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PWB Health Breastlight

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Brand: PWB Health / Type: Medical Testing

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2010 17:16
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      A couple of years ago I found a lump on my breast. It was evening time and a whole range of emotions ran through my head, denial (I went and made a nice cup of tea and decided by the time I had drank her the lump would be gone), fear and anger.

      I had lost my cousin to breast cancer 11 years ago; she was only 37, so it was a very sleepless night for me.

      In the morning I managed to get an appointment at the doctors who examined the lump and found another. I was panic stricken; the wait for a hospital appointment was anything up to 6 weeks.

      Luckily I had taken out some private health insurance and gave them a call, I was given an appointment the very next day.

      I had a mammogram and the longest 20 minute wait of my life. It turned out to be cysts, not just the two that my doctor found but around 20 in total. I was so relieved but at the same time worried that I had so many. I asked the doctor how I could tell a cyst from something more sinister, his reply was that I wouldn't be able to.

      I have lumps all the time, sometimes very large, if I was to go to the doctor every time I was aware of one I would always be there. What was the solution?

      Around a year or so ago Breastlight came on the market. I did a little research and contacted the company with questions, well one mainly which was how could I tell the difference between a cyst and a cancerous growth, could Breastlight help, the answer was yes so after saving up for a few months I bought one.

      ~What's in the box~
      The breastlight
      Sample of lube

      ~How does it work~
      The breastlight works by shining a red light through the breast tissue that will show up any abnormalities.

      ~How do you use it~
      You have to be in a dark room to use the breastlight, using some lube you press the breastlight into your breast and move it around. It has several settings depending on the size of your breasts. Full instructions are provided and are very clear and easy to follow. It is painless for most women unless of course like me you have cysts that can be painful to touch. There is also a helpline where a nurse can guide you through using it till you are confident.

      ~Does using breastlight mean I do not need breast screening clinics~
      NO, I repeat NO! The breastlight is not designed as a replacement for regular breast screening. It is advisable to use it alongside your usual self examination as well as attend any screenings that you are invited to.

      ~What will I see~
      All being well what you will see are your veins in your breasts. Anything other than that is the indicator to make an appointment with your doctor.

      ~If I see a lump does it mean I have cancer~
      No it does not. The Breastlight cannot diagnose cancer just abnormalities which need further investigation.

      ~Who can use it~
      All women of all ages and races can use it. Even women who have had any kind of breast surgery can use the Breastlight.

      ~How much is it~
      The breastlight costs £85.

      ~Where can I buy one~
      You can buy the Breastlight online at www.uk.breastlight.com/shop
      Or from Boots
      The breastlight website is http://uk.breastlight.com/

      ~My Thoughts~
      After using it a few times I became more aware of how my breasts should look and feel confident now that I will be able to spot anything sinister.

      The price is a little expensive and I am hoping in time that it will come down.

      I do think that it should be made available on the NHS to women like me who always have lumps in our breasts.

      I would like to end this review by reminding all women to check their breasts regularly and have added a few useful sites with advice on how to do this. Please ladies if you notice anything abnormal get it checked out as soon as possible.



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