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Sony Ericsson HPM-75

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Sony Ericsson HPM-75 - Headset ( ear-bud )

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    2 Reviews
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      05.08.2009 09:13
      Very helpful



      A great handsfree kit for Sony Ericssons

      Whilst lying in bed, music pouring into my ears, the thought of taking advantage of the device playing the tunes and reviewing it was a genius idea. So here we go a review of the current headphones I'm using for the Sony Ericsson C902 which seem to be the HPM-75 (after looking through over 420 products these look the most accurate to the only difference being the colour on the website). The question of what the HPM-75 really is is a bit of an odd on as the device comes in 2 bits:
      A 3 foot cord connecting directly into a Sony Ericsson phone with one end and leaving a 35mm headphone jack exposed at the other with a microphone and a hang up button for hands free mobile usage.
      A pear of relatively cheap looking headphones that look like they were picked up for 99p from a budget shop.

      Well according to Sony's own website:
      "Your Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-75 has a 3.5 mm plug built in so that you can swap the headphones".

      So it's the first part, the wire that allows you to connect headphones to the phone (indirectly), which makes this review even more complicated. The cable comes in at around 3 foot long and connects straight into the phones with an end that resembles that of the charger (and Phone-PC cables), the end of the wire leads to a colour face of plastic (in the case of myself it's red) with a microphone on it to allow hands free usage of the phone and a button to hang up allow you to get rid of those horrible and vile debt collectors from Halifax.

      However with out a pair of headphones the device is effectively pointless (as you can't hear anything without) so many market stalls have pre-packaged the device with a pair of cheap headphones and retail them together for £5 without making a loss. Of course you'll be wanting a pear of headphones that use the 35mm jack, so you might as well use the pair you got for free until they die.

      Now there's only 2 reasons you're going to be using these, either your a walker and a talker, using them to keep calls going whilst out and about. Driving or walking whilst your need to take a call can be a nightmare, but a pre-emptive strike by getting these baby's ready will ease your problems and allow you to continue on your daily stroll... or drive. A simple device well worked for this process despite the fact that Bluetooth ones do much a better job for these and are much less wired.
      The other reason and lets be honest the major reason you'll even be looking at this as a prospective purchase is if your a music lover and want to listen to music whilst you walk about, blanking out the evil doers of the outside world.

      Having not used the device to take calls (alas, so unwanted) I have had plenty of use from the music side of things (with the packaged headphones). Having recently found sleep an almost impossible task, I've found myself listening to music to try and help what is probably mild insomnia (3 hours of sleep a day for 2 weeks...) and this is really testing the device. So far however the device has held up well, despite a little bit of quality loss since the original use they have been bunged in my work pockets so I can hide from the world whilst I eat my lunch, an anti social shield from society. The songs are clear and loud enough to drown out most things, with the rubber headed in the ear speakers the vast majority of the external noise is swiftly blanked to allow the music of your choosing to take precedence over that of societies background sounds.

      The only major flaw with the cable if there is one, is that you will likely just buy a whole new set for £5 rather than just getting a new set of solid headphones when the ones you got went bust. Possibly thinking it's the HPM-75 that have been the bane of your listening experience when really it's the cheap ear pieces. Though at £5 it's nothing really to spend on head phones that will last a month or two. Though not a flaw, the device could have been improved (and later versions of it look like they have been) by including a sound control and song changing facility as seen on the phone, though even this is looking for a problem. A question perhaps has to be asked as to why the device comes in two pieces, with the clever man's answer being "the most damageable part of the device is the headphone, it's easier to just replace that part than the whole device". So you might as well get your self some top quality headphones to go with a top quality connecting cable.


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      20.09.2008 05:52



      Can't go wrong with these babies!

      HPM-75 came with my Sony K750i cameraphone. It has an earphone extension to the cable-phone connector, as shown in the picture. I have always like the in-ear style phones, and I still use one today! (as a matter of fact, I use the black one from the W880i which is identical). The sound quality is brilliant, and cancels almost everything of the environment around you. Especially good for bass sounds (which can be adjusted using the phone or music player you're using), and the bass sounds almost live. Handles high pitches well, especially that of the classical music, the violins and fluts sound absolutely stunning. With chrome finishes, it looks good too, and feels good to have it in the ear, even for a long time. Can use it for other multimedia devices with 3.5mm input, though longer extension is required as the cord is quite short. Definitely worh the money, for great sound and looks!


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  • Product Details

    Every detail is for great sound quality. Changeable ear buds fit perfectly to block noise and get into the bass. And not bother the person next to you.