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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2012 16:44
      Very helpful



      A great pair of headphones.

      I don't regularly wear headphones as I feel unnerved by the fact that I can't hear what is going on around me. My husband, on the other hand, regularly plays his music through headphones.

      The headphones that are sat on the desk at the moment are these Sony MDR-XB300's I brought them for him a couple of years back after he stood on his last pair, they cost me around £25 and can still be found for around this price on amazon.co.uk.

      The headphones themselves are nothing remarkable to look at, they are identical to the picture in the dooyoo catalogue except my pair are silver coloured instead of blue.

      The headphones sit on your head with an alice band type arrangement, the band is adjustable on either side to allow you to sit the headphones comfortably on your ears, the band is made of black plastic and looks and feels quite strong, unless they get trod on again. The branding on these headphones is minimal with the word Sony on either side of the band.

      The speaker cups themselves are attached to the band via a plastic pin, this allows the cups to swivel about 25 degrees, again allowing for a comfortable fit on most size heads.

      Each speaker cup is marked with an L and R for left and right, this is handy as you know which ways around these are supposed to sit on your head. The speaker cups are padded with foam and then coated in a leather feeling fabric that feels quite soft. When putting these headphones on I noticed that there is a small raised dot on the left one, I think this is to enable those who have sight problems to know which way around these should sit.

      For the purpose of this review I have popped the headphones on, and I am now sat here feeling quite paranoid. The speaker cups fit quite snuggle over my ears, my ears do feel slightly warm, but not overly so. I would not describe these as noise cancelling as I can sort of hear what is going on around me.

      I am not very technical when it comes to describing sound but I will do my best. When I have the volume turned to full the sound is nice and clear, different sounds do come through each speaker. I think for a good listening experience it is best to have them on the right ears so the sound travels around properly. The headphones deliver a good amount of base, it is not ear rattling. The higher pitched sounds are nice and sharp.

      I have listened to some James Blunt, Bryan Adams and The Cascades through the headphones and all tracks are delivered very clearly, if any thing I would say it is better through the headphones than through the pc speakers.

      When my husband has these on the music he is playing stays relatively contained within the speakers of the headphones, I very rarely hear what he has playing.

      The headphone lead is relatively short at 1.2m, I think these are made for sitting at a desk or using with an mp3 player or iPod; if you were to plug them into the TV you would be sat almost on top of it. The lead is a flat lead and feels quite thin, but there have been no breakages or loosening of the wires and my husband has used these most days for the past two years. The connector that plugs into the speaker jack is 3.5mm and gold plated; it is also an L shaped plug which seems to make it less vulnerable to being knocked out.

      I don't like to put a big list of specifications into my reviews but here are a few. The sound output mode is Stereo, the frequency response is 5-22000Hz, the sensitivity is 100dB/mW, and the impedance is 24 Ohm. Most of that means nothing to me.

      In conclusion I think these are a good pair of stereo headphones, they delivery a good level of sound, the base stays clear with out rattling my teeth and the higher pitched noises stay sharp. As we have had them for two years I can honestly say that they are worth the money paid. They have been used most days and still look as good as new, if they were to break I would happily replace with an identical pair.

      Thank you for reading.


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      12.05.2012 01:29



      Fantastic value for money!

      If you're looking for audiophile grade, or well balanced headphones, these are not for you. However, if you are interested in headphones with punchy, heavy, responsive bass - for genres such as electronic, hip-hop and rock - these are the ticket.

      The mid and high is kept relevant as the bass is not too overpowering, but it is still more prevalent than in other headphones.

      These headphones, whilst being made out of plastic, are very durable and have survived a year and a half of regular use, due perhaps to the fact they are more so bulky than other cans. Also this is arguably also owing to the fact they have a 'spaghetti' wire to eradicate wire tangling and therefore damage to the wire.

      The comfort offered by these headphones is second to none, except perhaps the other two models up from these cans, this being offered by the giant sponge cup on each channel. Even though these headphones are amazingly comfortable the emphasis on bass is somewhat draining, and after sometime of listening to particularly bass heavy music I had to stop listening and recuperate!

      Overall, I'd really suggest these as they are the least bass heavy of the series but still do a good job of keeping the integrity between the mid and high even though they have a deeper bass than normal phones.


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