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Conceive Plus Pre Conception Lubricant

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Brand: Concieve Plus / Type: Lubricant / Dosage Form: Lubricant

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2013 13:53
      Very helpful



      A Lube you cannot *Trust* to do what it says on the tube.

      Alarm-bells ring in my head whenever I observe tautology on packaging. I'm referring to the terms: conceive (becoming pregnant) and conception (process of becoming pregnant) - a marketing ploy that over-plays the please buy-me placard for 'wanna-be' parents. Those who will try anything to have a successful conception and I'm including myself in the mix. Marketers generalise odiously with packaging wording, duly on the basis there is no valid reason why this product is better than natural lubrication. It is not as if the product can guarantee a first-class harmonious environment for the millions of seeds to surf all the way to the egg. All that has been tinkered with is the PH levels, which is in spermicidal liquid. In normal lubes the sperm-killing agent is a hostile environment for sperm to encounter. Herewith, not to be used if you're trying for a baby - common-sense you would've thought. 'Conceive Plus,' marketing-wise has been offering 'wanna-be' parents false hope, a kind of 'last change saloon' when it comes to the natural process of becoming pregnant. I would even go as far as saying that there is no need for this product on the market - you cannot over-rule or re-direct nature's course. For us, we've moved onwards to 'plan A,' not exactly a step backwards but a realisation there is no 'magical surf board to the egg,' regardless of the amount of 'Conceive Plus' lube applied. Having tried and tested for several months we come to the assumption transit is either delayed or cancelled - what is apparent is that this lube is not a tube station. In real terms it is obsolete - therefore, now I've concluded the lubricant purely has the traits of a marketing campaign which is aimed at the desperate 'wanna-be' parent's emotive string.

      Having been a lube user for years, the best one is the cervix's Glycerol (natural lube) which is excreted whilst sexual arousal takes place. Often, I've found the amount is diminished and it is not duly on lack of stimulation but because the body relies on the lube more-so than scientists and researchers originally thought. This lube has another negative point, not only is it miss-selling the concept of conceiving, the lube has agents that engineers dryness of the cervix - Diminished by a third, while engaging in the same act and duration. No, I know our bodies are not like machines albeit, the evidence is compelling. Of course, the state of mind plays a major factor as natural Glycerol is produced over a set time as well as initial act of spontaneity - and this leads me onto the product branding, again - but from a different angle. 'Conceive Plus;' denotes pressure. Subconsciously on each application there is added pressure of becoming pregnant - not a sexy thought, especially when you've been trying for quite a while. Personally, there is a sell-by-date - yea, use it for six months if you have to, even if it is for going through a pregnancy option. Just reconfirming to each other you want the same thing, some couples need that reassurance - for me it is too clinical, pleasure is dulled somewhat when clinical routines invade your way of life. However, that is just a personal preference. Maybe, I come across too carefree - but I do this as to not add more pressure to my partner - because, like her, I want her to conceive; to become a parent rather than a desperate 'wanna-be' parent. I dislike the branding; you might as well call it: 'Desperate Wanna-be Parent' it is closer to the truth, than what this product claims. The crux of the problem of reading successful reports / articles of the *few* who could be spammers, fake endorsed comments etc - is it doesn't help those who want it to work for them - how do they know it was the lube that 100% made them pregnant? The event occurrence could be a number of reasons - it could be down to being mentally right - mind, body, and fertility working in unison. The type of lube has nowt to do with it! The really desperate parent whose own body environment isn't relaxed during copulation and in fact is a hostile environment for sperm - her anxious chemicals is a slammed door to active sperm. A catch 22 - although just one catch would suffice.

      The product packaging is a clever piece of ingenuity. The flip cap application is easy and satisfying, no chemical, synthetic scent or taste is noticeable and for an ordinary lube it has a fine consistency. No bells and whistles is required although I did have a habit of chucking it away after use just so that I wasn't reminded of the importance of it. I have no way of knowing if this is a sperm friendly lubricant. For those wanting a consistent thin lube to heighten their sensitivity, I recommend it. Set at £8.99 from Pharmaceutical vendors for a 75 ml tube, this lube isn't for the cash-strapped consumer. The science doesn't fit the marketing claims and so I can only give it two stars - a big negative, in all honesty I wished it was more sensitively marketed. Conception is a serious matter for the desperate 'wanna-be' parent. A good example of seeing how much money can be extracted from this group of people. Serious times, serious pleasures.


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        18.11.2012 17:57
        Very helpful



        TTC buddies... It's worth a try, but I dont think it can combat major fertility problems

        Anyone trying for their first child, or anyone who can remember, will know that initially it is an exciting and nerve wracking experience but after many months with no luck excitement turns to disappointment and then to upset, confusion and stress. You will purchase almost anything on the market which may help you in your trying to conceive journey no matter what the cost.
        It was my mum who initially suggested we use pre seed lubricant as she works in Boots and had read that some lubricants are actually bad for sperm and kill it. The pre seed has been scientifically proven to help sperm reach the egg. A little strange having this conversation with your mum but never the less we decided to give it a try.
        I found it relatively easy to use. I didn't have the applicator version but it wasn't much of a problem introducing it into the bedroom as part of the baby making process 
        However, If you are wanting to inject it far up into yourself, which I assume would be better then I definitely recommend using the applicator as I'm pretty sure when we used it the lubricant didn't go right up inside only around the vaginal wall.
        It feels ok, to be honest it is just similar to all the other lubricants on the market and if you need to use lubricant in order to enjoy intercourse and you are trying for a baby then I would say this product is a must. It is slightly sticky and gloopy but I guess that's what you should expect. It is pretty odourless which is good and has a long use by date. You get a fair amount in the tube as well so although it is a little costly you do get a lot for your money. If I had one complaint it would be the packaging, there is a picture of a bonny baby on the front of the tube. I don't think this is very helpful as when you reach for it during them 'intimate moments' the last thing you want to see is a bouncing baby, especially when you are struggling so much to have one of your own.
        And I guess now for the bit you all want to know, did it work? Well no, at least not for us; although we have now found we do have a fertility issue and are on the IVF waiting list which we start in the New Year. This in my opinion is not a quick fix and from my own experience it does not combat medical problems; but is definitely worth it rather than using normal lubricant and I have had friends who have sworn by it in getting pregnant.


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          26.10.2011 18:46
          Very helpful



          A great sperm friendly lubricant that is easy to use and can help you conceive

          When we decided we wanted to try for our second child early this year I knew that again we would use some sperm friendly lubricant to try to help the sperm meets egg situation. At the age of 38 when we started trying to conceive I was aware that the chances of me conceiving were going down due to my age. When we had our first son over 3 years ago we used Pre-seed Lubricant and found it to be excellent but I disliked the application. This is as it a case of inserting a tube into your vagina then squirting the lubricant in. This I felt whilst working wonders was a bit clinical and when I looked on the Boots website and saw the Sasmar lubricant was available in a more traditional tube form as well as applicators I thought it was worth a try. The review will focus on the tube version as this is the only one we used.

          Why use a sperm friendly lubricant the science bit!
          A number of clinical studies have shown that the more traditional personal lubricants such as KY jelly are spermicidal (harmful to human sperm) whilst they don't actually kill sperm they reduce their viability and motility, thereby decreasing the chances of conception. Sasmar Conceive PlusTM is very different in that has been scientifically formulated to not harm sperm viability or function which is hope will then improving your chances of conception and pregnancy.

          The World Health Organisation has produced reports stating the optimal condition for sperm survival and migration in the cervical mucus is a pH in the range of 7.0 to 8.5 and an isotonic solution. Sasmar Conceive PlusTM is formulated so that both pH and osmolality are at levels which are safe for sperm and again this is hoped to increase the chance of sperm survival so to help and aid conception.

          If you want to read more about the lubricants science and why each ingredient is include the following link provides a lot of information http://www.conceiveplus.com/conceive_plus_ingredients_ph.php


          The packaging
          The tube comes in a baby pink box with a baby on the front so straight away it is trying to appeal to couples trying for a baby. There is nothing remotely sexy about the packaging but it is easy to find on the shelves in Boots. The tube inside is again baby pink with the same design on it. The top of the tube has a flip top cap to make it easy to get into and to close with one hand as we found.

          In use
          When we were trying to conceive we would generally make love most nights around my most fertile window. I wasn't measuring my basal temperature or using ovulation sticks to chart my cycle but instead just used the internet and typed into the "Baby Centre" website my first day of my cycle the length of my cycle and this would give me generally around a 7 day likelihood window of my fertile period. During this time we would use the lubricant to help me not only get in the mood as it were but to increase the chances of conception.

          The lubricant itself is very watery and if you are familiar with the jelly like qualities of KY then this lubricant will be quite a shock and was to us. When I first got some out of the tube I was surprised how thin it was and had to quickly get my husband to help us both apply some before it ran through the palms of our hands. Once applied it is quite slick to the touch and certainly acted well as a lubricant. We found that generally one application was all that was need and there was no need for reapplication during intercourse. This was as it didn't seem to dry out in anyway and kept things nice and smooth and flowing throughout.

          The second occasion we were more prepared for how thin it was and actually rather than apply into first to our hands then onto my body or my husbands, we would apply it directly to the area chosen and found this actually meant we used a little less and were more in control of were we were applying it too. Again this produced good lubrication and only needed one application per sex session.

          As with most lubricants it did enhance the pleasure of making love and the lubricant added a little bit of spice to the occasion.

          I do have some sensitive skin issues but never got any negative reactions or rashes whilst using this and neither did my husband.

          The aspect of did it help us conceive well I can't claim that it was definitely this that did the trick. But I am now 14 weeks pregnant and got our positive pregnancy result after using this for just 3 months which I think for my age is a good result as it can take an average of 6 months of trying to conceive.

          Comparing this to Pre-seed which we used for trying with my son, I have to say I prefer this product mainly due to the difference in application, as the tube method to apply it makes it seem more like a normal lubricant. This made the process feel a lot less clinical and more romantic which I think also helps keep you in the mood and makes things seem more pleasurable rather than focusing purely on conception. In regards to texture of the two products they are very similar and I can't actually recall there being much difference between the two.

          Overall and recommendation
          I would definitely recommend this as a sperm friendly lubricant it is easy to apply and whilst it is thin in its consistency it lubricates well and helps love making become nice and smooth. We did conceive naturally using this for 3 months so I do think it probably did help and live up to its claims of helping conception. At around £14 from Boots for a 75 ml tube it is expensive but we still have plenty left in the one tube we bought after trying for 3 months so it does last well. It also available from Amazon and I have noticed today (25/10/2011) it is priced around £9 for the tube.


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