a breeze.
      They have a soft padded headband and even softer ear pads which give all round comfort over those prolonged periods, with the padded ear pieces almost feeling as if they were not actually touching at my head at all. Plus they manage to keep out the majority of the outside noise, which is a blessing when my kids start their daily bickering.

      Then there's the built in microphone, attached to the left speaker, which has noise cancellation and is a bonus, especially as it does exactly what it is supposed to do, it stops the person you're speaking to getting any 'fuzzy' noise as you chat away.
      And the ease of muting the microphone is so simple, you either push the mouth piece right to the top or press the button on the right side speaker, and when it is muted there is a little red light on the arm to let you know.
      Also on the right side earpiece are the main controls, such as the volume and the power button, together with a little light which tells you when the device is on.
      These controls are all easy to reach whilst the headphones are covering your ears so turning the volume up or down is as easy as scratching your ear.

      These offer a range of around 10 metres, or over 30 feet so, as I've not got a massive house, I can walk around from room to room without losing too much of the quality, although I have found that when I go into the kitchen, especially when certain appliances are on, the headphones seem to pick up quite a bit of static.

      The two choices for actually connection both work well, but I do find that the wireless adapter, which has a short lead plugging into the USB port of your PC, does seem to give a better option for sound quality rather than simply plugging it directly into the USB port.
      When the wireless connection is made the little light on the adapter, together with a little light on the headphones, shows that it is in use and working well.

      The lights on the device all mean something, such as a slow flickering green meaning that it is searching for a wireless signal, a solid green meaning it has found connected to a device.
      And when the battery needs charging the green light flickers faster when it beginning to get low and turns red when it seriously needs charging.
      As for the battery itself, it is built in and is positioned in the left speaker, the microphone side. Charging it up is a matter of connecting the headphones to the mains using the supplied AC adapter. One downside, as I said, you can't use the headphones whilst they are charging, but as it takes just 2 and a half hours to fully charge, giving you a good 6 hours of use, as long as you remember to recharge after most long uses then this little downside should not be a problem

      I use them for mainly listening to music, or even when I'm learning a few phrases from my language files, but I also use them for chatting with people such as on Skype and the likes, and have found them to be an all round useful piece of equipment.

      I've used Logitech products before, such as wireless 'mouses', (if that's the correct word), speakers and keyboards, and have found them to be quite good products, and this one is as good as I would have come to expect.
      They're very well built, being a good quality feel without being too bulky, and a lightweight 280 grams. Plus they fit so well over the ears and block out enough noise to give a great sound experience to relish.
      The range is pretty good, in fact it's fantastic really, unless you live in Buckingham Palace of course, so these are no good for you Your Majesty.

      They may seem a bit pricey, selling for around the £60.00 mark, which does seem a little steep but if you're going to make the most of it then it could be value for money.
      Would I have paid £60.00 for them? I well after using them for a while I would have to say yes, I would as they are brilliant headphones which help you listen to your music or talk to your friends online without being trapped to your PC, and the sound quality is second to none, without nay real loss when moving around the house, say when you go to the fridge for another drink or even when you have to go to the toilet.


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        11.08.2011 16:15
        Very helpful



        Good headset but need's to be taken care of

        the logitech clearchat wireless headphones are good installment to the many products that logitech sell.

        these headphones offer up to 33 ft of distance giving freedom to move around the house or do some work in the garden without the need for an extra long cable.
        the sound it provides is stereo and in my option is the best sounding headphones i have ever had.
        the mic is also great quality and i have enjoyed many chats with friends who have said that i have sounded as clear as i do when face to face.

        I bought these headphones after breaking 2 wired pairs in under a week and was a little nervous about the price as i had heard that they tend to lose sound and break after around 3 months. i can safely say that six months of buying them they are starting to lose signal on random occasions but that could just be the position of the transmitter.
        I have also had a few problems when trying to change the USB that it is in as for some reason it wouldn't default them on the second plug in. but this was sorted in the end.

        it may also be important to note that the transmitter is pretty bad at transmitting through walls, and walls do cause the rand to drastically decrease.


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        24.06.2010 15:54
        Very helpful



        Great value, well designed headset

        I already owned, and was very happy with, the wired version of this headset, but wanted a wireless version so I could walk around while using them. I generally use them for Skype, but also on occasion for gaming and listening to music when I don't want to disturb the rest of the household. They perform all these tasks very well indeed, though for music listening they are not as good as a pair of dedicated headphones.

        The design is the same as the wired version, with a rather chunky, reassuring feel to them, with nicely padded ear cups. It's fortunate the ear cups are padded in this way as they can at first press quite firmly on the ears. Whilst this is great for helping cut-out external sounds, it does mean that the prolonged use can be slightly uncomfortable (if you have a large head, this may be more obvious), but with frequent even this has become less noticeable.

        A very nice feature is the volume control on the outer bevel of one of the ear pieces. It makes it exceptionally easy to adjust the volume, much better than the small sliders found on the cable on some headphones.
        Likewise, on the ear piece of microphone arm, there is a large button to very quickly mute or un-mute the microphone. Again, this is very well designed and makes rapid muting very simple. When the microphone is muted, a red light turns on at the end of the microphone arm, a very handy indication.

        The wireless feature works very well and does provide excellent clear voice. I've been able to roam about most of my house with out any drop-outs or loss of quality.

        The one downside of this wireless headset over it's sister wired version, is that you actually end up with more wires! The wireless receiver plugs into the USB port of your computer. It's small, but does add to desk clutter.
        There is also a mains charger for the batteries in the headset. This is really where this product is let down, using up valuable mains-socket space and means another cable to be trailed somewhere.

        Fortunately the battery charge appears to hold for quite a long time, but there is no indicator of how much battery charge there is, just a warning light when it is running low. I think it would have been a far better solution if the charger could have been combined with the USB receiver, it would certainly have cut down on extra clutter, which is part of the point of wireless solution.

        It should also be pointed out that these are cross-platform, so work with both Mac and PC.

        In summary, a great set of headphones, reasonably priced which do the job very well. Excellently designed volume/mute controls. The drawbacks? The extra cables, and in particular the poorly thought out charger.


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          26.03.2009 17:09



          Definately recommend this, another great logitech product

          Great little headset, crystal clear with a microphone that isn't overly obtrusive and gets in the way. The controls are really easy to use such as volume control and quick dialing.

          I use this when I'm on skype and its really quick and easy to get up and running, plug and play infact - which is nice. The ear cups can be a little hard on ears after while of wearing this but you either get used to it like me or you take rest breaks.

          I don't really notice mine as much now, but then again you can't grumble at the price in comparison to other models which are much more expensive for practically the same functionality.

          As a bran Logitech are awesome, loads of product updates which allow you to use this with a much wider rande of applications. The last thing is wireless connectivity, you can't beat walking around the house chatting away to friends. Just don't forget its on your head and answer the door!!!


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