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Homebase Shower Stool with Back Rest

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Brand: Homebase / Health Type: Disability Aid

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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2010 10:18
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I am disabled and have been for a number of years and so I find it very difficult to stand in the shower for too long, since I no longer can use a bath, I had it removed and just have a shower cubicle in my home now just to make life more easier for me, and when I first became disabled I struggled quite a bit as I tried my best to put up with the disadvantages a bath and shower gave me but then I could not cope any longer standing the standard showering length time in the shower, also I struggled with my balance and felt quite unsafe, so I looked into using a bath chair and saw this one on the Homebase website, it was only last year when I finally gave into buying one and I have never looked back.

      It is such a sturdy little chair, it is made of very good quality plastic, the chair has aluminium tubular legs, which have holes to adjust to the size of the adult, I am only tiny in height and so I have it on the lower holes, but it can be adjusted quite easily to the correct setting.

      The back of the chair has holes and the seat, to allow the water to drain through, it is very comfy for me and I have not problem sitting for the length of time it takes me to have my shower and I have been delighted with it, the tips of the legs have rubber covers to stop it from slipping inside the shower, I have found it does not move at all while showering, it stays in place perfectly and I have had no problems at all and have never fallen off it when I have been leaning back and washing my hair.

      This chair can hold a weight of up to 21 stones, and although I am nowhere near that amount of weight I would say it would easily be good for anyone that may be and I think the seat would be wide enough to sit on even at the higher weight in my opinion, the dimensions are height adjustable from 31 to 51 cms, width 51 cm and depth 43cm.

      The seat is white and can easily be wiped clean after the shower, I have a small shower cubicle at the moment and it fits just nicely inside but I would say, I would find a lot more room with this chair in a shower if I had the double sized shower and I am looking at changing it when I am able to but I still find it fine but I prefer a little more room to wash my legs and feet etc while on the chair, the setting I use, I can easily bend to wash my legs etc without falling forward and falling.

      I clean my chair regularly with cleaning products to remove the soap residue and it cleans nicely and the colour has not faded, it is such a good quality chair for the price and I bought mine for around £30 at the time and I think it is worth every penny spent on this chair, as I have found I can now have a shower much better and although I do need help to get into the shower, once I am sat on the chair I am more independent as I like to be as much as possible and that makes my life so much happier, and most of all I feel safer using a chair, I can wash my hair and body sat on the chair and once I am sat on it, I can do the rest myself.

      The chair also has wide slots in the back of the chair and also the seat for easy handling and to manoeuvre around the bathroom if needed, it is light weight but study and strong and I highly recommend this chair to anyone who has a disability or have difficulty standing in a shower as I think it is very useful and ideal for any age of a person with a disability like myself and I have been very happy with this chair, I also leave this in my bathroom to sit on for when I want to get dried or do anything in the bathroom such as using body lotions etc as it is more easier to sit down for me and the chair is useful, I actually also used this chair last year at my Christmas dinner table as I had not enough chairs but I did not sit on it lol, it is quite comfortable and the person was happy sitting on it, yes it was my hubby lol.

      I give this a 5 star.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        11.01.2010 14:48
        Very helpful



        An extremely useful bathing aid for anyone with mobilty or health problems that prevent standing

        Last year I had my bathroom revamped, due to increasing problems with my health and impending old age I decided to replace my bath with a shower and tile the whole room to create a partial wet room. I'm extremely pleased with the end results, but my arthritic knees do not allow me to stand under a powerful hot shower for as long as I'd like.

        It was the gentleman who installed my shower who suggested I buy this stool from Homebase, his company sold a very similar one but at almost double the price but he recommended this one because his own mother in law has it.

        It's an extremely simple yet effective bathing aid; a basic chair made of materials which will allow you to sit down in the shower and enjoy the experience a little more. The frame of the chair is made of a very light weight metal, presumably it will prove to be non-rusting in the long run although I've only owned this for four months so I wouldn't expect any cosmetic damage just yet.

        I do dry my chair each time I use it and as I don't need to use the chair for each and every shower I do tend to leave it in the far corner of my bathroom as far from the shower spray as possible. This hopefully will help prevent the metal discolouring over time, I do like a spotless bathroom and would hate a rusting stool in the corner so any preventative measures I can take now will mean less chance of me having to replace it on purely cosmetic reasons.

        The legs extend but not by a great amount, I am a shade over 5ft and have the stool on it's lowest setting most of the time. I can, however, sit comfortably on the highest setting too so I doubt whether this particular model of shower stool would be suitable for a strapping six footer.

        The foot of each leg is a non slip plastic 'shoe' of the type you'd find at the end of a walking stick. This works extremely well and after a few tentative explorations I found I could bend over and pick up a bottle of shampoo without the whole thing sliding away and tipping me onto the floor! These shoes do mean that you can't push the stool along the floor very easily though, so do bear this in mind if you have limited arm movement as you do need to pick the stool up slightly to move it.

        The seat and back rest are made of a smooth plastic. There are drainage holes punched into the plastic and these are well positioned, at least I've never ended up sitting in a large puddle of water so it must be draining away well. There are cut away grips on both sides of the seat and back rest, these allow for ease of handling if you're moving the stool and are also positioned to security should you need some balance or support whilst getting up.

        To sit on I find this stool to be extremely robust and well made, it sits level on my tiled floor and barely moves as I shift from side to side washing my hair. Even leaning over backwards to rinse my hair doesn't cause the stool to slip or shake and I feel very safe whilst using this bath aid.

        Overall I think this is an excellent product. I personally prefer to stand while in the shower but when I physically cannot do this at least this is providing me with the means to clean myself. I feel 'old' when I use it, of course I do, but in all honesty I would not be without it now - and when not needed it makes a fabulous stand for the spider plant which thrives in my bathroom.

        At the time I bought mine it was on promotion and I paid roughly £19 for it, this was excellent value as it appears the stool is now back to its usual price of £34.49. I would still recommend the product though as what price can you put on independence?

        *Important product information*

        Height: 36cm - 51cm
        Width: 51cm
        Depth: 43cm
        Maximum user weight: 28st


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