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Sony Ericsson HPM-70

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2009 15:01
      Very helpful



      Time for me to get an mp3 player I think

      With my slightly better hpm 75's biting the dust recently I went to the same guy and he said these we're pretty much the same things, just a different colour, box and "version". I thought why not the problem with the last ones was the ear piece anyway. Now a quick look on Amazon says the hpm70 is the FULL thing (the HPM75 was odd just the slim cable from the phone to the head phone jack...
      ) whether Amazon are wrong is debatable but lets go by their word.

      The device cost £5 and is effectively a headphone set for your Sony and a wired hands-free kit, allowing you to do 2 main things with it. The one that they we're obviously sold primarily with the idea of doing is being the device to allow people to talk on the phone with out holding it. Despite the fact I'm usually on the phone in bed it's always useful to be able to have your hands free (especially as part of a long distance relationship if you know what I mean), for those on the streets walking from a to b hands free kits are probably a way of life. Though with this device it this may not be the easiest of ways to go about it as you need the head phone into the phone jack into the actual phone, quite a lot of effort for it's worth when there's so many hands free wireless sets now available.

      As a music headphone however is where the device gets most it's use from me, as an anti-social and quite cynical sort of creature I like to live in my own world with my sense of hearing plastered over by the vocal musings of Jeff and Tim Buckley, and screamed at with a style falsetto by Matt Bellamy or Raine Maida. In fact I'm all to happy to hide in my little world away from the foolishness of society and as a result these have become a bit of a necessity allowing a loud level of sound out and pulsating into my ears, just the solution to a world that can't help but allow wagging tongues to make worded waffles. Sadly however the short ear phone seems to be dead on my set with in a fortnight, not very acceptable, and no where near as good as the 75's.

      Despite the fact the headphones do get a good test out by my self, I don't really abuse them or damage them, yes they are cheap and yes they are phone headphones but they should last in complete working condition for longer than a few weeks. Considering I seem to all but fund the industry maybe this is a time to be quite, but personally the shoddy work that goes into creating headphones that despite sounding brilliant seem to have a live span that only a may fly would be jealous of. Yes they are a nice piece of kit whilst they work, but when the hpm75's (which come with headphones, despite the official line being it's the phone jack) are the same price and last longer in both ears, it's an obvious choice which ones to get next.

      However with the fact I've now spent £20 in 12 months on headphones for my Sony mobiles I'm starting to consider changing tact and instead buying an actual mp3 player and a decent pair of headphones. With audio equipment, lets be honest, it often is a case of you get what you pay for, and these are no exception. Cheap and cheerful with really decent volume, good quality sound but terrible build quality.


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