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Heat in a Click Reusable Face Mask

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Brand: Heatinaclick / Type: Heating pad

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2012 09:45
      Very helpful



      A self heating face mask which is re-usuable

      I really love having a facial; sadly my bank balance does not. Over time I have tried a lot of lotions and potions on my face in the hope of being able to mimic that refreshed, cleansed feeling you get whenever you have been for a facial and whilst I have almost got there, it has never quite felt the same. Then a friend of mine suggested using a heat treatment whenever I gave myself a facial at home and by heat treatment she suggested a self-heating face mask, but not one that came out of a packet.

      Heat in a click products are something I have become quite into using and I have recently reviewed a product from that range which I use on my back which helps relieve aches and pains, but also within this range is a self-heating face mask which I promptly ordered.

      It will come as no surprise that Heat Pads come in all different shapes, sizes, thicknesses as well as colours and are designed for a huge array of common complaints, you can treat, soothe and warm pretty much everything from sore and aching muscles to keeping babies bottles warm, the product range is that extensive! "Heat in a Click" products can be found online via their own website or through places like Amazon and for me the best thing about these products is that the heat is instant, the pads are portable and reusable heating pad and for me it is the word reusable which instantly means money saving because you can use it again and again. The face mask itself was priced at £12.95 when I bought one and I don't think they have dropped in price since. Whilst I have used heat pads in the past on my hands, back and neck, I have never used one on my face before, so this was to be a whole new experience.

      Arriving in a cardboard box which was a bright orange and yellow mix with the words 'Thermo Gel Face Mask' written in red lettering but the bit that stood out most to me was the word 'relaxation' along with the picture of a woman laying on her back with said heat pad across her face looking very relaxed. The heat pad itself which is a lovely bright orange colour and it looks very much like one of those Montagne Jeunesse facemasks you can buy in which you pull out the pieces for your nose and eyes, only this heat mask is much bulkier. The marketing blurb which accompanies this face mask says "The Face Mask provides similar effects to facial steaming and hot towel treatments but infinitely more comfortable" So that I was looking forward to trying.

      As with previous heat pads there is a small circular metal disc which you are told to 'flex' to activate. The solution inside the sealed plastic bag is sodium acetate, a form of salt and there is a chemical reaction which then turns the liquid to a solid and thus creating heat. As I explained before I am not good at Chemistry but there are hundreds of websites which explain the chemical reaction far better than I ever could. As you would expect, once the disc has been flexed, the heat pads heats up instantly and reaches a temperature of 54°C (130°F) and whilst they do stay hot they do gradually begin to cool down after about 2-3 hours and go from being a solid back to a liquid. However these pads are re-usable and can be used again and again.

      When it comes to reusing your heat pad there is a bit of effort involved in making sure you can reuse it properly and again all of this is explained on an enclosed leaflet. All you have to do is boil water in a pot and then place the pad on a cloth inside the pot and let the water continue to boil, at which point all the crystals inside your heat pad will have dissolved and become totally clear, like it was when you first removed it from its box. When the pad has become clear it needs to be carefully removed from the pan and placed on another cloth to allow it to cool down, once it has cooled down and the liquid inside is completely clear with no crystals left inside, you can re-use it again. You can store these heat pads in your fridge to keep them cool or if you want to use them as cold pain relief you can freeze them and use them that way instead of heat.

      So using this product on your face. I had a Dead Sea mud mask begging me to use it and it does say that these heat pads are best used in conjunction with a cream, lotion or mud mask because it allows those creams and lotions to penetrate much deeper into the skin by opening the pores thus making any facial treatment even more effective. So when I first used my face mask I had the house to myself and I lathered my face with my Dead Sea mud and then flexed the disc within this face mask and watched as it instantly turned from a liquid into a sold and then using the straps which are placed on the side of the face mask, I securely fastened it, with ease, ensuring it didn't move about and then simply laid back, relaxed and allowed the Dead Sea mud to get to work. Having used a heat pad like this on other parts of my body, I was pretty sure that it would be a nice experience, what I hadn't expected was it to be an amazing experience, the heat that the face mask creates is really lovely and soothing and incredibly relaxing and its nice that something remains so nice and warm throughout the whole time I had the face mask on, whereas using a hot or warm towel you find it loses the heat quite quickly.

      So do I recommend it? Yes I do. I like how the face mask feels on my face when I am wearing it and after using it in conjunction with another treatment the results on my skin has been wonderful, soft, smooth, glowing skin and I love the way it feels. I only use this face mask once a week currently because the weather is forever changing and I feel that my skin needs a little extra tlc, but during the spring and later in the year I will probably feel the need to use it less. But no matter how often I feel the need to use it, I can because it is reusable, easy to use and easy to store and I really like everything about it, from how hot it gets, how easy it fits on my face, how secure the straps are when fastened and how my skin feels after using it. So without question this is one of my best finds and I really like and enjoy using it.


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