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Sennheiser HD 229 Black

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2013 22:05
      Very helpful



      Extremely disappointing headphones

      I'll begin this review by saying that I have faith in Sennheiser, I typically view them as a trustworthy company when it comes to their headphones and earphones. This pair caught my eye particularly as they were on sale at a shop near me, so I threw caution to the wind and made an uninformed purchase (disgraceful, I know). I thought there would be no harm in this as I have purchased at least three other products from the company in the past and I have never been disappointed, so was I right this time?

      To begin with, this headphones look pretty damn cool. They come in black and white and just look good, the only problem is that some gadgets suffer because of this. In my case I opted for the black as I thought the white pair simply stood out TOO much, I wanted to wear these earphones on my commute to Uni every day and generally you don't want to make yourself a target. I think this is something you have to worry about when it comes to using peripherals outside so this is a simple word of warning regarding the colour of your headphones in general, not just this pair. The build quality isn't bad at all although it does suffer from something which I have experienced with headphones in the past, a type of creaking which only occurs with a certain kind of plastic. This irritates me greatly a lot of the time as it makes me feel like I have bought something which isn't built very well, but annoyingly you will here this creak whenever you adjust the size of the headphones to fit the size of your head. Another problem is that the bridge along the top of the headphones appears to jam fairly frequently, causing you to need to tug at it until it releases more. This can of course be remedied to a certain extent if you can keep it in the same position when you take them off or move them. The ear covers are comfortable and wont cause your ears much discomfort, something which seems to be rife in a lot of over ear headphones at the moment. I have listened to music for around two hours and felt completely content with the ear buds.

      Now on to the most important thing, sound quality! From the box I noticed that Sennheiser boast that these earphones have amazing bass, and honestly I have no idea what they are talking about. The bass is average to pitiful at times, even leading me to say that some in-ear earphones achieve better results regarding bass than these. If you are into music which use heavy beats throughout, please stay away from these headphones! Unfortunately because of the terrible bass it actually makes the sound quality on the headphones worsen considerably, making many of my favourite tunes lose any kind of bite and impact they would have had otherwise. Many of these tunes (without any kind of bass) feel extremely bland and it has made me realise that almost all music uses quite a lot of bass, making everything sound horrible and tinny. Another feature that Sennheiser touts with these headphones is that they are noise cancelling, this is a feature which does indeed work. On the whole, noises from the outside will barely reach your ears which is a very good thing indeed. On the other side of this is that there is some serious sound leakage, for those of you who don't understand this term it is when the sound you are listening to can be heard outside of the headphones. I have noticed while wearing these on the bus, I would occasionally get the look of death from others letting me know that it was time to turn my music down. This is irritating as it means that your music will sound even worse than it already does, except now it will be really quiet ( I suppose that is kind of a blessing).

      It is extremely unfortunate that these headphones are not very good as honestly I really wanted to like them. I cant help but feel let down by Sennheiser honestly as normally they are extremely good at making music products. Luckily I was able to get these at a discounted rate but I certainly wouldn't recommend them to anyone who are thinking of buying them at full price, I strongly recommend that you look elsewhere even at the rest of the Sennheiser range as they are much better.


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