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Boots Botanics Aromatherapy Cooling Gel Lavender

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Brand: Boots / Dosage Form: Gel

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2012 20:20
      Very helpful



      A soothing, calming, relaxing gel.

      I'm not embarrassed to say I had the odd panic attack, in fact over the past 2 years I had them so bad I had to leave my job and had to work damn hard to overcome problems with them. And I decided to use every tool at my disposal, counselling, self-help groups, medication, books and this kind of thing, aromatherapy.

      I probably picked this up as one of their 3 for the price of 2 offers as it does cost £4.60 and I'm a bit stingy. It comes in a relatively small tube, maybe 3 inches high and 1 ½ across. This makes it just perfect to go in your handbag, its very unobtrusive, its white with green writing and a lavender picture. What it is is stated in quite small letters. It very much resembles a tube of hand cream, perfect if you drop it and someone else picks it up and you get embarrassed at someone else seeing it.

      Its a flip top which does annoy me as a small amount of gel never goes back in after you've squeezed it out and you can end up with gunk around the rim.

      When you flip open the tube there isn't an immediate strong smell of lavender, you have to hold it up to your nose. I do appreciate this as lavender isn't particularly one of my favourite smells.

      The lavender gel really does have two purposes, you can use it for relaxation purposes or as a soothing gel for sunburn.

      If you want to use it to help you sleep lavender does a great job. You take a small amount and rub it into your pulse points, namely your wrists, temples and the neck, you also do this just to relax. The gel is non-sticky and absorbs quickly into your skin. Again the smell is not over powering but you can definitely start to smell it now. It does last a fair amount of time and I always put it on my wrists so I can lift it to my nose and inhale the smell if I'm still feeling a little anxious.

      If you want to use it for sunburn just stroke it over the hot skin. I haven't personally used it for this s I think its too expensive to go slapping all over bare skin. I can feel it cool the skin when I use it one my pulse points so I've no doubt it woks. I prefer to get a big bottle of aloe vera gel and slap that all over.

      Does it wok for relaxing and anxiety though? Well, yes, I think it does and it isn't just a gimmick. Lavender has been used for relaxing and sleep problems for centuries. I most definitely feel less anxious quite quick afterwards and continue to do after sniffing my wrists.

      Of course I could be entirely cynical and says its a gimmick and I'm actively dealing with my anxiety and using various breathing techniques which stop the panic but I'd like to think not!


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