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This is a phimotic ring of rigid skin tissue on the inner blade of the prepuce. It requires either surgery or stretching to rectify the problem.

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2001 05:47



      My youngest son had a febrile convulsion just before his first birthday due to a Urinary Tract Infection. Apparently these are not as common in Little Boys as they are in Little Girls and we were told that he would have to be on Antibiotics until they could discover what the cause of the infection was. He was subjected to a battery of tests, including a Nuclear Medicine Scan and an Ultra Sound, all of which showed no problems with his kidneys or bladder, but showed that his foreskin ballooned on passing water, due to Phimosis. We assumed that when we went to see the consultant they would explain what could be done about the ballooning of the foreskin and expected an operation. In their “wisdom” the consultant decided to put him on antibiotics until his 5th birthday, when he developed a reaction to the medication after being on it for a year, they decided to change it to Amoxycillin, which most parents will know causes diarrhoea, so we went back to the consultant who prescribed something else. At this point we told the consultant that we were not happy about the antibiotics and would prefer something to be done about the cause of the problem, the Ballooning Foreskin, and were eventually referred to another consultant who arranged to our son to have a Circumcision (the removal of the foreskin) because the foreskin was too tight which was causing it to balloon and when he peed it was like a shower rather than a stream. He was called for the op, and all was going well, then the surgeon called us in, we panicked - as you do, but there was no problem, it was good news, they didn’t have to do a full Circumcision, but instead did a Preputile Stretch and Release (PSR). This involved releasing the foreskin from the glans to enable it to move properly. We were so relieved. Not only does the PSR have fewer side effects as the penis is left completely intact, but the recovery period is halved. Now our son can
      wee straight, and his Willy still looks like everyone else. The operation itself wasn’t a problem, but because it was so short, and the pre-med only given just before being taken down to theatre, when he woke up the pre-med was still working and he woke up in such a foul mood we were beside ourselves. Still all’s well that ends well and I now understand how other parents feel when they say about their kids going to theatre, and mine was only a minor problem.


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