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    1 Review
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      22.06.2010 23:01
      Very helpful



      Save a life... go hands free when you drive

      Most people these days have a mobile phone which they have glued to their ears 95% of the time.
      And, most people know that it is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving unless it is hands free, (although there are still a lot of drivers who think that that particular law doesn't apply to them and still insist on driving with a mobile glued to their ear).

      Anyway, due to this law the hands free industry has gone into over drive in the hope of selling anything that resembles a hands free device to us consumers, from a funny looking piece of plastic which attaches to the dashboard, (the one's that your phones falls from every time you hit a speed bump or pot hole), to the more ingenious inventions of the Bluetooth earpieces.
      And it is one particular Bluetooth ear piece that I am going to tell you about today, this particular one having the very well known brand of Samsung.

      Firstly, we shall get the technical bits out of the way with..

      * Built in microphone
      * Over the ear hook
      * Bluetooth 2.0 technology connection (up to 30 foot range)
      * 0.2oz in weight
      * 5.9mm in depth
      * 5 hour run time (maximum)
      * 100 hours stand by time (maximum)

      In the package you should get...

      * Ear piece
      * Ear buds in two sizes.
      * recharging cradle with mains adaptor.
      * Earhook

      ** My Opinion...

      I have used a few Bluetooth ear pieces and found a lot of them either dig into your ear or fall out when ever you move your head, (sneezing whilst driving was a real safety issue), so when I was told how impressive this Samsung device was I was a little dubious at first, but that was until I bought one and used it for the first time.

      Once I'd struggled with the rather over sized plastic packaging I turned it on and luckily, due to the fact that it had been pre-charged, it fired up straight away, so I set it up to connect with my phone, which took a few minutes.
      It fitted into my ear nicely and the soft casing actually felt comfortable without any annoyance. The 'ear hook', which is detachable and can be used either side of the unit, was just the right size and thickness so it didn't feel that it was about to slice my ear off from above, whilst being strong enough to withstand a bit of twisting.
      But the most impressive thing about it, comfort wise anyway, was that when you moved your head it actually stayed in place, almost glued into position, and even a good old sneeze didn't dislodge this cracking little device, and when I say little I do mean little. It is about the size of a cigarette lighter, being an astonishing 6mm thick, and weighs in at a mere 7grams, so it won't feel heavy on your ear.
      It can be used without the ear hook but I find that this helps steady the unit properly and, due to its shape and position, the ear hook doesn't affect those who need to wear glasses.

      It is simple to use, with the 'answer' button placed in easy reach on the front and the volume buttons on either side, so it can all be controlled without having to be a contortionist. Plus all these button are raised slightly so that you can feel them without having to think about looking
      The 'answer' button is multifunctional and also used for such things as redial, call eject, voice dial and even conference calling. And there is a lovely blue LED light which flashes away happily just above the 'answer' button.

      The charging cradle, which to me looks something like a pencil sharpener crossed with a USB port and is slightly bigger than an OXO cube, is nice and compact yet sturdy enough to stand firm when charging the ear piece after gently slotting it into place, with the entire charge process taking about an hour for a full service.

      I have the grey version but this also comes in a flash red too, I think they call this colour Platinum red. Although I do prefer the less brighter of the two, plus, there is also the opportunity to buy some charming covers as well.

      And before you shout that you haven't got Samsung mobile phone, don't worry, I have used this on a Nokia, a Sony Ericson and am presently using it on an LG, and it works fine on each of them once you've linked them up.

      A couple of downsides for me are firstly, and most importantly for the 'eco' people and our beloved planet, is that the packaging is, IMO, totally unnecessary as the rigid plastic 'rip your fingers to pieces' covering is a hundred times bigger than the actual device, causing you not only to struggle getting into the package but then facing the hassles of where this should be recycled.
      When will these large companies realise that packaging needs to be cut down and only use what you actually need to cover the item being wrapped.

      And also the sound quality isn't fantastic, with there being a little crackling coming in from the background, even with the ear piece is stuffed into your ear, but this slight crackling doesn't affect the calls being made as you can still clearly understand the conversation being had.

      In all, a cracking little device which will allow you to take a call without the risk of causing a traffic accident, keeping your licence free form points and your wallet contents to yourself.
      But the great thing about this is the price as it can be bought for around £20.00, which, with a brand like Samsung, is a cracking price indeed.


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