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Dr Johnson's Bite & Sting Relief

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2 Reviews

Contains Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera.

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2006 18:45
      Very helpful



      Roll on stick to soothe itches

      Having a little miss who usually gets bitten by irritating flying creatures (obviously a tasty morsel), I bought this before we went away at Easter, and have used it for the whole summer, when mosquitos etc are at their peak.


      As ever, I was seduced by promises, and this product was no exception. It apparantly provides intant relief and kills germs on contact, is non toxic (good move), and can be used on children from 36 months.


      The bite and sting relief comes in a roll on 50ml stick, and one of the main advantages is that it is quite small, and so can be carried around in bags, and tucked into suitcases. there is no fear of spillage because it's plastic, rather like a roll on anti perspirant. The stick has a screw on/off cap with all the instructions and ingredients explained and listed on the back.

      Unscrew the lid, and the similarity between this and an anti perspirant increases, as it has a definite roll on applicator.

      When it is rolled on to the affected area, the liquid does come out easily, and can be seen as a faint, clear liquid on the skin, which has a very lightly perfumed smell, but nothing too overpowering or repugnant to we humans, although maybe insects dislike it.

      USING IT...

      This is really simple... simply roll onto the affected area as soon as a bite or sting is noticed, and reapply as often as is necessary.

      It can be used on minor burns and abrasions, and as I mentioned before, is safe for children from the age of 3 years, although I don't know what could be used for younger children.


      I won't list the ingredients, suffice to say that it is suitable for the whole family, assuming they are over 3. It says that it is made from 100% Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, although other ingredients are listed.


      Apparantly it is very unlikely that an irritation of any kind will occur, but if it does, you should sensibly, and, I think obviously, stop using it. Remember that it is for external use only


      I bought mine from savers and it cost £1.99, although I have seen it on websites for £2.99, so it's worth checking out your local chamist, because p and p would make postal purchases much more expensive.


      Good stuff!! We have used this in Africa and Europe this year, so we had a good selection of beasty stings. The bite and sting relief is easy enough even for children to apply, when they know where they have been bitten, and it does have an almost instantly soothing effect. It takes the sting out of bites and after frequent application, no one had any infected bites. it is always difficult to stop children scratching, but this certainly helped to stop any infections. When applied it dries quickly, so you are not left with liquid trickling down you limbs, and it seems to stay very localised to wherever you actually apply it.

      For the price of the product, it is s real bargain for anyone involved in outdoor activities, and for people travelling abroad.

      Safe and easy for children to use, simple application, quick drying and long lasting. i would recommend this product, because however much insect repellent you apply, if you are anything like use, then you will get bitten.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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        26.07.2006 21:40
        Very helpful



        finally some relief that works

        Now then, it's that time of year when the bugs are out in force and you're constantly being bitten. Don't you sometimes feel like they are crawling everywhere? Last week I decided to venture out into the 'garden' it was more like being in the jungle! I just felt as though my skin was riddled with these nasty parasites. People keep on telling me that they can't hurt you, they're more scared of you than you are of them and frankly it's rubbish. I can't stand creepy crawlies and last week was it, I was completely fed up of being bitten and recently I have tried that many products it's becoming slightly irritating to say the least.


        Anyway, last week I then found a new product that I haven't heard much about, Dr Johnson Bite and Sting Relief. The product is supplied as a roll on stick of 50ml, it is fairly small and so I must say that for this reason I was initially hesitant about purchasing it, however when I saw the price of £1.99 I decided that it would be worth a try. I think that as a new product the stick actually retails for around £2.50 however I am not definite as when I purchased the stick there was a discount - hhhm perhaps something to do with the weather?! I have since carried out some research to try and clear up this matter and I have found various prices between £1.99 and £3.50. I have looked on the Internet and in shops however the obvious disadvantage of the Internet is that clearly on such a small product p+p often costs more than the stick itself. Due to this it may well be best to go down to the local pharmacy, I suppose at least then you get an immediate result!


        Also as I was at the time purchasing the 'relief' for my family as well as myself I had to be careful as to the ingredients, this is because my elder sister has sensitive skin and as always I'm never too sure about new things. I was actually surprisingly pleased when I read the ingredients; the stick contains witch hazel & Aloe Vera, both of which are products I am happy to use regularly. In the past I have found Witch Hazel to be a good old-fashioned reliable product that is inexpensive and does what it says. This finally tempted me to buy the product and off I went to try yet another form of relief. Now then there is not that much else in the roll-on however I will include everything;

        *Aloe Vera
        *Witch Hazel
        *Non-toxic chemicals
        *Botanically based
        *Completely made up of natural ingredients

        The reason for which I have highlighted the final point is that I think that anyone who also has members of the family that suffer with sensitive skin, whether minor or more serious will be reassured to know that the stick is made up of natural products only. As far as I am aware so far there have been no problems with the product however my sister fortunately doesn't suffer too badly so my advice would still be to be careful as ever when trying something new.

        When I reached home I more a less applied the product immediately as I was particularly irritated, I applied a small amount the under side of my arm and gave it a while, there was certainly no irritation so I applied some more and found the result to be fairly soothing. Although there were clearly still red patches it felt less irritable and for this reason I was able to leave the bites alone -I'm sure everyone will understand what I mean when I sat that there was a constant anxiety to rub the bite over and over. However I was pleasantly surprised considering the in expense.

        Witch Hazel

        I also applied some Witch hazel to soothe the irritations which just helped further. As I said I am keen on Witch hazel and this is why I was reassured when I saw it in the ingredients, Although it will sound quite unusual I have in the past found Witch Hazel to be especially helpful in treating horses with irritation, usually mane/tail problems in the spring and again in this weather with all of the insects. Although this is probably irrelevant to the actual roll-on it is from my point of view interesting and pleasing as I would clearly only use the products on animal skin on the basis that it is completely natural and made of completely non-toxic chemicals.

        When I purchased the roll-on the information listed several cases where this product is useful and can be used;

        @ A soothing cooling base, which also effectively kills germs on already, affected areas.
        @ Is non greasy & dries quickly with no mess.
        @ Effective on minor burns, abrasions & other skin ailments.
        @ Non toxic chemicals.
        @ Suitable for children over 36 months.
        @ Ideal for on the spot application.
        @Ideal for anglers, water sports, travelling, camping and outdoor sports.

        Overall it is apparent that the stick is efficient and effective, its small size certainly doesn't make it bad value, it has actually come to be an advantage as it is compact and easy to transport, therefore as mentioned it is extremely ideal for on-the-spot application. The product is also aimed at a wide market range, from the everyday activities of gardening to camping, water sports and travelling. It is, in my opinion a must for anybody that currently spends time in the heat - although this seems currently to be day and night!

        Finally there are a couple of advantages that I think are worth pointing out about this product; firstly unlike many similar products I have found that it is non greasy and dries exceptionally quickly leaving behind no mess. I have so many times felt that it is visible you have applied something to your skin however here that is not the case. Although I have aimed this review mainly at insect bites it is also highly effective on minor burns, abrasions and other skin elements. Finally it is suitable for children over the age of thirty-six months. This is important as many of these products are not and it can be difficult to find an effective product for very young children - without costing the earth that is! I think I have made it clear what a helpful and pleasing product I find this and hope that this review tempts somebody that is suffering into giving it a go - what have you to lose?!

        In case you may like some further information on where to purchase this product I have found one website that is pretty competitive although I am currently unaware of the p+p, this could make all of the difference, here it is anyway;


        Here you should search for 'Dr Johnson Bite and Sting Relief'

        I would certainly first of all recommend the pharmacy though

        Thanks for taking the time to read this review and I do hope that it has been of some help J


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        Contains Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera.

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