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    1 Review
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      14.11.2011 15:01
      Very helpful




      As well as my normal job I partake in some work from home duties which involves using a headset on a computer to talk to people via programmes such as skype and other online talking utilities. I also game a lot online with the need for headsets so often find myself trying out the latest gadgets and gizmos. The headset I am currently using, and perhaps the finest one I have ever had the pleasure of using, is this Sony device. Its been a joy from start to finish and I really cannot see how another headset can improve. Design, usability, quality.....this headset has it all.

      Sony of course is one of the world leaders in technology and consistently produce hi-tech, state of the art goods that shine in quality and services and give the users optimum satisfaction.

      This is a wired headset which is ideal for me as the wireless ones I have used in the past have failed in terms of consistency and keeping the connection going. This wired one connects via the usual headphone jack slot so you can use this on any device with such a jack. This cord is nice and long which means you can sit far away. I have needed to use the supplied tie to keep the wire bunched together as it is too long and gets in the way if sitting close up. It's a good strong cord though and will last many tugs and pulls.

      The comfort factor here is incredibly high. The whole device looks heavy but feels light. The big ear plates cover the ear and give a great sound. The padding means your ears are protected and have a nice smooth and warm feel (but not too warm as other headsets cause ear sweat! Urgh!). They sit finely on the side of the head without digging in, without grating and being a very comfy fit. Even after periods of extensive use they remain comfortable.

      The head band is solid and very adjustable and the tough connections mean it stays in place and doesn't slip and slide all over the place. Its tough but not so tough that it sticks in the head and makes things unpleasant. Its just right and coupled with the fact that the whole device does not really weigh a great deal and you have something that in terms of comfort is one of, if not the finest headset I have ever used.

      In terms of sound quality this comes up trumps as well giving a crystal clear sound through the headphones. Music, movies and friends sound great, gaming sounds like your are there. The design means the sound fills the ear with a clear, vivid sound that even the most picky of listeners would have difficulty to pick faults with.

      The microphone sticks out form the headphone one the left side and is a solid strip. Its of superb quality and stays firmly in place and with the built in noise cancellation when I have been recording myself using this it sounds clears. From my working time with it I have had no issues with people not being able to hear me, no problems with people asking me to repeat and just pure clarity. It really is quality.

      Taking very little time to set up even a novice could have this up and running in a matter of mere minutes and I feel for the price of £29.99 which I paid it's a perfect headset for all occasions and even only for mild use its far better paying good money for a quality product that cheap and nasty versions.


      Also on CIAO


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