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Plantronics Gamecom 377

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    2 Reviews
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      08.04.2011 00:03
      Very helpful



      An excellent pair of headphones for everyday use, gamers, and budget editors

      Two clear powerful speakers for left and right ear are excellent for normal everyday use, and a life saver for those of us with poor hearing. The clarity when volume is increased beyond usually bearable levels is very high, and when the volume is set to maximum, I can have the headphones on my desk, and be sitting back, still able to hear everything. Impressive considering my poor hearing.
      I prefer speakers for games, however these headphones are perfect for late night sessions where I have to be quiet, even when the volume is turned down, I can still hear people sneaking up behind me. They still shoot me, but I am glad I heard them coming.
      I use these headphones for video editing, due to the volume and clarity they offer, which allows me to pick out sounds I would not be able to through some other speakers. These headphones are very useful for precise sound editing.

      Using the microphone in a quiet environment is fine, but introduce moderate background sound, and you can expect some of that noise to seep in to your recording or game. A slight annoyance if you really listen out for it, but nothing too major. This isn't, after all, proper recording equipment.

      A simplistic dial for volume, and a switch for turning the microphone on or off, are housed on a nicely sized pad between the headphones and jacks. It is simple and easy to use, exactly what you need. Any little twiddling can be performed on your computer if necessary.

      Comprising of two standard connections, one 3.5 mm audio output jack (green), and one 3.5 mm microphone in jack (orange), the Plantronics is easy to connect to any system. I prefer 3.5 mm jacks to USB any day, this way you do not need to mess about with software when hot swapping audio devices.

      The earpieces are large, also it and the headband are very well padded. I find these headphones very comfortable to use, even for a long duration. Of course comfort and preference will ultimately be defined by the user. The headband is extendable to accommodate larger heads and different wearing styles. The extender easily locks and holds, so poses no problem if they do not fit you straight out of the box.

      Anything to be aware of?
      The microphone is hidden snugly within the headband, it folds out nicely and is very swish.
      Also when hot swapping audio devices, you may need to tell your audio device manager that speakers have been plugged in, this takes two seconds as it should automatically pop up and alert you of a new device. A refresh of your webpage may be required, so switch devices before opening slow to load files.


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        04.12.2010 18:09
        Very helpful



        Good for the price and the quality of the sound, a good buy if you only want to use it inside.

        The GameCom is, surprisingly, a headset made for Gaming by Plantronics.

        Speakers Sound Quality - The sound quality is very good in this headset, providing ample opportunity to hear both left and right sides of music and games alike distinctively when using the headset over generic speakers. The stereo sound also assisted in my gaming habit, giving me the edge on telling me where my enemies were by the positioning of their footsteps, which was very easy to estimate (mostly to a correct degree) with this headset. The headset does not have simulated surround sound, but its stereo sound system is just as good as surround sound.

        Microphone Sound Quality - The sound of the microphone isn't the very best, its' got a bit of background interference noticeable when being used both online in gaming and offline for such things as doing voiceovers. However, in the latter and some of the applications in the former, this false sound can be completely eradicated using Noise Removal filters and plugins. However, it's fine and perfectly listenable (at least that's what I and the people I game with tell me). The microphone is mono (it does not record left and right channels for left and right sides of headphones), it has no form of built in noise removal and does not have a driver application to add filters and the like. However, none of this matters during its main purpose, gaming.

        Headphone Jack/External to headphones features - 4.55mm Jack, has "mute" control for microphone on the wire, also twistable wheel to define the volume outside of the controls of the operating system in question, very useful for if you need to change your volume in game.

        Durability - When the headset is the size that it is, you'd hope that it was extremely rugged and durable. The good news, it is. My headset has been dropped, knocked and smacked against several things accidentally, far surpassing what I would like to call wear and tear, and it has yet to stop working as I'd require it to do so, making it the perfect headset for a clumsy person like me. The microphone can also be slid into the chassis for the headset, making it so the microphone is less likely to be damaged, which again helps the length of use associated with the product.

        Comfort - It's a bit heavy, to say the least. After a long while of wearing this headset, you may find that your neck is beginning to feel a bit stiff, but that's to be expected from a headset as rugged as this one. The comfortable earmuffs around the parts that you place on your ears are particularly durable and comfortable to wear; there is also a separate one to keep the top of your head comfortable. It's a very comfortable headset for a few hours, but after that the weight of the headset begins to take its toll, but if you don't really pay attention to that during your games, than it shouldn't be a problem.

        Adjustability - The first headset that I had bought was returned within a short amount of time due to the fact that it could not adapt to the odd size of my head. I was glad to find that this headset comfortably adapts and bends to the shape of your head without causing any unnecessary discomfort. You can extend the length of parts of the headset and change the positioning of the microphone to be a comfortable length away from your mouth (the other headset was so inflexible that I found I was essentially eating the microphone). Top marks for adjustability in this head set, those of you with funny shaped heads, do not fear!

        Style - I don't look Stylish in this headset, and neither will you. This isn't a stylish headset and if you worry about that kind of thing, it's strictly off limits for going anywhere with and you should probably only use it for your own home use at the computer or listening to music. The likeliness between wearing this headphone and looking like a cyberman is minimal.

        Conclusion - In conclusion, this is an excellent addition to all people alike. It's a worthwhile addition to any gamer's arsenal, a brilliant weapon for commentary and fantastic for voice chatting with your friends over MSN. It's superior sound quality is great for music also and it's really worthwhile buying this headset for anyone that might require it. Buy it if you need a microphone and a pair of headphones, but doesn't mind looking like a Cyberman.

        I give this headset four of a possible five stars


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