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RIM Blackberry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2012 01:30
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      This is a top quality hands free kit and is worth every penny

      When I bought my car I was in such a rush to get the actual car I never considered waiting to get any special features such as the 'blue and me' option. This left me with a dilemma. How to deal with phone calls while driving as there is no way I would ever answer a phone risking myself and others around me.

      I tried a standard Bluetooth headset but just could not get used to it in my ear. You'd think that being of the generation brought up on Walkman's and MP3 players I'd be used to having a headphone permanently in my ear but I just could not get comfortable with it. Plus I had a dread of becoming one of those people that walk around the supermarket with it in, nooooo!

      Any way so after some online investigation I decided to get the official Blackberry visor mount speakerphone. It arrived and I removed it from the packaging (with some difficulty, there was several knives and scissors involved) and first off noticed its looks. It's sleek and looks almost like a futuristic phone itself.

      First job to be done was to charge it which was easily done as it uses the same micro USB connection as the actual phone. Once charged the speakerphone needs to be 'paired' with your Blackberry which is easier that it sounds. You press the front of the speaker and it will announce "pairing mode" then you just need to do the usual Bluetooth search on the phone to find the speaker and connect. I took the speakerphone to my car and clipped it onto the driver side visor as instructed. I even tried moving the visor up and down but it stayed fast and never moved once, impressive!

      Now first up was to try the simple make and receive calls and see how I got on. I tried the voice dialling without much success. I'd press the panel until hearing the beep and then state who I wanted to call and it would ask if I meant someone else. After much trying I discovered it must be the Scottish accent that was confusing it and that if I spoke clearly and slowly it would pick up the correct name.

      I then had a friend call me so I could try answering it as well. The Speakerphone announces 'incoming call from' then the phone number. Would be more helpful if it was a 'known' number in my phone book to use the name instead of the number. But overall the answering was easy, just a press on the front panel of the speakerphone.
      If your still on your call when you reach your destination then just press and hold the front of the speakerphone and it will turn off and transfer the call to your Blackberry. But beware this does leave a few seconds of 'dead air' to the person on the other end.

      Now for the interesting part, the part that had convinced me to purchase this in the first place. The ability to connect it to my car speakers! The built in FM transmitter is designed so you can either listen to your music on your Blackberry through the car's speakers or use the speakers to listen to your calls through instead.
      On the side of the Speakerphone there is an FM key and when this is pressed an FM frequency is announced and now all you need to do is tune your car radio to that same frequency and hey presto! Just remember to save the frequency to one of your channels. The only problem here is that if you do not use the FM transmitter either by making / receiving a call or listening to music from your handset for 60 seconds it will turn off, meaning the radio will then start searching for the nearest available radio station instead. This can cause a bit of bother when a call does come in and you have to change the radio station back to the saved one for this frequency, hit the FM button on the Speakerphone and wait a few seconds while they connect. If you're not quick you'll lose the call.

      Overall I am extremely satisfied with this item. The quality of the calls is beyond anything I could have imagined from a Bluetooth set; they are clear and distinct with no distortion or interference. The Speakerphone itself is remarkably easy to set up and once done so doesn't not need re-done.

      One final note, be careful when turning the Speakerphone off. Hold the front panel for a few seconds until it beeps and says power off. But make sure not to accidently press it once and then hold it until it turns off as I kept doing for a long time. Pressing the front panel twice re-dials the last number called and as the second pressing of the panel was me turning it off it would transfer the call to the handset. This resulted in a lot of 'pocket' calls to my friends / boyfriend / family etc :)


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