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Sennheiser PC 21-II

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2013 20:13
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      A budget headset with some good points...as long as you can put up with the pain.

      I'm a pretty big gamer and I spend quite a bit of time playing games on my computer, most of the time I spend battling horrible monsters and creatures of the dark with a bunch of friends. Ultimately these games generally require a microphone to be able to effectively communicate with others, initially I would use the microphone built into my laptop but this soon became annoying to my fellow gamers due to background noise. I eventually invested in a more gaming oriented head set which broke recently and unfortunately I'm not exactly swimming in money due to being a student. As a result I turned to this microphone...

      Now initially this headset is quite attractive, it's from Sennheiser who I trust to make quality products because of previous experience with their earphones. Unfortunately my trust appeared to be misplaced, from the start I had problems even making sound come through them. I almost convinced myself that it was broken before it finally worked and I decided to stick with it, I booted up a game and began testing it out by talking to my friends. Ultimately the sound is pretty good, I could hear everyone else's clearly even if it was slightly grainy at times. Something which seemed to impress the people I was talking to was the clarity of my own voice, they claimed it was just as clear as my previous headset which pleased me greatly. This is of course due to Sennheiser's use of a noise cancelling mic which obviously works really well and is probably the best thing about this headset. Then the problems began...

      As I stated before, I spend quite a bit of time playing games and because of this the headset I use needs to be quite comfortable. This headset isn't at all. After about ten minutes I could already feel it digging into the top of my head, even the spongy section on my ear didn't feel all that good either. I suppose I either have a massive, weirdly shaped head or the headset is just plain uncomfortable. Honestly I gritted my teeth and tried to bare how uncomfortable they were but eventually I began to get headaches, this is when I simply gave up as it just wasn't worth it. Something else about this headset that shocked me was that it had to connecters, I assume one is for the sound and one is for the microphone. To me this seems awfully old fashioned and I was shocked that it did not simply use the microphone jack. The next problem that I noticed may just be one of my bug bears but this headset has an insanely small cable! The problem with this is that it makes it extremely easy for the headset to break and I wouldn't be surprised if the headset ended up breaking after a few months and to me that's just not good enough.

      Ultimately I wouldn't whole heartedly recommend this headset, at the end of the day my experience with it was pretty terrible. I suppose the price and the quality of the microphone might be enough for some people who will only be using the headset for short periods of time, but anyone wearing it for longer than 15 minutes will suffer the wrath of a totally uncomfortable object wrapped around your head.


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