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    1 Review
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      09.06.2009 17:03
      Very helpful



      Well priced and well featured little headset but not for long use.

      I have had this little headset for about 6 months now. It came about when my employer purchased a cheap and not so cheerful generic headset for my recently acquired Nokia phone. Needless to say the headset, even with the less offensive of the 64 available sticky back skins lasted about as long as the box it came in, but enough of that.

      I paid £15.42 for the headset from memory bits, which still looks a good deal at present although Amazon are offering it for £12 as I write. Having been put off somewhat by previous non-branded headsets, I thought buying a Nokia branded one would make sense. On the whole this seems to have stacked up.

      Included in the box are the user manual and charger which is mains only. It would have been nice to have had a car charger thrown in but I guess the price is a little low for this option.

      The BH-101offers 8 hours talk time with a 2 hour charge period. I cannot really comment on whether either of these statements is accurate as I tend to only wear the device for short bursts in the car, and then every so often think it could probably do with a charge. Having said that there has been one occasion when it did loose charge on me, but not before bleeping every 30 seconds or so in some sort of long drawn out death cry.

      Setting up and pairing the headset was fairly easy. It connected to the Nokia phone like an old lost relative, my laptop on the other hand held out much longer, asking me on more than one occasion; did I really want to connect to this device? Good old Windows Vista, always desperately fending off attacks from all sides. Once paired, turning on the device with a long hold on the 'main' button would guarantee connection just about every time, assuming you are within a few metres.

      The volume control on the side works well enough and the sound from calls is crystal clear. One feature I like is the voice tag option. Basically this is dependant on whether your phone has a voice tag feature, but if it does then this is essential for true hands free operation. Just hold the main button for a couple of seconds and after a short beep say the voice tag, and hey presto it calls the number; priceless!

      Actually fitting the device to your ear is fairly easy, and like most headsets it is compatible with either ear. The one downside I have found unfortunately is a biggie; after wearing the headset for anything over about 20 minutes and my ear started to ache. This is then compounded if you have to make, answer a call or do anything that involves pressing into the device. Again I think the price has a lot to do with the fact the ear loop is made from hard plastic! Shame really as the rest is all good. I can just about live with the discomfort because I usually only wear the headset for short bursts, but comfort will be an important factor in my next purchase.

      In conclusion then the Nokia BH-101 is a well featured and priced Bluetooth headset. It is non-offensive to look at and simple to operate, let down only by an uncomfortable ear loop.


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