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RIM Blackberry HS-655

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2010 14:25
      Very helpful




      I bought this from amazon about a month ago for £16 and on the site it said it was reduced from about £100, which I can't see as being true but hey. I bought one for myself, and then after I had had it for a week I realised it was really good and a good thing to have so I cashed in some of my points on here and bought one for my boyfriend as we have the same phone.

      Our relationship is very much long distance but still both in the UK but it means we both spend a lot of time bored and driving, with one of these each, I think it is great for when you get a phone call or are a bit bored and need to talk to someone, or for example I want to know if my boyfriend to know how long he is going to be and how the traffic is.

      I am not 100% sure about making calls while in the car and driving as I think it must use some of your concentration but on the whole it is pretty easy to use and I don't think talking to people while driving distracts me.

      I actually keep this in the car now although I occasionally wear it into the house to continue calls, it has to be quite near your phone though as it works by bluetooth.

      When I first got it I couldnt fit the ear thing in my ear because it was too big and I was a bit dissapointed (I only have little elf ears!) but it also came wiht 2 different smaller sizes and a black ear wire which can clip on and go around the outside of your ear. It is fairly easy to interchange these things and I found that big big rugby boyfriend even uses the smallest one too!!

      You charge the thing in the holder it comes in (see the picture) using a mini usb which is good as it means I can charge it on my TomTom charger in the car. The ear piece has to be in the holder to charge, and you don't get a charger with it although so many things use this cable type now that I think its ok.

      It looks very neat in the holder and I think it looks good in your ear, it doesn't nearly reach to your face as it is only about 2 inches big but the sound quality is fine and no one I have spoken to on it has complained about the quality of sound.

      It connects easily to the phone via bluetooth which is great although it will only work with blackberrys as that is the type of phone it is designed for.

      It also came with a book of instructions which were very easy to follow and they are easy to use. The voice dialling works well too although sometimes, as with most elctronic reader things, it can be hard to hear what it says when it is asking what you said.

      I think it is good, well worth £16 and it could prevent you from getting a ticket or causing an accident - well worth it.


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