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Anabox 7 Day Pill Organiser

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Brand: Anabox

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2013 11:51
      Very helpful



      a useful container for medicine

      It was at about the same time that two physicians told me I would have to take a certain medicine for the rest of my life and another one for a period of five years. I was doubly shocked. Firstly, because the idea as such has something frightening. The inexorability of 'for the rest of my life' gives me the creeps. Secondly, for the simple reason that I'm forgetful. How to remember to take my daily dosage? I had the two packets of pills on my breakfast table but knew that wouldn't be enough. What if I didn't forget my medicine but took it twice on the same day? Everything is possible for my befuddled early morning brain.

      By chance I read a review on a pill organiser and knew I had to have one to end my plight. I ordered one from Amazon but obviously hadn't thoroughly thought through the acquisition. I bought a small and inconspicuous one, I can't remember why I guessed that would be a good idea. It was white with two thin black letters for each day on the cover of each pill compartment. It didn't take long and the letters became illegible and then rubbed off. The covers didn't look too trustworthy, either. How long would it take until they got loose and fell off? One day I was hit with an inspiration: Why not go to a pharmacy and see if they had pill organisers on offer? Who should sell such things if not they? I was ashamed to realise that the internet had already discombobulated my brain so much that I had first thought of ordering something online before finding out if I could buy it in an real life shop. If we all order only online, our town centres will soon be dead.

      When I saw the colourful and sturdy pill organisers from ANABOX on the counter of a pharmacy, I knew that that was what I should have bought all along. There are three different types available: The ANABOX Daily Box which is meant to keep pills for one single day for patients who have to take several pills at different times and perhaps not always the same number. This was also the first box which German pharmacist Dr. Bertram Fritzsch invented in collaboration with a medical practitioner.
      Next they thought of ANABOX 7 Days. The same idea, but here seven daily boxes are fixed together so that a full week's supply of medication can be stored.

      What I need is the ANABOX 1x7. It has seven compartments and provides one week's supply of pills which you take once a day. It's advertised for 'businessmen and users that are travelling a lot'. I don't belong to either category, but am also an appropriate customer. I sincerely hope that things stay the way they're now, namely that I don't have to take more medication distributed over the whole day and need a bigger box.
      The ANABOX 1x7 is available in bright, clear colours, namely blue, green, red and yellow. They all look good. The problems of living in an affluent society! I hate it when I have to take decisions in such small matters. I decided not to lose time over it and opted for the green one. It's 13.5 cm long, 5 cm wide and 2 cm high. The shape is ergonomic, that means that there are no rough edges. The bottom is white, the covers are coloured. The firm producing ANABOX maintain on their homepage that the plastic is of highest quality. The individual compartments have the first two letters of the names of the days written in clear white script on them (the English variety has the first three letters). They're tightly closed. I thought a bit less tight would be a good idea when I tried to pry them open. This was before I read in the instruction leaflet that I have to press the middle of the slightly convex cover when I want to open a compartment to take out the pills. The covers are so tight to prevent the pills from falling out unintentionally.

      An information I hadn't expected is that the ANABOXes are dishwasher-proof. Why would I want to wash a container of pills at all, in the dishwasher or by hand? Well, maybe if I accidentally smear jam or honey onto or into it which can happen, of course, given that it lies on my breakfast table.

      I know that many people don't give a monkey's for background information on a product. I like to have some, though, and also to share it. The first part of the name ANABOX is taken from the place name Annaberg-Buchholz. This is a small town of ~21.000 inhabitants in the south-eastern corner of Germany, in the former GDR (German Democratic Republic). It's about 25 km from the border with the Czech Republic. Economically, it's dead trousers there (as the Germans say), i.e., nothing's stirring. Jobs are rare, lots of people have left the area and migrated to the West. It makes me happy to read about a successful business. The ANABOXes are sold in 20 countries. Maybe my review can lure some more customers, the people there would deserve them.

      British Amazon sell the ANABOX 1x7 for 4.67 GBP. But check your local pharmacy or drugstore first!


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