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Logitech Dialog 812

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2009 18:11
      Very helpful



      Logitech 812 Dialog is a great headset.

      Logitech Dialog 812 Headset

      When I purchased my Logitech webcam, this Logitech Dialog 812 Headset was on a discounted price. My old headset 's microphone was dead at that time so I decided to buy this headset.

      THE LOOK

      The first time I used this Logitech Dialog 812 Headset was when I was having a conversation with my sister online. She complimented me on my new and nice headset but she said I could have looked like an aircraft pilot with it if I wore white tops with a necktie.


      The headband of Logitech Dialog 812 Headset is wider than other headsets that I have seen but it is considerably lighter. It is designed like a double band at the top but it gets narrower at the sides.
      The headband is actually adjustable depending on the head's parameter. The point where the double-headband ends at the side of the headset has a push-and-pull joint. If I am using it, I have to set it to maximum length. if my 10-year-old nephew would use it for some PC games, he just pushes the headband inward and it adjusts itself at about half an inch.

      The head band is soft with its rubberized texture and it is lightweight so it doesn't make me feel like being 'gripped' at the head while using it.
      I like the headband's 'adjustable length' feature of Logitech Dialog 812 Headset as it adjusts to different head parameters.


      Logitech Dialog 812 Headset's earpieces amazed me with their good sound-quality output. They deliver bass-rich sound and the treble is well-adjusted. The earpieces produce an even sound whether I use the headset for online conversation or merely listening to my favorite music over the computer.

      My 2-year old used to ruggedly play with my Logitech headset. The earpieces got detached many times from the headset but the tiny cables are surprisingly strong. I just clip the slightly-detached earpieces to the body of the headset and they function again just the same.
      The earpieces are fitted with soft foam for the desired comfort in using the headset. The foam coverings of my earpieces were actually torn by my toddler but the loss of foam fittings does not affect the sound quality of the headset.


      The microphone of Logitech Dialog 812 Headset is a very good one. It transmits good voice quality and my sister really admired the clear sound when we talk online. It has 'noise-canceling' feature that helps a lot when I want the noise of the TV or any external noise unheard by the person whom I am talking to.
      The microphone can be positioned left or right as the headset can be worn both ways without affecting the comfort and the quality of the microphone. The rubberized microphone can be adjusted near or away from the mouth without really moving the headband.
      Logitech Dialog 812 Headset's microphone is durable. My toddler used to bite it. It has tiny teeth marks but it still functions great.

      THE CORD

      The cord of Logitech Dialog 812 Headset is attached in a one side of the earpiece. It is quite comfortable for me to wear the headset without tangles compared to other headsets that have the "Y" wire design. The length of the cord is considerably long with its 3.94 feet length that I don't have to lean on the computer table when I use it. I can just sit back and do my online conversation comfortably.


      * Product Description: Logitech Dialog 812 - headset
      * Product Type: Headset - wired
      * Recommended Use: PC multimedia, videoconferencing system, conference IP phone
      * Headphones Type: Headphones - binaural
      * Headphones Form Factor: Semi-open
      * Connectivity Technology: Wired
      * Sound Output Mode: Stereo
      * Response Bandwidth: 20 - 20000 Hz
      * Microphone: Boom
      * Microphone Operation Mode: Mono
      * Sensitivity: -38 dBV/Pascal
      *Cable Length 3.94 ft.
      *Weight: 118 g


      Logitech Dialog 812 Headset is a great device. The rubberized headband is soft and comfortable with a double-band that keeps it from slipping from my head. I love the earpieces that deliver high-quality sound output. My 2-year-old kid tore the foam fittings but it didn't actually affect the sound output though the loss of foam fittings made the earpieces slip from my ears sometimes. It is comfortable to wear this headset though it starts to hurt my ears when I use it for more than four hours.

      The microphone transmits crisp and clear sound. I love the adjustable microphone that I can easily position it near or away from my mouth with utmost ease. The 'noise canceling' feature is great too. It makes me possible to block external noise. Though the microphone survived countless bites from my toddler, it has never disappointed me during online conversations.

      Logitech Dialog 812 Headset may make me look like an 'aircraft pilot' when I wear it as what my sister said, but I guess that wide headband was built for comfort as it prevents the headset from slipping from my head.

      Price: £18

      (also posted on ciao)


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