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Jungle Formula Insect Repellent Lotion

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Dosage Form: Lotion

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    3 Reviews
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      02.04.2013 11:44
      Very helpful



      I prefer the smell

      Jungle formula insect spray can be used in pretty much any situation and protects against mosquitoes, midges and a variety of other flying, biting insects.

      I consider myself pretty well travelled and have lived, worked and travelled in a lot of tropical countries where mosquitos are an unavoidable pest that are ever present. Whilst I'm pretty lazy when it comes to actually using insect repellent there are some countries (particularly West Africa) where I am more cautious and make sure to use it regularly. I can tolerate a few bites and rarely find that my skin is heavily irritated, however I am more concerned about protecting myself from diseases carries by biting bugs.

      Whilst preparing for trips I often end up in camping and outdoor shops to buy mosquito nets and suchlike. It's in these types of shops that I tend to spot Jungle formula spray as opposed to the standard DEET type sprays found in superdrug. It's personal preference, but I prefer the smell of jungle formula to other sprays and fins it less toxic smelling to use.

      ===How does it work===

      Despite popular belief, everyone gets bitten ocassionally. It is just that some people do not react to the bite and won't show any signs of irritation or inflammation where they are bitten. Bugs are attracted by different factors such as body heat, smell, Carbon dioxide from breathing and can even be sensitive to the soap or deodorant that you use.
      Insect repellant doesn't repel insects by intolerance (disliking the smell), instead it blocks the receptors of the insect and makes it harder for them to detect you (i.e. effectivley clogs their noses)

      ===The Packaging===

      Jungle formula spray comes in a range of types including a roll on stick and a pump action spray. I prefer to use the spray as it is easier to distribute over any exposed skin. It comes in a range of sizes but I find the 75ml bottle to be a good size for carrying around in a backpack.
      The bottle is a a pump action type which means that you pump the button at the top to spray out the insect repellant onto your skin.
      It has distinctive labelling and it is clear which type you are buying. From the packaging it can be se

      ===The spray===

      I usually buy the 75ml bottle, which will last me about 2 weeks of use in the evenings (I don't usually bother in the day unless I happen to be going somewhere swampy).
      The spray comes in a range of strengths. I always go for the strongest (IRF 4) which is 50% DEET and lasts up to 10 hours as I do not see the point of using it halfheartedly. Whist this does smell very chemically due to the DEET it also contains some plat extracts which in my opinion smell better that competitors versions.
      The spray disperses easily and is clear. It rubs easily over the skin but like other makes it can feel a bit greasy.
      Due to the DEET content it is quite corrosive and can damage clothing and jewellery easily, although can wash marker pen off your skin effectivley.


      As DEET is toxic it is not suiable for children under 3. Also, as noted above, it can damage clothing. Do not get it in your eyes....it stings like crazy.

      ===Does it really work?===

      In my opinion, it works as well as any other repellant I have used. Whilst I still get bitten, it seems less excessive than other people (maybe I don't react or am more careful). Due to the possible diseases carries by many bugs and the fact that doctors recommend using DEET based repellants I am willing to trust that it is working and preventing more bites.


      Jungle formula insect spray ranes in price quite a bit depending on where you buy it. I usually pay about £7 for a 75ml pump action spray in camping shops but was charged a lot more in a private medical place when my company were paying. It's currently on amazon for £6 which is comparable with other brands.

      ===In summary===

      In Summary, it's much the same as any DEET based repellant, but I prefer the smell and would recommend it on that basis.


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      28.04.2009 07:58
      Very helpful



      An insect repellent that really works.

      It's the time of year again when all the blood sucking insects are waking up and searching out those mobile blood banks called humans! I hate being bitten by insects. It's not the pain, or the possible side effects, or even the possibility of transmittal of diseases. No, for me, it's the thought of being fed upon and used as a meal, yuk!

      This is unfortunate as I love my walks in the countryside, especially at this time of the year. To prevent myself becoming a horsefly's lunch, I have two types of insect repellent that I use. The first is Soltan sun tan lotion with insect repellent, and the second is Jungle Formula.

      I use the Soltan when there's only a moderate risk of being bitten. When I visit some badly insect-infested area, that's when I bring out the 'big guns' of Jungle Formula.

      One of my favourite places, Whixall Moss, is such an insect-infested place. It's a haven for wildlife, but this unfortunately includes, midges, mosquitoes and, my least favourite six-legged vampires, the horseflies.

      At Whixall, if you venture out without insect repellent, you WILL get bitten. Some of the horseflies there are large; being bitten by one of these blighters would more than sting! Using Jungle Formula, I have never, ever, been bitten.

      The product is supplied as a white, non-greasy cream that is applied to all exposed areas of the skin (I have a bald patch and have to suffer the indignity of rubbing this stuff into the top of my head!).

      Like most insect repellents, this product is toxic if ingested. When applying it, I avoid the area around my lips (relying on seeing the little bloodsuckers coming before they land), and if I'm going to eat, I'll wash my hands first.

      In use, the repellent has a mild smell that never dissipates whilst you're using it, but is never overpowering, either. The manufacturer recommends re-application every six hours or sooner if in a hot, humid environment. The cream is quite thin and easy to apply.

      In use, it can be a bit disconcerting to find that it does not stop all insects landing on you! Insects taste with their feet; the repellent is toxic to them, but they usually don't detect it until they land to feed.

      Often, I'll feel a horsefly bounce away from me (they land so softly, they're almost undetectable until their razor-like mouthparts cut into the soft flesh of the skin), as it detects the poison on my skin and makes a quick getaway.

      After use, it's advisable to remove all traces of the repellent by washing the skin thoroughly. This product is recommended for children as young as six months old, so it must be quite mild. If using it on children, I'd keep an eye on them so that they don't get any in their mouths, if possible.

      Overall, this is an excellent product. In use in areas containing some pretty nasty biting insects, it gives me (almost) complete peace of mind. If you're visiting areas known to harbour midges, mosquitoes or horseflies, give this a try. Highly recommended.


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        23.04.2009 07:35
        Very helpful



        Insect repellent

        Jungle Formula insect repellent lotion

        When we go away, and if there is any chance of bites, we always go well armed with insect repellents because there are few things as bad as spending your holiday scratching! I tend to buy Jungle formula for no other reason than it's the one i just grab as I shop, but i have also tried other makes which have proved effective. We usually use the spray but on our last foray to more tropical climes i decided to give the lotion a go; the spray came as well in case this proved to be too tricky.


        This apparently lasts for up to 6 hours and will protect from mosquitos midgies and other biting insects. I like...


        THE BOX IS THE TYPICAL JUNGLE Formula box, all green and jungle looking with instructions and information on the back of the box.

        Once inside i find a white bottle with a screw on/off lid and a covering over the product so that only a small amount can be squeezed out on application. The bottle also has instructions so there is no need to keep the box- recycle!

        The product itself is clear with a very faint kind of antiseptic smell and rubs easily into the skin leaving no layer of oiliness. Once on the skin, there doesn't seem to be any discernible smell so i don't feel like a medicine cabinet.
        HOW TO USE IT...
        This can be used by adults and children from the age of 12 months. It's very simple...Shake well before use, apply carefully and evenly to exposed clean and dry skin except eyes and lips. Close bottle after use and reapply when necessary, especially in areas of high humidity.
        Remember that this is for external use only; drinking the stuff will not deter the critters. Avoid contact with eyes, lips and broken and sensitive skin.Not too many warnings, but this is probably because it can safely be used on very young children, although it should be used sparingly on children under the age of 6 years.


        The lotion costs around £6 for 175ml which is a small price to pay for lack of bites.

        Widely available in chemists and online, it's worth shopping around for a bargain


        This was easier than I thought to apply and in many ways I preferred it to the sprays because I knew exactly where it had been applied- no second guessing. It rubs in easily, leaves no nasty smells and really does leave you bite free. Safe to use on children; little Miss is 8 and she had no adverse effects and no bites, so a winner all round.

        I would recommend this product to anyone travelling to places where there could be biting insects.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela x


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      • Product Details

        Extra strength insect repellent / 175 mL / Jungle Formula Insect Repellent Lotion / For Sensitive Skin; is a quick and easy way to choose what repellent you need to protect yourself from mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects / The higher the IRF, the better the protection / IRF / 2; / Up to 6 hours protection for sensitive skin / For use in countries with no known risk of malaria or other insect transmitted disease / For adults and children from 12 months.

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