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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2008 16:44
      Very helpful



      A good small headset from motorola

      Ok where to start. My sister got the headset free with her Motorola phone (ages ago) she has never used it and hid lost the instructions for it. We have just moved house and my dad found the headset. He charged it up but none of use could work out how to use it as SOMEONE (My sister) had lost the instructions. So I searched the web yesterday and found a PDF instruction book ready to look at. The file loaded up and I was using the headset in minutes.

      -The box-
      the box is made of plastic and is about 25cm tall and 20 cm wide. (approx.). There is a stylish cover thing on the inside so you can see what you are buying. It says;
      " Bluetooth Universal Wireless Headset HS850" it also states that it is compatible with all Bluetooth phones. The headset is displayed at the front of the box with the microphone open so you can see the size and over all look of the thing. Also included (should be) instructions, and a charger with 3 different voltages. For the USA Britain and Europe (more later on). The box is nice and appealing and also shows a model with the headset on and her Motorola phone.

      -The Headset-
      The headset only measures 9cm long when it is fully opened out and 5cm wide including the ear hook. The headset can fold up and then it only measures 5 cm long. The ear hook also opens out so you can hook it and the close it over your ear. The hook is made of soft rubber so it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The speaker is surrounded by soft rubber and then a layer of rubber outlining it so that it is also comfortable. The headset is a light grey colour with a blue middle and silver buttons and symbols. There are only 3 buttons on the headset;
      A Volume up button
      A volume down button
      And a multifunction button.
      The volume buttons are found on the side of the headset closet to the back of your head when your wearing it. This makes it easy to control the volume of the person in your ear especially good for drivers on busy roads with lots of background noise.
      The multifunction button allows you to connect it to your phone, answer the phone and hang up. There are probably more features this button does but without looking it up on the PDF instructions I found I wouldn't know.
      You can also change the headset around for wearing on your left ear but I don't know how exactly, all included in instructions. There is also a blue light on the front of the headset that activates when in use and when charging.

      Ok I mentioned the charger earlier and for good reasons. This charger is amazing, it starts with a 2 pronged one (that I think is USA correct me if I'm wrong) but also included are 2 other connectors. The first one is a standard British one. To add it on all you do is fold the 2 prongs up and slide the British connectors on top of them. The other one is a European one and to add it on is the same as the British.
      There is plenty of wire given with the charger as well and to plug it into the headset couldn't be easier. Just find the hole on the back of the headset, and plug it in. To take it out again push the button on the charger connector and pull out. When the headset is on charge the blue light will stay on. When it is finished charging the light will go off again.
      For a two hour charge you can talk for 8 hours or leave it on standby for 200 hours so it wont run down that quickly.

      To connect it to your Bluetooth phone couldn't be easier (with instructions). When it is fully charged, keep the microphone closed and hold the multi function button for 3 seconds, then open it out and the light should be blue (if not try again) search for it on your handset and the code is 0000. There easy.
      I haven't used it much I must say but it has never dropped out of connection yet, although I haven't used many other headsets at all so I don't really know if this is a great product or not.

      -Sound Quality-
      The sound quality is really good on this headset, but yet again I have never tried any other ones. For the short phone calls I have had it has worked really well. Never been any drop-out of sound like I was expecting from it. Really quite a handy little device to have.

      Well there has to be a few draw backs. The price is £50 approx. at online shops and im not sure about high street stores. But since we got it free that's ok. Its unlikely you will get this headset free now because as I was sad to hear... Its discontinued. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on it you might as well pay the £50 as it is quite a solid we thing and wont break down on you.

      -Other notes-
      this is an old headset but that doesn't mean its bad. There are lots of new headsets on the market with lots of different weird and wonderful features but I still like this one. Its style, its shape everything about it is just so.. Well.. Nice.
      I would buy this one if I could.

      This is a small easy to use headset from motorola, it can be used with any other Bluetooth phone and won't let you down. Although it is discontinued now it is still good technology and if you can find one buy it has it wont break or drop a connection. Great battery life and quick charge time.
      5 stars from me.
      I LOVE IT


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      24.01.2008 23:44
      Very helpful



      HS850 Motorola Bluetooth Headset

      The Motorola HS850 is a Bluetooth headset that you use with your mobile phone (or other Bluetooth compatible device). I've had my one for over a year now and it works great, most of the time anyway. The idea is that with it, you'll be able to talk on your phone without touching your phone and it uses Bluetooth so there are no wires to tangle up.

      The HS850 comes in metallic grey with blue, and in black. I have the black one. The predecessor (HS810) only came in silver but I prefer black as it is more discrete and matches my hair.


      You can wear it on your left or your right ear by taking off the hook and then attaching it back on the other way round. This is good since people have different preferences. It's also very small, which means it fits into my pocket easily and is very discrete when worn. Quite often, if someone is wearing one and talking on the phone, you don't know who they're talking to, especially if they're wearing the headset on the other side of the head that's out of your sight. Amazingly, the microphone situated at the end of the boom is very short and goes nowhere near my mouth. Despite this, it picks up my voice very well.

      If your phone has a voice dial function, then the headset will pick this up. Just press the main button and say the name when you hear that the headset has picked up the Bluetooth signal. Great thing about this is the so long as voice dialing is set up for the person you want to ring, you can ring them without ever touching the phone. I think it's great to have especially while you're driving so you can make and receive phone calls.

      The headset is simple and only has a total of three buttons. Even so, you can do things like switch call to phone, ignore call, redial, etc by using long and short button presses of the buttons depending on the situation. I've not actually leant all of the combinations but think it's very clever.


      Sound quality seems to vary from time to time. Sometimes it's excellent for voice calls and great sound quality on my side but there have been many occasions where the sound was really broken up. On the other hand, quite a few people have had problems hearing me even though I could hear them properly. I believe this is due to the microphone being a bit rubbish. I've since given this headset to a friend and we've concluded that the sound of the wearer doesn't reach the microphone so it must not be sensitive enough. Holding your hands over your mouth to bounce the sound back into the microphone seems to make hearing the wearer better but this isn't practical and defeats the purpose of a handsfree kit. I do not know if this is a problem that has developed over time as or that it's a design fault as I don't know how people heard me before when I first got it. I've also tried pairing my iPAQ to the headset and then played MP3 music on the iPAQ while using the headset to listen but the sound breaks up really badly whenever there's any bass so I guess it's only good for voice.


      This is important because let's face it, I have to wear it. The bit that hooks around the ear is rubbery. I do feel it on my ear but after a while, it becomes easier to forget about it so good enough. It does get a bit uncomfortable if worn for a very long time though.

      My only quibble is that whenever I move my head quickly or move quickly (i.e. run), the HS850 does 'flap' and moves a bit. The headset doesn't feel like it'll fall off and does feel secure so it's nothing important.


      It seems quite robust. I've dropped it many times but it still works. I'm thinking this is due to the good light design. The rubbery hook may also have helped with its survival as it can neutralise the impact and give it a bit of bounce. The flappy rubbery bit that goes round the speaker tears off after a while but it's not important. I also find that I need to push the charger into the headset with a bit more force than I used to or it doesn't charge. Not a problem so long as it keeps working.

      I have read that if you keep opening and closing the boom, that the joint will eventually wear out or something will happen to the circuit. This is a disadvantage but being able to fold it to make it more compact and less likely to break while in your pocket is also quite important. I've not had any problems with mine yet though.


      Battery life is excellent. I can manage a whole week without recharging it but sound quality for whoever I talk to seems to deteriorate, which isn't very good.

      The working range of the headset is also pretty good. I can leave my phone on a desk, walk a couple of metres away and still pick up the call. I've walked around the house and it even through walls, granted they aren't that thick. When the phone has no signal though, it makes this slightly annoying 'blipping' noise. Not very loud but I can do without it.


      It cost me around £50 from a phone website I can't remember the name of but you can find it for about £29 now, and probably a bit less if you search on eBay (but watch out for fakes).


      It's a very good headset to begin with but there are newer ones from Motorola and many from different manufacturers out there that are probably more updated with the Bluetooth technology. I think I would prefer a simpler design nowadays as the novelty of the boom has worn off and I think other ones are more robust with fewer moving parts and more importantly, I find I have consistent sound quality with my newer headsets so I don't recommended the HS850 any more.

      Thanks for reading!


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