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Sony Ericsson Bluetooth HBH-PV700

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    2 Reviews
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      05.08.2009 21:18
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      This is a really nice headset, looks good, affordable and clever.

      I purchased this bluetooth headset a few months ago and it has been really useful.

      I'm on my phone quite a lot, and it was a nightmare whilst I was driving and my phone went off. I decided I had to invest in a headset.

      There was so much choice in the internet so it was difficult to know what one to go after, and after reading a few good reviews for the HBH-PV700 I brought it. I own a Sony Ericsson phone and I've heard if you connect the two you get better results, although it works perfectly fine on any other phone.

      It was really simple to use. You only really had to turn it on, connect it to the phone with a simple bluetooth passcode (generally I think its always 0000) and then it was set up. It's easy to turn on and off, and if you turn it on with the phone in distance, then it automatically sets it up, so that if you get a phone call, you simply press the answer button on the headset.

      The headset is a nice colour and looks sophisticated, and isn't too big to look silly, neither is it too small to lose easily.

      The sound quality is really good. Normally I have problems talking to my boyfriend, our phones never seem to get on! Generally there's some kind of crackling in the background but once I used this, the problem went away, so if anything, it made the quality a lot better.

      It comes with a charger which is really similar to phone chargers, and can be plugged into a normal socket (or you can buy a car charger which is handy).

      The ear piece is really comfortable which I was surprised by. I wear glasses, so I thought having this thing over my ear as well as a glasses arm wouldn't work, but it does. The 'hook' is made of rubber so is really flexible and can be moved so that it's on either ear.

      A great little accessory for any phone.


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        09.06.2008 16:30



        Very good headset! No regrets!

        I've never fancied Sony Ericsson products let alone its accessories, but this unit caught my attention when I saw it was on sale for just below USD25, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it for this price.

        Weight & Size: At around 23 grams & nearly 3 inches long, it's still feels very light. At times I forget that it's on my ear.

        Setting up: I had no problems pairing it. Subsequently, the headset automatically pairs with the phone when

        The ear hook can be detached to allow utilization on either ear.

        The speaker volume can be adjusted with the + & - buttons. Depressing + & - buttons simultaneously lets you check the battery status via the blinking LED.

        Voice dailing is possible if you camera supports this function.

        Sound quality: I am very happy with the sound quality. However, while in standby mode, I do hear some hissing sound on top of the normal tone generated by the phone when you hit the phone buttons.

        Overall, I find this unit to be a very good buy.


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